Scenes from The Game

"The Dead Bob Show" was based not-so-loosely on the game Hexen by Raven Software and ID Software. Here are some screen grabs from the game that show what Bob and Dot had to face in "The Dead Bob Show". It ain't pretty. Click on the thumbnails for full-size views.

One of the many symbol switch rooms. Press on a wall symbol that doesn't match the block in the center, and you'll have unwelcome company. Funky doodles
Again, press the appropriate switch or you'll regret it. And don't step in the water if you're a User - there are some nasty things swimming around.

At least it's not actually cold in there.

Cool, Daddy-O
Lava.  Fireball-shooting Afrits. Wonderful. But isn't that a nifty weapon? Well, for Users. If you're a Sprite it'll suck your life out and give it to the User. Bring the Marshmallows
If incing along that narrow ledge weren't bad enough, next you have to walk onto that path of insubstantial-looking lights. Not too hard to see why Dot had a problem here.

Burning, flame-throwing gloves. Another thing that's good for Users and bad for Sprites.

Instant Vertigo
Er... is one of these Hexadecimal? Please say no... Ugh.
Again, remember they're only props and binomes playing parts. Good set design, though, isn't it? Set designers are sick puppies.
Korax, the final Boss of the game. Ugly and powerful. Good luck. Mean Grey Mother

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