Slack & Hash's Kiss Dolls

"The ReBoot Doll Maker" KiSS doll creations

Rebecca, the inexhaustible KiSS doll beta tester, created a batch of characters. Here are the cream of the crop:

Angel AndrAIa

White AndrAIa


At the energy park

You wander off and die horribly.

Angel AndrAIa

White AndrAIA
(AKA "Repackaging")

Daemon as Columbia

Daemon goes swimming

Mouse the Redshirt

You want a Virus, I'll give you a Virus!

This was exactly what I had in mind.


He's just a blue transvestite!

Hi, Bob.

Haiku as Daemon

White wedding? Not!

Daemon being WONKed

Cross-dressing Bob(?)

White Wedding Wayne

Recoloring is fun!

Barracuda, Matrix's daughter

Some sent in by Tilde~:

I will be in my trailer!

Message time!

(For the record, feather boas
are hard to draw!)

She's responsible for the pastels in the set!
If you like 'em, thank her.

New! ArtSoft sent in a couple of "Viral Anti-Virus"
(Hex as a Guardian) pictures:

What, there are no red Guardians?

Oh, Dot...?

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