Is Hex Dead or Ain't She? Part 2

by Antony James

I think she IS still alive, and what Slack said about what happens in Painted Windows is good evidence for this - Hex's masks and Hex's body are two seperate entities; the masks are pure "Hex", each one representing a different mood and her body is just her interface with the real (virtual?) world, and her power center.

POINT: In Painted Windows when "Hexadecimal will overload and be destroyed" her direct link with Mainframe will be lost, with no way of physically interacting with the (runtime?) environment she would be reduced to nothing more than a powerless disembodied voice - pretty unsettling stuff, you'd be emotionally wrecked too!

POINT: When Bob defrags Hex, she comments that she feels "whole" - I think this lends credability to the whole two components of a single program thing.

So, to summerise, when Hex steps through the (obviously Stargate inspired) Portal, it's her body that is totally fragmented, but she still lives on in her masks, just like when she floated around Mainframe (or when Bob cut & pasted her masks into a paint window) which could mean that you never know - Hex could make a return to Mainframe... in mask form!

Bowling, anyone?

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