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All hail - oops, wrong fandom. Kim "Slack" "Negaduck" McFarland (
Website: The Negapage, of which Slack & Hash's Domain is a part.
Why I'm a Hex Nut: What's not to love? She's sexy, she's fascinating, she's got a killer wardrobe, she has the power to blast the living crap outta anyone and anything that ticks her off.. She keeps Mainframers a viewers alike guessing, even when it comes to her motives. Plus, anyone who can fly around in bondage gear, paint her annoying sibling up as a harlequin and stick him up in the sky, and can command deadly mindless creatures has got to have something going for her. Wouldn't we all like to get away with that?
BTW: I like pork.
Male, female, male, female, male, female - intrigued! Ennien, AKA Katzedecimal
Why I'm a Hex Nut: Good question. I like villains - they generally have more personality than Good Guys - and I like zany ones. Hex also has the lagniappe of being incredibly sexy. Sexy, zany and a villain = good draw.
But the more I watched her, the more intrigued I got. She was less of a villain and more of an antagonist (yes there is a difference). Some of the things she did were incredibly subtle. She was supposed to be random, but some of the things she did were definitely not random. She displayed an incredible complexity, despite having a lot fewer episodes in which to bug the Hero. And bug him she did, but very playfully - despite a lot of blustering, she wasn't very hostile to him at all. This was a villain? - I don't think so, Tim, but she was certainly a character to watch. The more I watched, the more I loved, until she became as dear to me as Berg Katze (from "Kagaku Ninja Tai Gatchaman", aka Zoltar and Mala from "Battle of the Planets" and Galactor/Veronica from "G-Force")
And love her I do. The more complex her character became, the more they established the fragile but deep friendship with Bob, the more the poor little minx suffered under that horrible pig who shouldn't have the priviledge of being called her brother... er *cough* sorry, get a little worked up over that... No, really, I'm okay now, you can put the phone down. Anyhow, I am now incurably a Hex Nut and will carry this mark of distinction very likely for the rest of my life.
More about me: I draw and very occasionally, I write as well.  I speak English, Gaelic, French and enough Japanese to get into a fight.  I love Terry Pratchett, and early Anne McCaffery and Elizabeth Scarborough.  I love to cook, love tea, and study the tea ceremonies of China and Japan. Courtesy of Slack, I play Quake II -- and wear a Hexadecimal skin to do so.  I do have a life and a career and a spouse (at this writing, of ten years), thereby putting to rest a myth about people who love cartoons.


Fidgidecimal (I am not copying Emi!  Well, not on purpose!) (
Lost Angeles
Why I'm a Hex Nut: Well, you know what they say: Great minds think alike. I've tended towards craziness and chaos my entire life. Just look at my room if you need proof. Solid proof, anyway, my web page may offer some nice digital proof for you. Now, I may get emotional here, so try to ignore any breakdowns...
Many sprites have been my 'favorite' for a day or two at a time. I'm rather fond of Mouse (I know, real ReBoot fans are suposed to hate her, but I don't care), I went through an AndrAIa craze and even loved Dot for a whole two days. At times, I abandoned ReBoot completely and went for the Action Man thing and for Fidget & Vinnie, the spunky red-head and her iguana. But, I always came back to Hex in the end. You see, Hexadecimal and I connect on a level deeper than that of simple sprites (yes, even BOB and I!). It's...I can't even describe it. A power, perhaps. A strong bond, soul sisters. All I know is, I feel a deep understanding of why Hexadecimal feels compelled to do the things she does. 'Well', you say, 'That's easy, isn't it? She's NUTS!' But, you see, I'm nuts, too. What would I be doing at site entitled "Hex Nuts Unanimous" if I wasn't exactly that: nuts?
Thank you.
Take my word for it, 'nuts': What have I done in my obsession? Let's see:

  • Created a collar like the one worn in Season 3
  • Created a headress like that in Season 2
  • Begun a cape like whichever season you like
  • Taken to calling a certain sibling, "Dear Brother"
  • Walked for TWO HOURS around the house in thigh-height, leather, high-heeled boots
  • Dreamt I was her for seven consecutive nights, plus a few random times


Emi, formerly Emidecimal (
The Kojirotorium
Why I'm a Hex Nut: I suppose in the beginning it was a matter of identification. I was strange and scared people away because of it, I had an annoying brother I fought constantly with, and I was an unappreciated artist. Aside from connecting to her for her situation, I admired Hex for her style and randomness, and also for her ability to make herself noticed and feared for her difference. On the highly unlikely (in retrospect) premise that Hex could connect to someone similar to her, I created my character Emidecimal to be her best friend. I enjoyed being the original (and only) Hex fan and the dubious honor of the infamy it brought me for years; I wrote such things as "Alias Hexadecimal" and "Day of the Decimal" and at one point had a collection of something between 200 and 300 Hex pictures on my computer, but shamefully I reformed somewhat and lost sight of my prior ReBoot fandom a few years ago.
BTW: In getting out of ReBoot I got into Pokemon and became a big fan of James Morgan of Team Rocket. My years of amateur Hex fanart led me to become a full-fledged artist. I do mostly anime drawings, although I do plan to draw Hex again sometime.

Java Trinomial

Java Trinomial (
Website: Java's Corner
Why I'm a Hex Nut: 'Cause she's cool?  Oh, you want more detailed? Lesse...I'm weird, unpredictable, emotionally scarred (well, I try not to show it too much) and Hex was just the best character on the show to identify with.  Plus she has claws.  And the outfit.  I want the outfit.  ^.~  And the collar too.
BTW: See, Emi's the Princess of Chaos, so I'm the Chika da Chaos.  I worship Emi too.  *sob*  I miss her.  WE'LL ALWAYS LOVE YOU, EMI!  *ahem* Sorry, tangeant.

David Fullam

David Lee Fullam (
Why I'm a Hex Nut: The voice of Shirley Millner drives me crazy. It is simply the sexiest, most alluring voice I think I've ever heard, not to mention extremely versatile. Ms. Millner is also the voice of the kindly old Dr. Booboo Gone on the children's series "Dragontales" (other Reboot voice talent also have contributed to that series). It's quite a treat to hear the voice of Mainframe's resident insane virus coming out of the mouth of an old Dragon. The face that accompanies this voice must be exquisite and it goes without saying that if I were a pro wrestler, my gimmick would be "David Fullam, Shirley Millner's Boyfriend."  As for Hex herself, what an amazing creature she is. Powerful, yet vulnerable, beautiful, yet terrifying, she is one of the true originals. That voice, that face, that slinky walk and she's a sensitive artist as well, seeking recognition for her work. A woman of many moods and faces. How can one not fall under her spell? One look at that Cheshire Cat grin and you're hooked forever.
AND: I'm a major league DVD junkie who can't understand how he ever lived without a DVD player in the first place. My collection includes Reboot, Shadow Raiders, Monty Python's Flying Circus, The Prisoner and films directed by Mario Bava, Lamberto Bava, Dario Argento, Lucio Fulci, John Carpenter, George Romero, Jess Franco and many others. Other than Hexadecimal, the main thing keeping me coming back for more Reboot is the Matrix/AndrAIa relationship. Well, that and the fact that it's a great show. I love computing, emailing and staying up late. I live with a house full of cats and ponder the eternal questions of whence and why.

Oi Ghost

Oi Ghost (
Why I'm a Hex Nut: Hexadecimal is sweet! The first time i watched Reboot on Cartoon Network I saw Hex and said "Woe! Hot animation!" After more Reboot I found out that Hexadcimal is the coolest villain on T.V. She is subtle at times but also one helluva tough ass-kicker. If Bob wasn't the hero, Hex would be the star of the show. And I love the little pet thing.
Oh, by the way: If anyone makes Quake 3 Arena skins, it would be so boss if you made a Hex model & skin and sent me the link. Puh-puh-lease!!

KAos PHisH

KAos PHisH (
Why I'm a Hex Nut: How could I not be?  She is the mistress of all that is random behind the glowing computer screen!  She sent Mainframe on a delirious swirl into the sparkling vortex that is simultaneously somewhere, nowhere, and everywhere, but yet has only one name - and that is Chaos!! Hex loved her job too, and I can't help but be attracted by such a delightful passion to causing mayhem.
Oh, by the way: Should you wish to make sense of this, do consider the following - Live life the gelatinous way --Throw out your absolution, and viva the Kaotikka Revolution!

Lar DeSouza

Lar (
Website: The Many Faces of Lar
Why I'm a Hex Nut: Why isn't everyone?  Holy cow!  She's beautiful, creative, terrifying, humourous, gorgeous, wicked, deadly, artistic.... the list just keeps going!
Oh, by the way: I'm a caricaturist and I guess I just fell in love with her face(s).  How expressive they all are and so striking in their graphic simplicity :)  Just wonderful!
(Editor's Note: Check out Lar's original Hex Nut picture.)


Cat (
Website: D A T A  S T R E A M
Why I'm a Hex Nut: Why not?  She's awesome!
I've loved her since I first saw her!  Hex!  Everything's a game to her, including life.  She lives for chaos!  This always adds some sort of spark to the show.
She even looks cool!  I mean, just look at her!  All of her outfits kick.
ReBoot's always a lot more fun to watch when Hex is there.  And she turns out to be a good guy in the end!
Oh, by the way: I draw, work on my webpage, read, write fanfics, and my life currently revolves around ReBoot.  Oh, and Hex is awesome!


Bin.Hexed (
Why I'm a Hex Nut: Oh, but there are so, so, sooo many reasons. Wherever shall I begin? From the beginning, I suppose. Silly place to start, isn't it? Well, I remember when ReBoot first came on. I thought it was quaint and all, sure.  "Dawww, lookit dat! They live inside a computer! HAW!!" o_O But it came on so verrrrry early in the morning. And trust me, I NEED all the beauty sleep I can possibly get. Heh. So, I probably wouldn't have continued watching it too regularly. I wouldn't have, that is, if it wasn't for the sudden, and welcomed appearance of the allmighty Hexadecimal. *purrrs* I have always been partial to the "bad guys", ever since I was a wee little tyke. Hex is a different story altogether though. Nay, she's a whole different book! As soon as I saw her, listened to her talk, watched her mannerisms....... well, she quickly became my favourite character, to say the least.
I guess, in the end, I'm going to have to go along with a alot of the other nuts. I just identify with her quite a bit. The way she's so unpredictable. One minute she's calm and almost slightly reasonable, the next she's screaming about..... THIRSTY RABID VAMPIRE WEASELS!!! BLAAARRGH!!! Or something. No, wait.. that's me. I'm pretty sure she'd be more likely to scream about other things. You never know exactly what she might do though, or what she's thinking. And I wouldn't have it any other way. I simply adore chaotic things, and they don't come much more chaotic than Hexadecimal. Also, as an afterthought, the way she only lets people see what she wants them to see, I like that especially. Everyone does that, if you think about it. Everyone wears a mask to the outside world. Her's is just slightly more literal. Not to mention stylish. Aw yeeeea.
Oh, by the way: YEEEEARGH!!! I HUNGER!! I'ma go make me some waffles. But before I do that, I should also mention I'm in the process of trying to create a male version of her costume. Hee. Is that nutty enough for you? It's not as easy as one might think, either. The cape is done, that's pretty unisex. Annnnd I've got a set of four different emotion masks, ready to be painted as I see fit. I'm just hoping that I'll get a chance to wear it to a ReBoot con someday. Also, in light of the recent events on the show, I am totally convinced she will return. No one can convince me otherwise. Disperse her, will you?!?! You'll get yours! YOU'LL ALL GET YOURS!! MOOHAHAHA!!! *coughs* *chokes* Where was I? Oh yes, now I remember. MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!


Ðæçøñ (
Why I'm a Hex Nut: Because ever since I saw ReBoot it was like "love at first sight" and I could really relate to Hex because, like her, I'm a little crazy (and I seem to have developed an emotional attachment to the character, somehow), when ever I'm feeling sad I watch an episode of ReBoot, Hex always cheers me up!  I really felt for her at the end of Painted Windows, and although I have yet to see Daemon Rising, I've read all about it and whenever I hear "Lady in Red" it brings a tear to my eye, thanks to Slack. *lol*
Oh, by the way: Don't worry, my love.  I will care for you and make you well.  Then you will love me as I love you - TOTALLY!

Sou Jidaishugi-Konran

Sou Jidaishugi-Konran (To Follow the Worship of the Powerful Chaos) or "Jiki" (
Why I'm a Hex Nut: Is it really something you need to ask? Who could not be a Hex Nut? Hexadecimal is the life of the show. Without our Queen of Chaos, the show would be just Bob and Dot's endless show of emotions (or lack of there) while Enzo complained about having no one and Megabyte's pointless attempts to take over the system. But with Hexadecimal, a new set of equations are added to the mix. Does Bob love Dot or does he flirt with her just to get Hexadecimal's attention? Enough of that, I should speak more about Hex. She's insane, she's fun, she's artist, she influences chaos, she can fly, she can command nulls, and she can throw fireballs: What's not to like? Plus she has that sexy, siren, spicy, seductive, and seducing voice. You must be extremely mad not to fall head over heels for her. Plus as a sprite, she's just as sexy only with eyes and hair.
Oh, by the way: Anarchy, Chaos, Despair, and Mayhem. Those are what I thrive for.

The Unknown Hex Nut

Michael (
Why I'm a Hex Nut: I'm a Hex Nut because I love villains,even though I don't agree when everyone calls her a villain.  She is interesting because of the many effects she causes in the few episodes shes in.  And Shirley Millner's voice makes it perfect.  The main reason I even watch the show is because of her.  Her creators must have been very imaginative, especially with the masks. And the last show she appeared in, I loved the masks went through the Net.
Oh, by the way: Picture if you will an artist of great talent. Unappreciated by those around her, unnoticed by the critics. What would this artist have to do? What kind of masterpiece would she have to create to get recognition from those around her?

PsiGuy ({Re}Boot)

PsiGuy ({Re}Boot) (
Website: Seth's ReBoot Site
Why I'm a Hex Nut: I am a Hex nut, because I LOVE HEX.  When I first saw ReBoot, I immediately knew my favorite character was Hex, because, well, she's SEXY, and has an awesome voice.  Hex's voice fit perfectly with her chaoticness and sexyness.  I love the way she can change her masks, and I love her red color.  Plus, villains are so much more interesting than good guys.  Near the end of Season IV when Hex sacrificed herself to save Mainframe, it put a tear in my eye to see her go.  Hopefully she isn't gone forever. o_O Also, I love her costume a lot.  I am definately a Hex nut for life.  Nothing will change that.
Oh, by the way: I married Hex. o_O

Jo Ann Montgomery

Lotus (a.k.a., Jo Ann Montgomery, User Guardian 1) (
Website: Drak Pack Headquarters
Why I'm a Hex Nut: Hex is the best of the viruses of the show.  She was never REALLY evil.  There IS a difference between CHAOTIC and EVIL.  She's not interested in power -- or rather, she's not interested in RULING Mainframe, or the Net, or whereever.  All she wants to do is to have FUN!  Unfortunately, that usually gets everyone else in trouble or danger.  Hex as she is in Season 4 is chaotic, but not DANGEROUSLY chaotic, which is how I'm trying to write her in my fics.  She is a benevolent -- if chaotic -- virus, and I LOVE her! ^_^ (No...not THAT way!  Stop thinking like that! ^_~)  Lotus is an Anime-like Chaotic Virus and is Hex's cousin.
Oh, by the way: I draw, I write, I MiST (imagine HEX MiSTing...), and I have a BIG website.  My ReBoot pages are called User Guardian 1's ReBoot Room:  There is a sprite adoptions page, as well as a chibis adoptions room.  There is a Hex Chibi in the Chibi Adoption Room (look under "Other Chibis"), and I have a Hex fic up in my ReBoot Room, called "Lonely Hex".  It introduces her cloned boyfriend, Rab.

The Unknown Hex Nut

Adam/AdamL/Adam Laurent/Hexfan452(hehehe)/The Obese Obsesser/Webmaster(though I don't have site. Yet...)/ You can also call me...LOONY MAN! Defender of peace, socks, and the world's shiny objects. I am from the land of  Flafoofigta, where people are angsty purple sparkles! (
Why I'm a Hex Nut: Uhhh, well, I guess I connect with her in a way like no other. We are two like minds, insane, chaotic, and ever so sweet in our antagonistic ways. Hexy is perfect. Ever so perfect. Even more so then Daemon, who is a close second to my darling Hex. I often picture her in a towel. Yes. A towel. I know I'm insane. And your point is...what?
Oh, by the way: Aside from ReBoot(Gasp! did I just say that?) I also like Harry Potter, Star Trek, Star Wars, Lord Of The Rings... Each of these has taken over my life at some point or another, but ReBoot was always there. It was like a rock, holding me to insanity. Sure, now I'm a Potterhead, a Trekker, Wars Freak, LoTR lover, and even an agent of Canadian World Domination, Heck! I'm a Testicle for cryin' out loud, but as a Bootnick, I always stood out. My brother, the darn traitor that he is, got me interested in ReBoot with that Question and that Answer.

Me: Who is *that*?

Trechorous Sibling: That's Bob.

Ok, so he may have left the genere soon after, but not me. I'm the only guy in my school who's even heard of ReBoot. The girls are kinda' creeped out about this, but who cares? I am Bootnick. Hear me roar! LOONY LOONY LOONY!!!!

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