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"The Ladies of Mainframe" KiSS doll creations

I'm not Goth, I'm just pretentious Jezzabea created this "Art Student Hex" to the left.

This gave me bad flashbacks to my college days. I knew people like this.


Katzedecimal created the image on the right. Heh heh, I'm not sayin' who it is. >:)

I love corsets!


Rebecca, KiSS doll beta tester extraordinaire, created quite a lot of characters. These are the best:

Party in the West Sector!

Letting my hair down I am not a Guardian, I am a time.

A little padding here, a little stuffing there...

Punked-out Melissa

Party Dixon


White Mouse

Leather, no lace

When I get a keytool I'll name it Null! Who's the groom?

Format and sex change

HSexy Dot

Guardian Hex

White Hex

Sprite Meg-Hex

Dress-up Time

Who are all these weirdos? Somebody call the fashion police!

Haiku playing


Some Nutcase

The bookends make the bride look good.

Wedding Party


Some more sent in by Bri:

Denim.  Gotta love it!

Like father's wife, like daughter.

Daemon, before the Cron
format took over.

Did Haiku go through
a punk stage?

I'm just a sweet transvestite

I'm not going to even try to explain this one, which is by Kit.

Black jeans, black turtleneck. My kinda outfit.

A pair of pictures from

If you will direct your attention to your left, you will see Naomi, a morbid student,including knife and blade. (Should I be worried that she is wearing my usual outfit?)

And on the right is Hex's Ideal Wedding, which appears to include revenge on the wardrobes of her enemies.

Now YOU wear the crappy dresses!

Three from Emily Bryant (AKA the artist formerly known as Emidecimal)

Note: the Emidecimal at left is from an upcoming shot-at-redemption fic. :)

Normal lips and... other proportions! I'm baa-aaack! Portrair of the Author as A Young Sprite

Andraia Croft




It fit off the rack.

To the left, a doll created by Jo Ann Montgomery of her fanfic character User Guardian 1.

To the right, a vision created by Daecon of Hexadecimal crossed with Daemon
and none too pleased about it.

Who am I?

NEW!  Here is a batch of characters made by Onzo based on her fanfic, "Reboot V.2.0," which is about the descendants of the Reboot cast. As an added bonus, here are some genealogy notes:

  • Mouse Tracer Jr. (M.J.) - The daughter of Mouse and Ray Tracer.
  • Onzo Matrix-452- - The oldest daughter of Bob and Dot Matrix.
  • Barbara Matrix - The the younger kid of Barbie and Enzo Matrix.
  • Demotoxe - The viral in the story, she is out to infect all the net and the web.
  • Barbie (Relay) Matrix - Looks and acts like a Barbie doll. She is married to Enzo and is the mother of James and Barbara.
  • Kristen Tracer - The dauther of S.J. and Onzo when they are much older.  She is the one telling the story and is from many years ahead.
  • New! Angelic Damon (sic): The form Daemon first takes when Demotoxe and Darien bring her back. This form of Daemon is much nicer then the first, but is still a virus and has the same if not weaker powers.
  • New! Neo Damon (sic): The form Daemon takes the second time Demotoxe and Darien bring her back in at the end of the series. This form of Damon is much darker then the other two but, unlike the other Daemons, this one wants to destroy the net outright.
Which accent did she inherit? No, not a typo. She's a Barbie girl in a Barbie world Infected herself?

Mouse Tracer Jr.

Onzo Matrix-452-

Barbara Matrix


Cute yet modest

Ooooh, shimmery!

'Cause I'm a blonde, yah yah yah!

I'm back, I'm brunette, and I'm bad!

Barbie (Relay) Matrix

Kristen Tracer

Angelic Damon

Neo Damon

And, last and least, my own creation,
inspired by some of Dot's behavior during Season 4.

"Just friends?!"

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