In the not-too-distant future --
Somewhere in Cyberspace. --
There was a really neat web page
That brought a smile to everyone's face

Created by a cow, who's name was Jer
A guy who was cool, nice, and fair
For him, Zen decided to MiST his site
So he started writing - all throughout the day and night.

(Am I funny at all?)

"I'll mock and MiST his web site
I'll totally put it down (La La La)
I hope he takes it lightly
Cuz I'm only clowning around (La La La)"

Now keep in mind that it's Jerry's birthday
So there is a reason this is being done (La La La)
But of course the main reason is,
Zen just finds mocking Jerry fun!

Robot Role Call!

Cambot (Cow's are too big for the screen)
Gypsy (I want a raise!)
Tom Servo (Why do they do this to us?)
Crooooow! (Egad)

If you're wondering how this .. uh.. syrics
I'm starting to run out of lyrics (La La La)
Just repeat to yourself, "Zen please shut up
Before I step on your.. um.. appendix!"


Mystery ReBoot Theater 4000!

Written by Zen Zenith

(The SOL. Early morning. AM.)

(Mike Nelson - a typical human being - aboard a Satellite in outer-space has just woken up. Stepping onto the bridge to get his breakfast, little does he suspect the horrors that are to come)

Mike: (Yawns) Why do I feel like I've walked into an episode of the twilight zone?

Gypsy: (Off Screen) Morning Mike!

Mike: Oh hey Gypsy! What've you got for me today?

(Gypsy comes on screen and a tube lowers from the roof, from which Mike begins drinking his breakfast)

Gypsy: Liquefied Cornflakes with a special almost-like-Milk extract called 'Malk'. Sorry Mike, but we were out of sugar.

(Tom spins into the bridge as Mike finishes his breakfast)

Tom Servo: Hey guys! How's everything?

Mike: Fine. Where's Crow?

Tom Servo: Oh. I saw him on the way over. I think he was laying on the kitchen floor muttering something about finding the last M&M..

(Red light flashes)

Mike: Marge, Lisa, Homer, and OJ are calling! Better see what they want. (Hits the button)


Pearl: I don't see why I have to do this, it was your idea.

Megabyte: Trust me Mrs. Forrester. You have far more experience than I do at this.. give me a few more weeks, and I might have the hang of it, but I'm afraid as of now, I am far too.. flat and dull to present this accurately. You however, are brilliant. I say, go to it!

Pearl: (Blushing a bit) Why thank you Megabyte.

Megabyte: (Smirking) Indeed.

Pearl: Hey Nelson! Bob. Bots. Ol' Megs here has a friend he'd like to tribute today..

Megabyte: Any supporter of the Go Virals! is a friend of mine (Snicker)

Pearl: Yeah. Whatever. Well.. for today, to tribute this 'Jerry The Cows' birthday, we're sending you his VERY web site. Hopefully it'll drive you insane. In that case, it's a two for one deal. Tudils darlings.

(SOL - Everyone, including Bob and Crow are now present)

Mike: Oh. Well.. a web site. That can't be too bad. In fact, it could be pretty cool.

Bob: Don't bet on it Mike.

(Sirens go off, lights start flashing)


6.. 5.. 4.. 3.. 2.. @..
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