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"The Men of Mainframe" KiSS doll creations

NEW!  Here is a batch of characters made by Onzo based on her fanfic, "Reboot V.2.0," which is about the descendants of the Reboot cast. As an added bonus, here are some genealogy notes:

  • Ray (Surfer) Tracer Jr. (S.J.) 19 user years old. He is the first son of Mouse and Ray Tracer and the twin brother of M.J. and the big brother of Carlose Tracer. His format is search engine (Web Surfer).
  • James Matrix - 15 user years old. He is the oldest kid of Enzo and Barbie Matrix. He is the older brother of Barbara and cousin to Onzo, Mindraia and Ariel. His format is Guardian he is training to take over as Guardian of Mainframe.
  • Enzo: Well you know about him. He just grow up and got married and had two kids. Oh, and became just like Bob like he wanted. He has a key tool now named "Yo-Yo".
  • Darien: He is the twin brother of Demotoxe. He can infect people but has no other powers.
  • Max: Max is Kirsten's best friend. He some times helps her tell the story and straightens out some of the stuff she gets wrong. He is the far future son of M.J. and James.
If I was any purpler I'd go ultraviolet! One "dumb blond" joke and you Look, ma, two eyes!

Ray Tracer Jr.
(aka S.J.)

James Matrix

Enzo Matrix

I am too sexy for my cape, I'm too sexy for my claws, I'm too sexy...

Butch yet bookish



New! ArtSoft sent these pictures in that were based on fan fiction. I'll let Artsoft describe them...

"The one called "This is Bad" is to some extent from Counterpoint by teluekh. Bob, Real bob, got deleted and Megabyte got stuck in his form, Dot and the others are trying to restore the real Bob."

"The one with Matrix, well, crossdressing is from something that I read. I quote, "Didn't phase him - I think nothing short of Matrix in one of Hex's corsets would." It is from Downbelow by teluekh."

Really bad. Baby got batch

"This is Bad"

Wouldn't you be alarmed?


Mike L created this image, and this is his explanation:

"What exactly did Turbo do while infected?
Behold! Daemon's cabana boy!"

Dance for me, Pool Boy!

I'm not Goth, I'm just pretentious Katzedecimal creates images of two of her fanfic characters.

On the left is Riven, a Virus/Sprite hybrid (who was actually included as an "easter egg" in the set)

On the right you'll see Vax, Virus Killer Judge and relative to a certain cast member.
Betcha can't guess who.

I love corsets!

The indefatigueable (whatever that means) Rebecca put together this here batch of pictures:

At right: A younger wiseass Turbo, maybe? That's my guess. (Boy. people sure seem to like that "Bad Bob" costume.)

Below, left to right:

  • A rather irritable sprite named Cync who is wondering who the frell stuffed him into a dress.
  • Dunno who the red one is. Maybe he has something to do with a certain scene at the end of "Daemon Blast." Probably not.
  • A season 5 scene(?) made from both "The Ladies of Mainframe" and "The Men of Mainframe."

"Just friends?!"


What, no G?

Season 5?

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