ReBoot Summaries-in-a-Nano

Reader's Digest has condensed some books so you can read them quickly. But, in my opinion, they did not go far enough.  Neither did Book-a-Minute, which condenses our favorite books down so you can read them in a minute - and that's if you're a slow reader! So, in the interest of the viewers who may not want to read long, long transcripts, here are quick summaries of all of the ReBoot episodes. I also have summaries of some Fan Fiction.

Disclaimer: These are works of humor, not serious summaries or editorials. Got that? No insult is meant to anyone, period. If you want to contact me about these, especially f you want me to summarize your fan fiction, you know how to reach us.

ReBoot Episodes-in-a-Nano

Season 1
The Tearing
Racing the Clock
Medusa Bug
Quick and the Fed
In the Belly of the Beast
The Crimson Binome
Enzo the Smart
Wizards, Warriors and a Word From Our Sponsor
The Great Brain Robbery
Talent Night
Identity Crisis, Part 1
Identity Crisis, Part 2
Season 2
High Code
When Games Collide
Bad Bob
Painted Windows
Trust No One
Web World Wars
Season 3
To Mend and Defend
Between a Raccoon and a Hard Place
Game Over
Where No Sprite Has Gone Before
Number 7
The Episode With No Name
The Return of the Crimson Binome
The Edge of Beyond
Webriders in the Storm
System Crash
End Prog
Season 4
Daemon Rising
Cross Nodes
What's Love Got to Do With It?
My Two Bobs
Life's a Glitch...
Null-Bot of the Bride
Crouching Binome, Hidden Virus

ReBoot Fanfic-in-a-Nano

West Sector Story by Slack
The Lion's Den
Install, Uninstall
Minimall of Terror
Citizen K
The Patchwork Girl
Tyger, Tyger
Nervous Breakdown

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