In the not-too-distant future --
Somewhere in Cyberspace. --
Guardian Bob and his new found pals
Are caught in an endless chase

Pursued by a woman who's name is Pearl
An evil gal who wants to rule the world
Teamed up with the virus Megabyte
Together they chase them - all throughout the day and night.

(We'll get yoooouuuuuu!)

"We'll send them cheesy stories
The worst we can find (La La La)
Written by the fans of ReBoot
Who have way too much free time (La La La)"

Now keep in mind the guys can't control
Where the stories begin or flow (La La La)
They'll try to keep their sanity
Despite the lame stories and some cheap cameo's

Robot Role Call!

Cambot (How z'it look?)
Gypsy (Makeup here!)
Tom Servo (More gum please.)
Crooooow! (It hurts!)

If you're wondering how this happened
'Cause this plot's all out of whack (La La La)
Just repeat to yourself, "It's just a crossover
I should really just relax!"

Mystery ReBoot Theater 4000!

Written by Silver Tiger

(Bob is sitting in the SOL, reading a rather large book that looks dog-eared and often thumbed through. He looks up)

Bob: Oh, hey there. This is the Satellite of Love, home of mine, Mike's and the bot's. Currently they're all watching some User TV Network or other. I lose track of them. (He puts his arm on the desk and appears to be settling down for a monologue.) You know, what with having lived almost my entire life in the Net I'm really having trouble with all the popular (and not so popular) culture references during the MiSTing. They never explain them to me properly either. I mean who's "They Might Be Giants"? Or what's "Lord of the Rings"? You know, stuff like that. So *I* decided to educate myself and brought this book. (Brandishes it. The title reads "Pop Culture for the 1990's") It was actually a pretty good read, once I got over this whole weird 'page turning' thing. (His tone becomes almost lecturing.) You know, where *I* come from, we have to scroll down text or document files instead of flipping paper...

(Cambot's view dips down as if he's getting bored of this too.)

Bob: Mind you it's easier to keep your place with these 'bookmarks' than remembering where your scroll-bar was in a file. And I just can't get the hang of having to towel off after showering too. I mean, I used to just use this huge body blow drier. Mind you at least we get warm water up here. And another thing-

(The rest of the crew wanders in. Cambot's view snaps up.)

Tom: You know, if they bring on ONE more Scooby-doo show, I'm going to *scream*...
Mike: Hey Bob. Whatcha reading?
Bob: Pop culture guide to the 90's. It's really good.
Tom: Really? Let me try. Okay..."No soup for you!"
Bob: (After a few moments of reading) Seinfield, the infamous "Soup Nazi" episode.
Crow: How about "The difference betwen you and that I make this thing look good."
Bob: Will Smith from "Men In Black".
Tom: Okay okay...uhm...(Upper English accent) "Damn you, damn brocoli, and *damn* the Wright brothers!"
Bob: From the show "Family guy". Said by Stewie Griffin, a psycotic, megalomaniac baby that reselmbles Tommy Pickles off of "Rugrats" in a disturbing way.
Mike: He's good.
Crow: VERY good.
Tom: Wait, how are you getting these exact quotes? That book isn't *big* enough to hold all of-
Mike: (Notices the MADs light) Hush up everyone. The Four Amigos beckon. (Presses the button.)

(Widow Maker. Bobo and Observer sitting in the back, Pearl driving and Megabyte riding shotgun as usual.)

Bobo: (apparently carrying on an argument) How come *I* never get a window seat?
Observer: There's a window right there you cretin!
Bobo: Yes, but your view's much nicer.
Observer: It is not.
Bobo: Is too!
Megabyte: You know, I never thought I'd actually MISS Hack and Slash.
Pearl: Quiet Bobo, or else I won't use this new Johnson's Baby no-tear formula for your delousing.
Bobo: Okay. (Shuts up)
Megabyte: Well well-still trying to edge away from the brink of madness everyone?


Mike: Yep. Same ol' same ol'. You?


Pearl: We're going to try to push you into the abyss. The piece of tripe for today so kindly donated by Julia (God, the fans love us) is called "Revenge" and is basically a reason 3 rehash.
Megabyte: Try to put off going insane until the end this time, hmm?


Crow: Another week, another substandard story. I hate routines.


Megabyte: Really? I've always enjoyed them, especially when they're this...amusing. (evil chuckle.)


Mike: Not again. MOVIE SIIIIIIIGN!

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