Mike Spazzes out!

Or, The Truly Weird Things You Find When Going Frame By Frame 

Mike the Ironing Board Practicing for his move to Anvilania?
A Different Angle What is he so happy about? What is IN those energy shakes?
Speakers: Size is everything. Insert standard "Mike Has A Big Mouth" joke here...
Wait'll they get a load of me. ...so big that it even passes through the bottom of his screen!
Rzbbbbrrrt Work that tongue. Yeah, baby.
Nacho breath Mike come close to out-goofying Rocky the Rabid Raccoon.
Break dancing? I LOVE break dancing! Book 'em! Break dancing doesn't make your mouth fall off or you leg come out of your face if you do it right, you know.
TVs wobble but they don't fall down And it also shouldn't make your hand come out of the top of your head.

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