(The guys enter the theater)

Crow: So, umm, now I'm back in my normal body again.
Bob: Great. Glad that all got worked out.

Chapter 4

Silicon Tor

"Then there was an increase in theenergy level?", did Megabyte ask calmly.

Servo: (Hack) That about sums up the plot, yeah.

"Yes sir!", Hack answered.

"Yeah, an increase, yes!", Slashcompleted.

Before the two continued,

Crow: Hey! He's going to stop them there!

(Celebratory commotion)

Bob: You know, maybe Josh isn't such a bad guy after all.

Megabyte calledHerr Doktor and his spy,

Bob: You mean Hiss Spy.

that was in the Principal Office'sunderground.

Servo: (Herr Doktor) But Megabyte! I am a doctor, not a reconnaissance agent!

"Herr Doktor, that increase of energywill affect the... obtaining of the files?"

"No, Lord Megabyte! In fact, it willeven help!"

Crow: As long as you don't ask him how.

"Indeed? Good."

Megabyte turned off the vidwindow and hesmiled. Soon, he will be in Supercomputer!

Servo: Everyone needs a hobby, I guess.

Project Quantum Leap
Control Room

"But how?!", did Al ask. He wasnot understanding.

Bob: Wow! This story just has one surprise after another!

"Well... it seems that Enzo do... anindependent Leap.", Sammy Jo Fuller

Crow: So, in the 21st century, all the good names will already be taken?

said, the Projectprodigy girl. "It seems that a sprite can't be a long timein stabilized Quantum Leaping state in the Time".

Servo: Blah blah technocrap. . .


"Although Sam has not leaped out ofEnzo's aura, the kid

Crow: (singing) Is not my son!

- due to his digital state, pure energy -couldn't be in the Waiting Room, where the energy was in a stablestate in relation to the Time...

Bob: 10:35 a.m., Central Standard Time.

the energy of a sprite needs tobe in an excited quantum state out of his present Time, what canonly be gotten...

Servo: (Sammy Jo) Oh, geez, what was that again? Oh, it's right on the tip of my tongue. . .

during a Leap!" she completed.

Servo: (Sammy Jo) Yeah, that's it.

"Do you mean that Enzo is lost inTime, like Sam?"


"Not exactly." Ziggycontradicted.

Crow: Look, story, get back to us when you can make up your mind, okay?

"What?!" everybodyasked, surprised.

"As Enzo Matrix is a condensed energybeing, its energy impression is strongly marked in the Timestream.

Bob: Like, right here. They could have someone doing research right here, and it would add all sorts of action and drama to the scene.
Servo: I don't know. I think Josh's trying to pace himself with the research. I'm sure we'll see a big, dramatic all-nighter toward the end.

He can be found much more easily than Dr.Beckett... but Irecommend Dr. Beeks that she interview the new 'guest'".

Crow: Oh for crying. . . It's starting over!

"Well Ziggy, seek the boy! If he isnot in the Waiting Room in the hour in that Sam leaps, Sam willbe trapped in Enzo's place."

Bob: And that'll have to pass for tension, for now.

"Yes Admiral."

Room Read-Only

Sam and AndrAIa were seeking anything thatcould explain the system crash.

Servo: They tried re-reading the first three chapters, but they just got more confused.

Al had not appeared yet with anexplanation for the event or a way of avoiding it.

AndrAIa once in a while looked at for Samwith a strange glance.

Crow: (AndrAIa) I wonder how he'd taste.

Sam and the another guy didn't seem commonsprites! But she didn't get to discover what they were, unlesssomeone that came to avoid a disaster.

Bob: Well, that clears things up.

"Hi, Sam!"

Both, user and game sprite, got scared.

Servo: AndrAIa slew the addressor.


"It's O.K., Al."

Al was turned to AndrAIa.

Crow: Uh. . . Al? I think your physical form may have gotten a little corrupted there. . .

"Andrea... could you let Sam and Italk in particular?"

Sam noticed that there were problems.

Bob: Hey, only four chapters in! He's getting better.


She will answer, when they heard an alarm.

Servo: (AndrAIa) Oh, that's right, there's a fire drill today.


Crow: We have a cruddy fic.

January 26, 1967

Enzo was very scared.

Servo: (Enzo) Sponges are scary.

"Hey Jeremy! What is happening?",did a 30 year-old woman, with brown hair and blue eyes, askconcerned.

"Nothing." he said.

Bob: Then the world blew up, The End.

Enzo went to a bathroom and he was lockedthere.

Servo: He's being held captive in his own bathroom!

At he was looked in the mirror and he had a shock. Insteadof his image, he saw a 26 year-old man, blonde hair and blueeyes, with a certain similarity with the woman.

Crow: Oh wait, that's a painting. The mirror's on the other wall.

He was trying discover what had happenedwith him. He was forced to be calm

Bob: At gunpoint.
Servo: Calm down or I'll kill you!

- it was it that he thoughtBob would do.

Crow: Then he cut to a completely different scene. It was it that he thoughtBob would do.

Project Quantum Leap
Control Room
May 16, 2002

"We found the kid!", Gooshieannounced. "He is on January 26, 1967!"

"But for we contact Enzo, we will haveto leave Sam by itself!", Donna warned.

Bob: (Donna) And you know how much he hates to be left at the kennel.

"No, Dr. Elesse.", he answered."After that weird leap in Cokeburg,

Crow: (Gooshie) Where he defeated the evil Pepsi empire. . .

we built a secondImaging Chamber, for the case of the first to fail.

Servo: It's a good thing the secret government project has a big budget for deus ex machinas.

Of coursewill consume a great amount of energy."

"And who will be the observer?"

Of that time Ziggy went who answered toquestion.

Bob: And it's a good thing she did. I'm guessing.

Verbena has just arrived.

"During the observations in theWaiting Room, we monitored Enzo's brain waves

All: La la la!

- if such word isapplied.

Crow: (Ziggy) If you call that turd between his ears a brain.

In comparison to the neurological files of the Projectstaff, the person with more similarity to try a neural link isDr. Verbena Beeks."

Servo: (Verbena) Oh, well, that sounds like a pretty good -- what the -- hey!

Verbena was surprised, but she wasrecovered soon.

Bob: And the casts will come off any day now.

She asked:

"Where is the handlink?"

Houston, Texas

Crow: The handlink's in Houston, Texas? Couldn't you be more specific?

January 26, 1967

Crow: Ah. Thanks. That helps.

Enzo was in the bathroom, looking at hisreflex in the mirror, when he saw a kind of blue rectangularportal to open up. A black woman came through him. She seemedfamiliar to Enzo.

Servo: (Enzo) Miss Strasser? My second-grade teacher? Oh, I'll never be rid of her!

Verbena Beeks said:

"Hi, Enzo!"

"What did happen?! What am I doinghere?! Who are you?!"

Bob: Who who! Who who!

Verbena already expected that reaction.

Crow: They figured he was pretty stupid after monitoring his "brain waves".

Shesaw Enzo's true face. A 10 year-old boy, of green skin, blue eyesand black hair. She was surprised.

(Servo tries to repress a yawn.)

He was not very different froma Userworld kid... except for the color of the skin, of course.She calmly explained:

"Well, your name is Enzo Matrix

Bob: (Verbena) Here, let me write it on your hand so you don't forget again.

and,for accident, you are participating of a time-travel experimentthat became... a little ca-ca.

Crow: Replace "time-travel experiment" with "story".

You are in Jeremy Ryder's aura, aNASA engineer..."

Servo: (British) And now for something completely different.

Meeting Room
November 12, 1999

"Is it then? Is only that?", didBob ask.


Bob: Ever after.

yes. It is difficult tofind information about that energy state. The only system in thenet in that that knows this state is called Ziggy."

Crow: I'm going to be on the floor crying, if anyone needs me. (Crow ducks down below the seat and starts sobbing.)
Bob: Okay.

Turbomade faces when saying that name. He thought: "What type ofname is Ziggy?"

Servo: (Turbo) They should've named it after a good comic strip, like Fox Trot or Dilbert.

"Thank you Turbo.", and Bobturned off the connection with Supercomputer. Dot and Phonglooked him. He shook the head.

Bob: Dot's head, strangely enough.


"In only a system there areinformation detailed regarding Quantum Leaping's state, but it isan isolated, ultra-restricted

Servo: Super-chocolatey, double-dog mega-huge. . .

access system."

Dot will say something,

Bob: When we come back.

when they heard theArchive's alarm. They were direct to the Core Control Room. Theyfound 'Enzo', AndrAIa and Al coming from the Read-Only Room.

Servo: So, now everyone can see Al?
(Crow sobs a little louder.)
Servo: Oh, get up, you big baby.
(Crow reluctantly returns to his seat.)

"What did happen?" Sam asked.

"Megabyte robbed the Net accesscommand and two driver files!" Dot has just verified."Without the drivers, anything can happened if the Userinput a Game!"

Bob: (Dot) By the way, who's the hologram?

"Or an installation routine!",Sam thought. He and Al changed glances. That was the cause of theproblem!

Houston, Texas
January 26, 1967

Verbena had finished speaking.

Crow: And Enzo didn't catch a word of it.

"Then... am I in the Userworld?!"

"Yes." She said.

"And you are a User!", Enzo waswith anger for having been cheated.

Servo: (Enzo) Hey! No fair not telling me you're God!

"Yes. And you are very right in beingfurious."

Crow: Boy, if I met my Creator, I'd be pretty mad too.
Bob: You mean Joel?
Crow: Yeah, I mean. . . hey!

"And I really have.

Servo: (Enzo, monotone) Really I am. My fury is boundless. I can barely contain my rage.

Do you know howmany sprites and binomes you nullified?!"

"Enzo, perhaps you don't believe, butuntil Sam leaps into you we didn't have the smallest idea of yourexistence!"

Crow: (Verbena) And we will continue to ignore your existance until Sam leaps into you.

He looked well her, and he saw that she wasbeing sincere! In Name of the Net! The Users didn't know about...

Bob: The Net's plot to numb the minds of the Users through frivilous Games and take over the world!
Servo: Umm. . . is that true?
Bob: No, of course not. (sinister chuckle.)

On that moment, they heard a beat in thedoor.

Crow: Was it groovy or funky?

"Jeremy, are you O.K.?", afeminine, concerned voice asked.

Verbena beats the handlink. "This isRegina McCormick, your 'sister'. She is 32 years old. Widow, thehusband died in a car accident five months ago.

Bob: (Verbena) She likes Tai food and long walks on the beach.

She is pregnantand the baby can be born to any time."

"It's alright, sis! I'm only washingthe face!"

Servo: I thought that was Colin's job.
Crow: Well, he kinda got blown up, so I guess Jeremy took over for him.

"Ok." Regina said, without beingconvinced.

Bob: (Regina) It's not like Jeremy to worry about hygene. . . is he getting married?

Enzo went back to Verbena. "You saidthat for me return, I need to change something. What?"

Verbena beats more in the handlink.

Servo: If ya know what I mean.

"Come on, Ziggy! Ah! Here is! According to Ziggy, you can behere to avoid the three astronauts' death tomorrow during theApollo 1 test, or avoid 'your sister's' death for complicationsin the childbirth, tomorrow too."

Servo: Or you can go for what's behind door number three!

"And which is?"

"Which is the what?"

"Which is the mission?!"

Crow: (Verbena) What mission?

She said in a low voice.

"We don't know."

Bob: (Regina) What happened, did you fall in? Who are you talking to? Some of us have to use the bathroom, you know!

Core Control Room
November 12, 1999

Sam had seen the robbed drivers' names.Winsock.dll and Instcom3.dll. Al announced:

"Sam, according to Ziggy, without thefile Instcom3.dll to conduct the show, the program installationwill destroy Mainframe!"

Servo: Previously on Quantum ReBoot.

Bob, that couldn't hear Al,

Crow: Oh, so they see him, but they can't hear him. Right. Great. I'm all straightened out.


"We have to recover these files, ifnot..."

He was interrupted by a feminine voiceannouncing (it seems airport announcement voice, Al thought):

Bob: Sometimes a character's insight, however brief, can really make a scene come to life.
Servo: Yeah.
Bob: Other times, like this, it can just worthlessly pad out an already unnessecary sentence.

"Warning, incoming InstallationRoutine! Warning, incoming Installation Routine!..."

Crow: (System Voice) Return seats to upright, locked position!

Chapter 5

Houston, Texas
January 26, 1967

Enzo looked at for Verbena of open mouth.

On that moment, he exploded:

All: Ewwww!

"Do you mean that you don't know what the mission it is?!?!"


Servo: No you mean it or no you don't mean it?

"How can I change the things, if nor you know the one what it is to change?!"

"Well..." Verbena beats more in the handlink. "There are 63% of chance for the Apollo 1 astronauts' rescue... and 17% to Regina..."

Crow: (Verbena) And a 97% chance that the author is going to have you do both of them.

Enzo thought a little.

"It seems more probable than it is the test of that such of Apollo 1 that I should change."

Bob: The Bermuda Triangle of sentences.

Verbena agreed.

"How did it happen?"

"Tomorrow, during the test of the spaceship Apollo 1, happened a fire in the command module - the part in that the astronauts are during the flight. They could have left easily if the module' door was not arrested.

Servo: (Verbena) Your mission is to bail it out of jail before the flight.

The three men died burned."

"But, wait a nano..." Enzo remembered suddenly. "If I am here to save those guys, does it mean that Regina should die?"

Verbena lowered the eyes.

Crow: Uh. . . why should it? Tonight he fixes the door, tomorrow he saves Regina, and in between he has time for a few games of Monopoly.
Bob: How do you save a woman from giving birth?

Core Control Room
November 12, 1999

"Warning, incoming Installation Routine! Warning, incoming Installation Routine!"

Servo: (System Voice) Did I mention that yet?

The voice tuned for the room.

Crow: Oh no! Not the voice! Not tuning for the room!

"Gooshie, center me outside!", Al commanded. The hologram disappeared.

"Defrag!", Bob said.

Bob: You know, they really stuck me with some bad catch phrases on that show.

"Phong, what kind of program is that?"

"It is a graphic program, but... Oh User!", he exclaimed.

Servo: (Phong) Sorry. . . thought the flying elves were coming back.

Dot and Bob were alert, the problem should be very serious.

"Without one of the files, that the program search during its installation, there will be an incompatibility that can destroy Mainframe!"

Crow: So, uh, what exactly's going on here?
Bob: Well, it's kind of hard to tell, but I think that Mainframe is going to be destroyed somehow.
Servo: Do you think it has anything to do with the missing files?
Bob: I don't know; it might.

Sam and AndrAIa changed concern glances.

Outskirts of the Principal Office
November 12, 1999

Al observed haunted what happened.

The Mainframe' sky opened up, letting to see the fall of a yellow-gold cube. Who was in the street, smiled. The User should be sending more an upgrade, they thought. Al thought: "Now, the confusion will begin!"

Crow: (Al) Or increase, at any rate.

He noticed when Sam, AndrAIa, Bob and Dot came to the front of the Principal Office.

Servo: Boy, I'm glad he told us that before changing the scene! I don't know how that scene could have been complete without that knowledge.

Greg Carter's Apartment
Near of McGill University (connected to the MITNET)
November 12, 1999

Greg waited the Installation Program seek the already installed components...

Bob: Umm. . . Was I seeing things, or did a scene just go by?
Crow: I don't know; it's hard to tell.

Project Quantum Leap
Control Room
May 16, 2002

"How are the chances of the Leaps?", did Donna Elesse-Beckett ask Ziggy.

"There is 95% of chance that Dr. Beckett gets to avoid the Mainframe's crash, if he gets back the files robbed by the virus, what has chance of 34%.

Crow: Wait. . . didn't the installation routine already start?
Servo: I guess he has a 34% chance of Megabyte handing over the files in the next five microseconds.

Now Enzo Matrix's leap is more complicated.

Bob: Off the springboard, through the flaming hoops, and onto the high wire.

We didn't still determine with certainty which the purpose of his leap.", Ziggy answered.

"If Enzo fails in his leap, which are the chances that Sam gets to return home?"

Crow: (Ziggy) Slim and None, and Slim just moved to Maui.

That era the question that her more feared.

Servo: Hey! That's a whole paragraph without jumping to a different scene!

Ziggy was quiet for a moment. She printed the answer.


Crow: And it's still better than Wisconsin's State Lottery.

Donna closed the eyes.

Verbena, that had gone back to rest a little (I don't understand how Al gets be the Sam's observer, she thought),

Bob: (Verbena) Al gets to observe the cute guy, and I'm stuck with some cyber brat.

returned the Second Imaging Chamber.

Houston, Texas
Mission Control Center, NASA
January 27, 1967

Enzo had an idea.

Servo: Unfortunately, Steve Allen thought of it already.

If he got to observe Regina, while he tried avoid the disaster of Apollo 1, perhaps he got to also avoid her death. He had brought her until the Mission Control Center, as if it was a walk.

Crow: (Regina) You know, as much as I like the restricted air base, I'd rather go to the park.

During the going, he was surprised with the Userworld. He was incredibly similar to Mainframe!

Bob: He was a city inside a computer?

"Hi, Enzo!"

He jumped and he was turned. He saw the face of the Dr. Verbena Beeks.

Servo: The faces of those he's wronged are floating up at him!

"Don't DO that!"

"Excuse... but like you it did arrive here?"

"I asked Regina so that her of that to me a hitchhike until the work."

Crow: This is the first story I've ever read that needs subtitles.
Bob: You know, that's a great idea. Cambot, could you give us some subtitles?

"This is no bad for the first leap", she thought.

Subtitle: There's nothing wrong with the first leap.

Verbena observed the atmosphere of the Control Center. She noticed that one of the engineers was explaining something to a pregnant brown-haired woman. She was Regina McCormick.

Servo: Private eye!

"I brought her for the Center, so, I could keep a eye in her."

Subtitle: "I brought her here to give to the Center so I could look inside her."

Enzo illuminated, when seeing the observer's surprised look.

Crow: See, one 40-Watt Enzo lights a room just as well as those old-fashioned, energy-consuming light bulbs.

"Keep a eye in who?", did ask one of the engineers, Arthur Keller, that saw that 'Ryder' was speaking for the air.

Subtitle: "Look inside who?" one of the engineers, Arthur Keller, asked after he saw Ryder speak to the air.

"Ahn... Well... In these readings ". Enzo said, with a yellow smile,

Bob: Never kiss the walls before the paint dries.

indicating a monitor. Arthur forgot the subject.

Servo: (Arthur) Duh. . . is this my house?

Enzo and Verbena breathed eased.


Crow: What?

"And Mainframe?"

Bob: Not quite.

It went the turn of Verbena to smile yellow.

Servo: Oh gross. I hope that's not supposed to imply anything.

"Don't worry. Sam knows what does."

Subtitle: Don't worry. What does Sam know?
Crow: Okay, that's enough with the subtitles.

Enzo looked at, but he didn't say anything.

Sector 67(between Wall Street and Baudway)
November 12, 1999

The yellow-gold cube of the Installation Routine landed between Wall Street and Baudway.

Bob: Mainframe was destroyed, Sam and Enzo were lost forever in time, the end.

Sam looked at fascinated, it could contain various PQLs in that space that the cube occupied.

"Glitch, status!"

Servo: (Glitch) Oh, I'm doing fine.

On that moment, a yellow tube, with about half inch, left the cube, parallel to the ground.

Crow: Congratulations Mrs. Hammerstein; it's a boy.

The tube came for whole the road to the Principal Office. When it went by them, Glitch had given the answer.

"This is bad, this is really bad!"

Bob: This is only the first part of the story! There's more parts to follow!

The tube had entered in the Mainframe's Archive,

Servo: If ya know what I mean.

and it sought the robbed file. It didn't find.

The color of the cube moved of yellow-gold for bright red. A wave of energy left the installation cube, shaking Mainframe as an earthquake.

Crow: And it blew up, The End. C'mon, Josh, pick up the tempo here.

"Glitch, contention field!"

Sam saw the Bob's keytool divide in three parts,

Bob: Ah, stupid, cheap keytools. . . Someone wanna get me some super glue?

one similar to a small laser emissor, it was fixed in the arm and the other two parts, circular, converged until the sector of the crashing cube. The two parts opened a kind of force field,

Servo: That you could use as a zuccinni.

similar to the magnetic field of a bar magnet. Of each object, a light line came to the 'emissor'.

"What is that?! The Net version of the Swiss Army super-penknife?", did Al ask admired.

Bob turned for Dot.

Crow: He danced for her amusement.

"Dot, you need to go to the Silicon Tor and..."

Bob: Ask Megabyte for a cup of sugar? What?

A wave of energy came through the control lines, reaching Bob. Before someone could make something,

Crow: But how would a ceramic bowl help?

he increased the level of energy of the Glitch's contention field.

"Bob, are you OK?"

"I am, a little dizzy, but I am...

Servo: (Bob) A little dizzy, but I am. . . a little dizzy. . .

You need to recover those files, because Glitch will only support for some time and after that..."

Bob: It's ten cents a minute.

Dot nodded quietly, understanding.

Houston, Texas
Mission Control Center, NASA
January 27, 1967

Enzo observed everything fascinated. He had seen about that type of room in Sci-fi games, but this was the real thing! Verbena looked at for sides too, curious.

Crow: (Verbena) They just don't make quadrilaterals like this in the 21st Century.

Both could be in that if they had not been brought to the reality by the warning:

Servo: (System Voice) Warning: In-coming Game.

"Attention, test of the spaceship Apollo 1 in three hours!"

Enzo went back to the psychologist.

Bob: Now's not the time to talk about how much you miss your parents, Enzo.

"Then, how I prevent the accident?"

Crow: Umm, you don't. Next scene please.

Silicon Tor
November 12, 1999

The tremors of the section 67 arrived with all the force to the Sector G-Prime, shaking everything. Megabyte connected the vidwindow:

Servo: To his Playstation.
Crow: (Megabyte) Let's see, red wire goes to the audio input 1, and. . . there! All the Crash Bandicoot I want! (evil laughter)

"Herr Doktor, how is going the portal?"

"Lord Megabyte, the portal..." The laboratory was shaken by a tremor. "The portal will be ready to be energized in few nanoseconds!"

Bob: (Herr Doktor) And you should be able to use it any day now!


In another vidwindow, he observed a building in Wall Street to turn off the lights and colapse. The virus inspected his fingers.

Servo: (Megabyte) Hey. I see my reflection.

"It seems that arrived the hour of abandoning this system." he murmured.

Crow: Speaking of which.

(Everyone gets up.)

To Be Continued...

Servo: Hey, I've got just a nutty idea. You guys get out those costumes, and I'll --

(He's cut off by the doors closing behind him.)

(We're back on the SOL bridge. Servo is standing alone on the desk.)

Servo: Next time on Quantum ReBoot!

(Cut to a shot of Bob, Crow, and Gypsy standing in front of a large finger-painting meant to simulate a setting in Mainframe. Crow has a cardboard body wrapped around him, shaped like Phong's, and he's got those glasses perched on his beak. Gypsy's head has been painted light blue, and she's wearing a black wig.)

Bob: The Mainframe will crash if we don't find the files!

Crow: (Phong) I don't believe!

Gypsy: (Dot) That it is that that is it.

(Cut to a shot of Bob, Servo, and Gypsy. Bob is wearing an Enzo mask, Servo is laying on the desk wearing a long blonde wig and a dress with a pillow down the front, and Gypsy has a handlink in her mouth. Bob seems to be trying to help Servo deliver a baby.)

(Gypsy mumbles for a moment.)

Bob: (Enzo) What is it that you are saying? The baby will be of come for any minute!

Gypsy: (spits out the handlink) (Verbena) There has a 94.92467389238476358163 -- (she continues reciting numbers in the background.)

Servo: (Regina) What for are you speaking in the air? And why is this I am having baby in control station? Do you call an ambulance?

Bob: (Enzo) Uh. . . To keep an eye in these instruments!

Gypsy: -- 4382584 percent chance of there to be the fire of the command module right now!

(Someone waves cardboard cut-out flames around on the right side of the frame. Bob picks up a fire extinguisher and attempts to put out the fire and assist Servo at the same time.)

(Cut to a shot of Crow, sitting in a throne, painted and modified to look like Megabyte. There's a blue and red sock puppet, one to either side.)

Crow: (Megabyte) Now, for I will to have the whole Supercomputer of myself! Ha ha ha ha!

Red: Yes.

Blue: Yes you will.

Red: That is correct.

Blue: That it is right.

(Cut to a shot of Colin, sitting at the Dead Sprite Switch.)

Colin: That it is my mission, to prevent of the routine goes off.

(Cut back to the shot of Bob, Crow, and Gypsy in "Mainframe".)

Bob: If not we do recover the files, of the whole city will destroyed!

Crow: (Phong) Yes, for it is!

Gypsy: (Dot) We shall have meeting for this.

(Cut to a shot of Servo and Crow. They're done up to look like Sam and AndrAIa, respectively, and they're sitting in front of a painting that's supposed to be the read-only room. They're looking into Etch-A-Sketches.)

Servo: (Sam) Hmm. I must study more of this virus if not to be foolish.

Crow: (AndrAIa, suddenly furious) NO WAY! THAT IS NOT TRUE!

(Crow slams himself against Servo a few times. Bob comes in, holding the handlink and dressed like Al.)

Bob: I think I know what for is your mission!

(Both robots scream in panic and attack Bob.)

(Cut back to the shot of "Mainframe" again.)

Bob: The Mainframe of will to be that it if of the destroyed to will of it files are of will that to will be found!

(Fade to black.)

(Fade in on Bob, Crow, and Servo, all normal, all standing in the normal SOL bridge, enjoying a good-hearted laugh.)

Servo: Ah, for fun, huh?

Bob: Yeah, we have fun around here.

Crow: What do you think, sirs?

(Cut to. . . well, it's an unfamiliar location. Pearl is lying on a bed with her skull open, exposing its chewy center. Bobo and Megabyte are crouched over her.)

Bobo: Now, you have to be careful about the brain stem here, 'cause any sudden stimulus may cause permanent. . .

(Megabyte suddenly notices the monitor is on and blocks the shot with his body.)

Megabyte: (nervous) Nothing to see here. Just helping the lady with her. . . You! (suddenly furious) What are you doing out?

(Back to the SOL.)

Bob: We're done. The story's over.

(Operating room. Megabyte is surprised. He pulls out a 3.5" floppy.)

Megabyte: (outraged) What?! Why didn't you tell me this story was incomplete?

Bobo: (unseen) I didn't know! I thought for sure that. . .

Megabyte: Oh, spare me your excuses. (Pulls out a box of floppies and starts rummaging through them.) Let's see, something short, yet painful. . . (He draws out a blue floppy.) Hmm. I was hoping to save these for later. Well, desperate times call for desperate measures, I suppose. (He turns to face the monitor.) Well, Bob, robots. . . it seems your introduction to Joshua Falken continues, with no end in sight. Two more scary shorts await you -- "Where is Everybody?" and "Between Worlds".

Bobo: (unseen) Don't worry; it's a fifteen-part series, so there's plenty more where that came from.

Megabyte: Ah, excellent. (to the SOL folks) Enjoy.

(Back on the SOL.)

Servo: Well -- what the -- wait a minute! That's no fair! We already read your dumb story for today!

(Lights and sirens go off.)

Bob and Crow: We've got MOVIE SIGN!!!

Servo: (echoing down the hall as Cambot goes through the doors) I'll get you Megabyyyyyyyyyyyte!

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