Poetry, the Gift That Keeps on Giving

Ok, I'm running low on clever titles. Whatever, here's a poem that Mister Megabyte wrote in honor of the third birthday of Slack & Hash's Domain. I'd jokingly posted shameless pleas for money,. chocolate, gift art, or anything. I hadn't expected a poem - and sometimes the most unexpected things can be the most pleasing!

Ah, I see there's an anniversary for a certain Domain,
What's that you ask? Did I get you a gift?
The answer to that is a little long,
So, I'll say this and see if you get my drift:

I thought about getting you chocolates,
But I couldn't do that,
For you see my dear,
They can make a person fat!

I thought about giving you money,
But that's a problem there,
Aside from the fact I haven't any,
Money's too precious and rare.

Maybe I'd give you gift art,
But, as proven by a friend,
I can't draw my way out of a paper bag,
So gift art I cannot send.

Shower you with presents?
That's an impossible task,
Water's all I could shower one with,
And that can be costly, so please don't ask.

Just call me El Cheapo!
It's a fitting name,
I save every dollar,
And that's a true claim.

But, the interesting thing about me telling you this,
Is, while not spending a dime,
I got you a present,
Yes! Your present was this little rhyme!

And now may I say:
In day or night, sun or rain,
Stay strong another year,

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