Instructions for ReBoot Mah-Jongg

So, you've decided to read the instructions first, eh? Good idea, because the game has a few quirks that you're not likely to pick up on right away.

First of all, you need a pretty up-to-date browser that can handle DHTML and Javascript. I've tested it on several versions of Netscape and MSIE... with varying degrees of success. So, I can't guarantee that it'll work with what you use. If it doesn't... sorry, but I can't do anything about it.

The game itself is fairly simple. You have a bunch of tiles arranged in a sublime pattern before you. You pick matched pairs of tiles, and when you've picked them all you win the game. If you fail, or you run out of time, you lose. However... the tiles you can pick must be free on either the left or the right side, and have no tiles on top of them. As you pick tiles you free up others beside or below them. Simple, right? In theory.

One slight complication: there are two sets of "icon tiles". One set is Bob's golden icon and Phong's Yin-Yang icon, and the other is a green viral icon and Megabyte's frowny. The icons match within the sets, so you can match Bob and Phong's icons, and a viral icon with a frowny. A small detail, but one which it's hard to win the game without knowing.

A final note: I did not create this game. I'm not a javascript programmer; the best I can do is adapt existing scripts. Kudos for the programming and blame for any bugs go to Sascha Noormann. I made the new tile set and translated all the German messages into English.

Now go play the game!

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