Slack & Hash's Kiss Dolls


Here are some templates that anyone can use to make their own KiSS dolls.These can be edited however you like. Change the facial expressions, skin colors, tweak the outlines or shading, do whatever you like. But I do require that, if you use my templates, that you post credit, at least in the README file. Unless specifically noted, these can be used to make adult KiSS sets.

To get the template, simply right-click on the picture you want and save it.

A chibi doll in a challenging pose.

A simple design that should be easy to make clothes for.
This base may not be used to make adult dolls, as the base is too childlike for that to be appropriate.

This one might make a good fairy doll. Or maybe rotate her and make a superhero or an Olympic diver.

New! The two "Liars." 'Cause they're lying down. Geddit?  Um.

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