Slack & Hash's Kiss Dolls

"White Queen Hex" KiSS doll creations

New! Some pics by RapunzelK:

Broadway Hex

Jazzy Hex

Hex the MIME file

Rich .BAT Hex

Broadway Hex

Jazzy Hex

Hex the MIME file

Rich .BAT Hex


moo moo did this set here:

Hex as Ada Wong.

Princess Hex.

Hex Valentine. (Think Cowboy Bebop.)

Somebody had to do this.
At least it wasn't me!

Sprite Hex - after a cosmetic treatment.

Hex the Battle Sprite.

AXmili sends in this batch of pictures:

Hex dresses up as the Dhampir, BloodRayne.

Hex starts her job at Hot Topic.

Who needs Bunnies when you can have Cats?

Hex as um... Never thought of it.

Hex as.. Molly Ringwald?

HexBot, like Buffybot.

Hex tries ballet.

You can never have too many accessories!

Mike L created and captioned the below pictures (left to right):
  • Bond Girl Hex
  • Cat (get it? CAT!) Burgalar Hex
  • Hexadecimal: Warrior Princess
  • Lady of the Night Hex.

Have a bite? Katzedecimal created several images, and here they are, with her comments:

Left: Miss Mainframe
"Apple for the teacher? Hex on the beach?"

Right: White Queen Katzedecimal
"Hex liked her trip to Userspace, apparently...."

East meets West

Some sent in by Tilde~, which I don'tneed to comment on because they come pre-commented! East meets West

Antony James sent in this pair of pictures:

Left: Hex Kitten

Right: Little Red Viral Hood

And here are a few from Rebecca. Left to right:
  • Hostess Hex. What she's the hostess of, I have no idea.
  • Arty Hex.
  • White Hex in formal dress.
Wilkommen, bienvenue, welcome Bliebe, reste, stay So much cloth covering me all over!


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