(Bob and the bots prepare to be punished.)

Crow: Aw, geez. . .
Servo: What a big, dumb jerk.
Bob: Kind of a weird day today.
Crow: I'll say.

The Interface Limits: Between Worlds

Servo: Look on the bright side. We're not lost in space; we're just "between worlds" right now.
Bob: Hey, that's a nice way to think of it.

by Joshua

(The story stops)

Servo: Hey! The voice is coming back!

Rod Serling: The way for the which we noticed the world is defined by the way which we observed the events and the way for the which we thought that observed.

Bob: This is blowing my mind.

Rod Serling: But the border that separates different perceptions of the reality can be very fine...

Crow: You know, I think this actually counts as tripping out.

"The Mitchell's account

All: Mitchell!

is as always late and you has a management meeting in the Datagrid Industries in the next cycle..."

Servo: (Dot, whiny) But I don't wanna run the system today!

Dot was in her diner, administering her business.

Servo: If ya know what I mean.

Bob has just entered.

"Hey, Dot! Will you come, or not?" He referred to a picnic in the park, to distract her a little of the work.

Bob: So that I can take over her business and rule Mainframe!
Crow: You're really starting to scare me today.

She's really needing a time break, she admitted that.

"I'm going." Bob came out to get the car and Dot massaged the temples

Crow: (Dot) These temples get so tense after a hard day of being worshipped in.

and she closed the eyes.

"Earth calling Kimberly! Kimberly!"

Servo: Quick, Zordon needs our help!

Dot opened the eyes. And she stared before the fact that had happened.

Bob: Well, true, it's not a fact until after the event, but it's hardly worth mentioning in common conversation.

"Hey, Kimberly! Is it that difficult stop of working a little?" A girl with glasses asked her.

Crow: Wow! It's like I can actually picture her!

Dot was shocked. She was a very calm sprite and she hardly ever paniced, but what had happened it was something impossible!

Servo: The perfect blending of bananas and strawberries into one snackalicious yogurt!

She was in her diner when she closed the eyes

Bob: Previously on The Interface Limits.

and now she was in front a table with dice and paper sheets, with unknown people in turn, in a kind of conventions room. The glasses girl continued calling her "Kimberly".

Crow: (girl, mocking) Kimberly! Kimberly! Kimberly!

She stand up, frightened.

"What did happen?!" Dot asked stunned.

Servo: (Verbena) Well, your name is Dot Matrix and, for accident, you are participating of a time-travel experimentthat became... a little ca-ca.

"We are who asked! We were playing and, suddenly, you begin looking at for us as if we were ghost or similar thing!" a blond boy exclaimed.

Bob: (boy) We deserve to be treated like the werewolves we are!

"How did I come to stop here?!" Dot asked. "Where is Bob? Enzo?"

Crow: Peppermint Patty?
Servo: Han Solo?
Bob: President Clinton?
Crow: Yorick?
Servo: Genghis Khan?
Bob: Cher?
Servo: Chief?
Crow: McCloud!

The RPG players were speechless. What was with Kimberly?!

The people in turn observed the confusion in the table 89, cyberwalker adventure. The monitors of the RPG Canadian Convention were over there.

Crow: You know, just sort of in that one general area.

Peter Wheller, Game Master,

Servo: Ick. You can see why he changed his name to Captain N.


"The girl," said pointing for Dot, "Kimberly Curtis, thinks that she's the character that she was playing! I think she is crazy!"

Bob: (Peter) So I thought I'd make a public spectacle of her for the whole convention.

Meanwhile, Dot continued asking Cindy and Adam, another two players, what had happened with Mainframe.

Crow: 'Course, they were a bunch of RPG geeks, and they took it right in stride.

Tina, the girl with glasses, went until a telephone and she called Mrs. Susan Curtis, Kimberly's mother.

"Hello, Mrs. Curtis? Here's Tina!

(Servo "sings" the theme to The Tonight Show.)

Kimberly has a problem. It is.. I think she is having a nervous breakdown... Why?!...

Bob: (Tina) Maybe her schoolwork's getting to her, how should I know?

She swears she's Dot Matrix - swears it!

Servo: (Tina) You should wash her mouth out with soap!

That's right! Dot Matrix, the character that she is playing in the adventure!..."

Crow: Well, that scene went nowhere quick. Let's try another one.

Adam, that was playing Bob, tried calm down "Kimberly".

"Kimberly, I think you should sit down and calm down..."

Bob: With your bad self!

Dot was trying to understand what had happened. Those people thought that her name was "Kimberly Curtis", and when she said her true name they looked her weird.

Servo: (Adam) I thought you were playing AndrAIa. That changes the context of a lot of what we've been doing.

"It's better you wash the face and calm down.",

Crow: There it is again!
Bob: Everyone's washing the face! It must be some sort of vacation spot or something.
Servo: Visit Faceland! Wash The Face! Ride The Face! Uh. . . wash The Face!

of that time, was Cindy. She took Dot until the bathroom of the conventions center.

Crow: Exploded.

Dot washed the face

Bob: And fed it and walked it and played with it, just like a real pet!

but she had a shock when looking at in the mirror.

Servo: (Dot) A zit!

The reflex belonged to a 20 year-old girl, pale skin, short red-haired hair

Bob: So. . . her hair had red hair.

and green eyes. That was not her face!

Bob: That was The Face!

On that moment, there was a commotion. Dot had escaped from the convention.

Crow: They haven't made a convention center yet that can hold Kim Curtis!

"Kimberly! Wait!" Adam screamed.

Servo: (Adam) We need you to help us defend Angel Grove from Rita's new monster!

Dot ran, in shock state. What had happened?! What did happen with Mainframe?! Bob?! Enzo!? AndrAIa?! How did she come to here?!

Crow: (singing) Letting the days go by, let the water hold me down. . .

Why those people called her "Kimberly"?!

Bob: How come she could speak fluent French now? And where did that tatoo on her inner thigh come from?

She had left the conventions center and she observed in turn. That wasn't Mainframe. On that moment she was reached by Mrs. Susan Curtis' car,

Servo: That wasn't Mainframe either.

that came to get Kimberly.

"Kim! Kim! Wake up!"

Crow: You were having a horrible dream that you were a 20-year-old loser who thought she was a character on some TV show, but it's all better now!

Dot opened the eyes again. She was in the living room of some house. Mrs. Curtis looked her concerned. Adam, Peter, Cindy and Tina looked at concerned too.

Bob: So her friends come over to watch her descend into hysteria?

Peter cleared the throat and he began to speak:

"Kimberly, I know that you think that you are Dot Matrix, but..."

"I don't think, I am Dot Matrix!"

Crow: So now you don't think you're Dot Matrix? Make up your mind!

"...But Dot Matrix is just a RPG character! See!"

Peter showed a character sheet for "Dot Matrix". She saw stunned as that sheet described her perfectly!

Servo: (Dot/Kim) Workaholic, green skin, caffeine addiction. . . yep, all there.
Bob: So they got her permanent record. Big deal.

Meanwhile, Kimberly's mom telephoned for a doctor.

Crow: As Kim's friends distracted her, Mom called for the men in white.

"That's right, Dr. Jordan! She is thinking that is a character of the RPG adventure that she was playing!... I knew that should prohibit her of playing that!..."

Servo: (Mom) I should have listened to my instincts and locked her in her room until she was forty.

Dot saw Mrs. Curtis talking with a woman that has just arrived. She told herself to call Dra.

Bob: Yep. Better do that.

Lindsey Jordan.

Crow: She thinks she's so great, just 'cause they named a country after her.

The doctor and Peter tried convince Dot that who she was really was Kimberly Curtis, and that Mainframe was just a RPG scenario and that Bob, Enzo, Phong, AndrAIa was just characters represented by those people in the adventure.

Bob: They thought they'd give the old-fashioned method a whirl before bringing out the shock therapy.

That's nonsense! How didn't Mainframe exist? As it could just be a game "scenario"? How didn't her brother, Enzo, exist? AndrAIa? Bob?

Servo: Well, at least Mouse doesn't exist either.

As they didn't exist, if she had spoken to them, lived with them?!

Tina informed Dot, after speaking with Peter.

"Kim, you don't need more worry yourself! The cyberwalker adventure will be removed of the convention.

Crow: And another great RPG dies because of some nut who took it too seriously.
Servo: Damn.

They will probably throw that everything away!"

When she heard that, Dot feel the biggest fear of her life.

Bob: (Dot/Kim) I didn't finish the Mitchell account!

The instinct told her that if that happened, she would never go back to Mainframe! She get up of the sofa in a jump, and she went until the door.

Crow: Exploded.

"Where are you going?", did Cindy ask, surprise.

"I have to back!"

"To back to where?" Adam investigated.

Servo: (Christopher Lloyd) Back to the future!

"Mainframe!" This was the Dot's answer.

"Kimberly!" The Mrs. Curtis exclaimed.

Bob: (Mom) No dimension-hopping until you finish your homework.

"Kim, I guess..." Peter began to say,

Crow: (Peter) You don't want to stay for pizza?

while he held the Dot's arm. Dot's answer of this time went hit a punch in his eye. He dropped, knocking down Cindy, Adam, and Dra. Jordan.

Servo: What, they were all just lined up like dominoes?

When they rose, Dot had left.

The dr. Jordan telephoned for the police station:

"That's right... the girl was clearly suffering of hallucinations... No, she isn't dangerous...

Bob: (Dr. Jordan) Yes, she'd had her shots.

Her name? Kimberly Curtis... She has about 1,75 m, red-haired hair, eyes green,

Crow: You mean green-eyed eyes.

pale skin... She thinks that is the character that she played in a RPG adventure!... She is with a jeans pants and a blue blouse..."

Servo: (Dr. Jordan) I don't know what was under them. Is this the police station?

Meanwhile, Kimberly's friends ran behind her.

Bob: Come back! We have to call you crazy some more!

Dot was running in direction to the RPG Convention when she stopped to recover the breath. She heard the "friends" calling her. She looked at in turn in search of something that could help her. And she found.

Crow: An anti-aircraft missile launcher.

"It isn't a zipboard, but...", she thought.

Servo: (Dot/Kim) It is a discarded beer can.

She mounted in the skateboard that was in the sidewalk. The skateboard's owner noticed and he came to claim.

"I will return later!", she said, skating over the street.

Bob: (Dot/Kim) And next time I'll take your bike!

Dot Matrix arrived at the building of the convention. She opened the door, when he heard an order:


Crow: (singing) In the naaame of loooove!

A policeman with a weapon pointed for her. He had heard the release about Kimberly Curtis in the police radio channel, and the girl was inserted in the description. Dot threw the skate over him.

Servo: He blew her away and claimed she tried to hit him over the head with it.

That he didn't wait. That gave the necessary time for her enter in the building and lock the door.

Crow: Great. I give up. This story just completely jabbed out my mind's eye.

On that moment, an ambulance arrived (the policeman had informed the central). The dr. Jordan and two male nurses went down.

Bob: Oh no, they've been hit! Kim was packing an Uzi!

The policeman spoke:

"The crazy girl is there inside!"

Dot ran until the table 89 and she sat down in the same chair in that she was in the beginning.

Crow: She was born in that chair, and she'd probably die there.

In front her, they were the dice and the characters' sheets.

Servo: Gee, they sure closed that game down all right.

She buried the face in the hands and she begged in a low voice:

"Please, I don't want to be left here! Please..."

She closed the eyes.

"Hey, Dot! What's happen?"

Bob: Did you just go to another dimension and then back real fast?

Dot opened the eyes again, and she saw the concerned faces of Bob and Enzo.

"Sis, are you O.K.?"

Crow: (Enzo) Are you O.K. Kimberly?

She looked at in turn, she was in her diner, in Mainframe. All the people that she knew were here.

Servo: Including Megabyte, who slew her, the end.

The world that she knew were here. She's back.

"I'm O.K., Enzo. Now I am." Dot said, with a discreet, but sincere smile.

Crow: That whole "returning the skateboard" thing never really happened.
Bob: Poor kid. Now he's out a perfectly good skateboard.

The doctor and the guys sought for the whole building, but they didn't find any trace of Kimberly Curtis.

Bob: 'Cause she was eaten by werewolves.

Rod Serling: An existent characteristic in all them intelligent beings

Crow: See, the basic chary-ter-istic in all them there een-telligent bein's. . .

Rod Serling: are the capacity to choose. We created paradises of our dreams, and hells of our nightmares.

Servo: And stuffing of our breadcrumbs.

Rod Serling: We decided in which of them we lived.

Bob: For fifteen dollars a day.


The Interface Limits: Where is everybody?

Servo: Did you look behind the fridge?

by Joshua

"Game Over", the computer voice announced.

Crow: Hey! Where's the voice guy? What a rip-off!

The game cube departed of the system leaving somebody behind. A sprite.

Bob: Could you be a bit more vague, please?

He didn't remember his name, but he got to remind of the name of the arrested device in the arm.

Servo: (Whoever) It's good thing I wrote it down this time.

"Glitch, scan."

The answer surprised him.

Crow: (Whoever) I'm Celine Dion? Really?

"Is no one in the system!?!"

He thought that Glitch was with some defect.

Bob: Seeing as how Megabyte crushed it and Enzo never bothered to get it fixed.

He raised the eyes and he saw that was in the surroundings of a medium load system. He began walking in direction to the city.

Servo: Where The Tick and Arthur lived, right?
Crow: I don't think we'll be that lucky.

In the way, he noticed a highway diner.

Bob: So he blew it up.
Servo: Whoa, where did that come from?
Bob: Oh, come on; it's obviously Matrix.

He heard something that seemed music. He was in direction of the diner and he entered.

There was nobody, but everything indicated that there were people in that place recently. Was a machine similar to an coffee machine was turn on, but making energy shakes.

Crow: Think Josh has the slightest idea of how shakes are made?
Bob: Yeah, and I bet there were some pancakes in the deep frier and a loaf of bread baking on the grill.

In an ashtray there was a lit cigarette. The own on tape recorder was an evidence. Somebody had been in the diner,

Bob: Somebody had been sleeping in my bed. . .

some time ago. The sprite turned the diner,

Servo: (Whoever) I think it would look better facing the west.

but he didn't find anything.

"But, what did happen?", did he think stunned.

Crow: He was the last man on Mars; everyone had gone back to Earth without him.

He shook the head and he left the diner, in direction to the city.

When approaching of the city, he noticed that this it was a late system, type DOS.

Bob: Oh wait, that would be an early system.

In the limits of the system, was a signboard: System Twilight. "Then that is the name of this system", he thought.

Servo: (Whoever) Now I can send postcards to my friends.

Then with anger, "But that doesn't help me in anything! I don't know where this system is in the Net!".

Crow: (Whoever) Maybe I should wash the face. That always cheers me up.

He walked in direction to the downtown.

The system Twilight was not a centralized system, that is, the Principal Office was not in the center of the system, but close of the harbor.

The sprite went up to that point, through the city. He was observing that strange system.

Bob: That wacky, nutty, wigged-out system.

He seemed lonely as that diner. He felt a chill, but he continued walking.

Servo: My, what a brave sprite. Carrying on despite a small chill.

The stores, he noticed, were open as if it was a normal second, but didn't have anybody there!

Suddenly, he heard a factory whistle.

Crow: (Factory) Hey hot stuff!

He ran in direction to a factory, that seemed to be a steel plant. He went by the gates, and he noticed that was no guard in the hut.

Bob: So he broke into the witch doctor's place and stole all his voodoo dolls.

He entered in the building and he didn't see anybody. No sprite, no binome, no virus, nothing! But the machines were still hot,

Servo: (leeringly) Uhhh huuuuh!

what wanted say that was somebody there some time ago! The sprite left the factory, very scared.

He walked in direction of a van, that was parked in front of a store. There was somebody inside of the car.

Crow: Oh wait, it's just Pauly Shore.

The woman was seated in the passenger side. She had gray skin and red hair. The sprite opened the vehicle door. The woman dropped; she was a mannequin. He was turned for the store, that was full of mannequins but without any life form.

Bob: It's the darkest episode of Candid Camera ever.

"What is having here?!", did he speak shocked, noticing that, in some way, had he entered in a very bizarre experience.

Servo: Josh's characters are pretty slow to catch on to these things, aren't they?

In that instant, a vidwindow appeared in the other end of the street, emitting a calling signal. The sprite came out running in direction of the vidwindow.

Crow: He's at the thirty, the twenty, he'd got broad daylight, nothing's stopping him. . .

He tripped twice and he knocked down three garbage cans, in an attempt of attending to the call. But he arrived late too much. The vidwindow was turned off when he attended to.

Bob: (deadpan) Boy, I did not see that one coming.

He tried frantically call the operator (in those old systems, the vidwindows was connected for operators, and not automatically, as it was common). Instead of that, he discovered the "special" operator:

Servo: (female) Hi, you've reached 1-900-HOT-BUNS. For fifty cents a minute, you can talk to some of the hottest --
Bob: (touching Servo's shoulder) Okay. . .

"Sorry, but the system is off-line in the moment. Try again later!", a recording.

He turned off the vidwindow amazed.

Crow: (Whoever) A phone company providing bad service? How could that be?

"Just an instant! If somebody called for here, it means that there is somebody in this system!", he said for himself.

Servo: (Whoever) Unless I called myself. What's my name again?

He was convinced that somebody or something was watching him.

Bob: (waving) Hi! Over here!

He ran in direction to the Principal Office.

The building of the Principal Office was tall, similar to a commercial tower. The sprite cross the gate, and he noticed that was no one in the reception.

Crow: Aww, they booked the hall months in advance, and no one came to his wedding reception.

He sought for the building the System Archive, where they would be related all the PIDs of the inhabitants of this city, and perhaps they told who he was.

Servo: (Whoever) Boy, I hope I'm not Henry Winkler.

He found the Archive and he read all the documents of the system.

Bob: The entire coloring book.

No track about his identity or than it had happened with who lived in that place.

Crow: And it just goes on like this?

He had given up when he noticed something in that didn't believe. In agreement with the system's log, the last record was of three miliseconds before him arrive!

Servo: I've got it! He's Peppé La Pew, and everyone smelled him coming!

Stunned, he went to the Archive door. It was locked!

Bob: (Whoever) Huh. Locked myself in. That was easy to avoid.

He tried, desperate, open the door, but it didn't release. In a peak of desperation and anger, he shot in the door lock with the weapon that carried. It opened.

Crow: It also riccochetted and hit him in the face, but still. . .

He ran outside of the room.

He ran for the corridors of the building trying to find anybody, any person! He arrived in the CPU's command room. Empty. Nobody. Just a cigarette lit in an ashtray and a cup of coffee by the middle.

Servo: The deadly combination of caffeine and nicoteine made him spontaneously combust.

He give a hysterical laugh and he said: "Attention all the CPUs! Strange fellow in the command room! Attention all the CPUs!"

Bob: Now we watch his zany descent into skitzophrenia.

He would continue in that state if he had not heard a noise.

The noise came from the prison and he went to there, try find anyone.

Crow: (Whoever) Boy, I hope one of the murderers is still here.

The cells were all empty ones. One was even open. He entered and he found a razor and shaving cream.

Servo: (Whoever) Well, now I can have some dinner, at least.

When he was turned for the cell door, he saw that was closing! He ran as a lightning for the door, and he escaped for a nick of time from being arrested.

Bob: (Whoever) Boy, it's a good thing I escaped. I don't think I could stand the horrible isolation and loneliness of. . . oh wait. . .

But his desperation and his paranoia arrived to a pick. He left running of the Principal Office and, in the middle of the main avenue of the system Twilight, screamed:


All: Arby's! Roast beef sale!

Nobody attended to his call.

"If that is a nightmare, I want wake up now!", the sprite begged.

Crow: (Whoever) And if it isn't, I'm going back to that restaurant and eating all the ice cream.

He had gone to a TXT files' store, but there was only an available title: "The Last Sprite in the Net".

Servo: Oh no! There's only one thing left to read, and he's read it already! What kind of twisted, nightmare world is this?

"Like you see, there is a certain question about my identity. I will put this way, I am not sure of who I am!"

The sprite talked with his reflection in the mirror,

Bob: (Whoever) Oh, and I also talk to myself a lot. Do you think that's normal?

in an attempt not very well succeeded of not driving insane.

Crow: Yes, keep yourself sane by ranting at the person in the mirror.
Servo: Didn't do me any good.

That would continue for a long time,

Bob: Especially if he got himself started on politics. Then watch out!

if he had not seen the lights of the street be lit. He ran to the street, and he saw that a movie theater called Algorithm Theater, had lit the display lights. The title of the film was "The Viral Wars".

Crow: How long do you think before we have to watch that one?

That caused a memory blink: he was a Guardian!

Servo: He was a Grimwold Warrior!

He screamed that several times,

Crow: Aaaaugh!
(Bob puts his hands over his ears)

but is no one to listen.

Bob: Except us! Could you keep it down?

The film began. He went up to the projection room to know who was projecting the film, but he didn't find anybody.

Servo: (Whoever) Hmm. Guess it's just not as shocking the 40th time.

His nervousness reached the climax. He left running of the movie theater. He ran for the whole city.

He fell close to an emergency button.

Crow: What the?
Bob: Is that the street's emergency brake? What is this?

He began to press the button repeating the command "Help me! Help me!"

Servo: (Tutor Turtle) Help Mr. Wizard! Help!
Crow: (Mr. Wizard) Dreezle drozzle drozzle drome, time for this one to come home!

"Remove him of there!", AndrAIa commanded. She was dressed as an Air Force general. "Now!"

Matrix was pressing the panic button of the isolation room in that he was.

(The guys "boo".)
Crow: Cop-out! Cop-out!
Bob: So I read all that, wondering what sinister force made the system's inhabitants disappear, and it's all just a dream? What a ripoff!

The binomes removed Matrix of the room. He was as an Air Force pilot.

Servo: Oh, well that explains everything! WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?

He had been 497 hours and 34 minutes totally alone,

Bob: He'd spent entire lifetimes alone with himself?

according to the game in that they were.

Crow: What a dull game.
Servo: Matt Barringer must've gotten ahold of the Adventure Game Toolkit again.

AndrAIa approached of Matrix. She said gently, noticing that he was very scared:

"It's all right, Enzo ".

Bob: (AndrAIa) The Web Creatures won't get us for at least five more nanos.

Matrix, calmer, noticed that all that, the city, was just an illusion. They were inside of a game.

The Matrix's answer went hug her, noticing the when he needed her.


She was surprised, but not very later she retributed the hug.

"Game over."

Crow: Audience loses.

(The story stops)

Servo: Yay! The voice is back!

Rod Serling: Yes. Everything was only a game.

Crow: Without frontiers.

Rod Serling: But the worst enemy than anybody can face calls himself isolation.

Bob: But his friends call him Steve-o.

Rod Serling: And a thing that no technology or simulation can substitute is the human (or sprite) necessity for companionship.

Servo: Yeah, tell that to any CS student.

Rod Serling: (suddenly furious) All, right, that's it! I've had just about enough of your stupid little comments!

Crow: Huh?

Rod Serling: You think I like being taunted like this? You think I enjoy the fact that I'm stuck doing narration of some fanfic for three immature idiots who can't let me do my job with a shred of dignity?

Bob: (timidly) Umm. . . we're sorry. . .

Rod Serling:I didn't write these monologues. Quite frankly, I have much better things to do than read them to you unappreciative dolts! And another --

(Bob and the 'bots get up and start to slowly move out of the theater.)

Rod Serling: Hey! Where do you think you're going?

(Bob and the 'bots panic and run for the door.)

Rod Serling: Come back here! I'm not done yet!

(There's a pause.)

Rod Serling: Uh, sir?

Megabyte: What is it?

Rod Serling: They. . . sorta left. Do I still have to. . .?

Megabyte: Oh, just do the line.

Rod Serling: (clears his throat) A case to be filed under "H" for "Human Instincts"... in the Interface Limits.

(Back on the SOL bridge.  Bob, Crow, and Servo are assembled behind the desk.)

Servo: Whew!  Man!  I hope that's over.

Mike: (off-camera) Is it safe to come out now?

Crow: Yep, the coast is clear.

(Mike comes up from behind the desk and starts brushing himself off.)

Mike: Wow, so they really fell for it, huh?

Bob: Yep.  Happy birthday, Mike.

Servo: Yeah, well, you owe us one, Nelson. . .

(The Mads light starts blinking)

Crow: Whoops, Pinky and the Brain are calling.  Better duck down there again.

Mike: (doing so) Yeah, good idea. . .

Bob: (tapping the light) So, who wants to be dead next week?

(The bots assail Bob with a chorus of "Me! Me! Me!")

Voice: And. . . cut!

(Crow stops talking almost immediately.  Servo stops a bit later, realizing something is wrong.)

Voice: Okay, that looks good people.

(Bob disappears as his special effect is deactivated.  Mike gets up from behind the desk.  Crow goes limp and lifeless as Bill Corbet gets up from the puppet pit.)

Servo: (a bit creeped out) Uh, guys?  Umm. . . I don't mean to be rude, but --

Mike: Well guys, get some rest; we're starting that Jo Ann story tomorrow.

Bill: See you tomorrow.

(They leave Servo spluttering helplessly on the desk.)

Servo: But. . . but guys!  What's going on?  Why are you. . . hold on a second. . .

(Servo goes lifeless as Kevin Murphy comes up from the puppet pit.)

Kevin: Oh my God, I'm a human!  My arms work!  I have legs!  (notices his belly) Ooo, I need to work out more.  (to no one in particular) Umm, all right, what's going on?

(Kevin starts poking around the set.  Rod Serling strolls in front of him and faces the camera.  Kevin obviously notices.)

Rod Serling: Shakespeare once said that all the world's a stage and the people merely players.  Submitted for your approval, the tale of a man who stepped off the stage and into. . . The Twilight Zone. . .

Kevin: Kind of a weird day today.

Rod Serling: I'll say.