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I did these! New! Ray Tracer can reboot?

Ray Tracer makes an appearance on the title card of the Dance Dance Revolution song "Baby Baby Gimme Your Love." Is that where he was during most of Season 4?

I did these! Hex the Supermodel

White Queen Hex has taken up a career in modeling. Her first shoot was of this ad for Hemline. Reported by Kathy Moats.

I did these! Megabyte's Autograph

I got Megabyte's autograph, thanks to a contest held by Mainframe Entertainment. Megabyte spells his name "Tony Jay."

I did these! All What Belongs to Who?

What if Megabyte were caught in a badly-translated video game?

I did these! The ReBoot-Dilbert Connection

A crossover that should never happen.

I did these! Bob the Human?

Bob as a human? Oh, the strange things that happen when Hash switches red and blue in Thumbs Plus! 

I did these! Report Dividers

I guess that's what these are. The ever-kind Mairi posted that she had some spare pages which were used in a Mainframe publication a while ago, and the first few people to request 'em got copies.  Fortunately I was reading the newsgroup that day. Click on the thumbnails to see the full-sized images.
Assumptions to Financial Model Financial Statements Financial Model
Investment Highlights Management Company Description

I did these! Page Pet

Are you beseiged by flocks of dingbats who are in desperate need of clues? Do you wish you could just give 'em a good WONK upside the head? Now you can protect yourself by putting Guardian Haiku on your page. The two graphics at left can be copied to your website, where they will lie in wait for the clueless. Just click on the one you want, save it, and then put it wherever you want. (A larger version of the captionless picture is on the Artwork page.)

These graphics can be distributed freely, but not altered.

Haiku by Kim McFarland     Haiku by Kim McFarland

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