Slack & Hash's Library

Fan Fiction

Including the not-really-world-famous-but-Slack-wishes-it-was fan fiction series "West Sector Story" and "Daemon Blast," plus "Monty Python's Flying Circuits" and "The Silence of The RAM."

Mystery Reboot Theater 4000

What's more fun that reading fan fiction yourself? Having characters read it for you, and even save you the trouble of heckling it!

The Newsstand

What's happening with the TV movies/Season 4? What action figures are they making? This and other Mainframe related news and links.

Fun Stuff

Silly stuff that Hack and Slash and other people have written. You know, Summaries-in-a-Nano, top 10 lists, drinking games, MiSTing, that kind of thing.


Transcripts of television episodes and information on the ReBoot IMAX® Ridefilms.

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