(The guys waltz in and find their seats.)

Bob: I've never seen Megabyte like that before...

A Season 4 Fic!!!

Tom: Like millions before it.
Crow: Why can't fans write something original? Like a season 12 fic.
Mike: Yeah. Where Bob has finally given up on trying to fix his car, and Matrix is watching over his eighteen kids while AndrAIa is on a cruise.

Issa: Reboot the best cartoon ever!

Bob: You bet it is!

Well, maybe not but is it a pretty good cartoon.

Bob: Yeah...hey!

So since Mainframe inc.

Bob: That's Ent. Inc.

is too cheep

All: (making like bird noises)

to make a season 4, I've made REBOOT SEASON 4 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All: Aaaaaaahhhh!
Tom: I think his "!" key is sticky...

The Aftermath

Mike: After math is English.

Bob: MIKE !!!!!!!

Mike: What?

Mike: Oh no! I think he found out that I broke his new bike. I'm in deep trouble.

Bob: (stands up) So it was you !
Mike: Hey...woah there.....

Bob: So there you are, you peace of bad data!

Tom: I should have thrown you out weeks ago before you started growing mold.

I should delete you right now Glitch  ( Oh, I forgot to tell you Bob got a new key-tool )

Bob: Oh suuure. Like that's believeable! There's only one Glitch!
Mike: Easy Bob. Calm down. It's early yet.

Mike: Bob,  Please, I'm sorry. Look behind you! Megabyte !!!
Bob: Megabyte???? Where ???????
Mike: Hahahahaha! Got you! (runs away)

Crow: HA! He fell for it! The oldest trick in the book and he fell for it? Did you see that Bob? Bob?
Bob: (fuming)
Crow: Uh...never mind

Bob: I've never seen Mike run so fast before.

Tom: It must be those turbo charged sneakers.

Ah well, better go see Dot.

Crow: (Bob) That new outfit that she got from the Super Computer came and boy, is it nice! It shows her...
Mike: Crow...

Matrix: Oh my... Dot, look. It's mike the TV. He sure is in a hurry.

Bob: He's trying to catch up with his food that he just bought at Dot's. I tried that once, it's really hard. I bought it and then a nano later...
Tom: Bob?
Bob: Yeah?
Tom: Shut up.

Dot: Maybe he saw someone doing a intervue.

Tom: That's French for "Interview".

Oh there's bob !!!

Crow: Bob is no longer important. His name must be in lower case from now on.

Bob: ah look at him go?

Mike: Well, we certainly don't know.

Matrix: Who???

Tom: So, Matrix is an owl now?
Crow: Maybe it'll make him smarter.

Bob: Mike the TV. He broke my new bike. I tried too delete him and he got away.

Tom: Tooo many ooo's

Dot: Hahahahahahahahaha

Crow: (Dot) It's fun when I'm insane hahahahahahahahaha.
Mike: I didn't know that Dot could laugh like that.
Bob: Neither did I.

Bob: Yeah, yeah, laugh it up.

Bob: Could one laugh it down?
Mike: Let it go Bob.

So what's processing?

Mike: (Bob) Oh that reminds me. (Puts Mike the TV into a food processor)
Crow: Uh. . . Mike?  How did you do that?
Mike: The usual way.
Crow: Ah.

Matrix: Nothing

Crow: Matrix isn't thinking? So what's new?

Bob: Okaaay. Where is AndrAIa and Mouse and Enzo? Well, little Enzo.

Crow: (Dot) Well.... ya see...
Mike: Crow... please don't go there...

Dot: They're at the Principal Office. They're trying too find a way too too well too so there can only be one enzo

(All of them look at the sentence curiously)

Tom: What was that?
Mike: ...I...don't know
Crow: Enzo's wearing a tutu?

(They all read it again)

Tom: Nope. Still nothing.

Matrix: You can't say it Dot, can you ???

Bob: What? It?
Tom, Crow & Mike: Aahh! You said the word!
Mike: He said it. Aahh! I said it! Ah! I said it again.

We are trying too kill small Enzo.

Mike: Well, he's blunt.
Tom: There's that extra o again.

Bob: Matrix, no please, stop it. Be careful.

Crow: (Bob) You don't want to think too hard and short circuit your eye.

If we 'kill him', you go with him, so we have too find a way too delete little Enzo without deleting you.

Crow: Why would you want to do that?
Tom: (flinching) Is his o on his keyboard sticky or something?

Matrix: Oh yeah, sorry.

Tom: (Matrix) I'm really sorry that I've got slow clock speed...in everything I do. Especially thinking.
Bob: Would you stop picking on Matrix? Even though... he deserves it in this story.

Computer: Warning incoming game. Warning incoming game.BOOM!!!!!!!

Crow: Finally! Someone decided to shoot that idiotic recording!

(Everyone cheers)

Bob: What in the Net was that ???
(then out of nowhere a vid window pops up)

Tom: Nowhere... Never been there. Oh wait...isn't that where we are now?
Mike: Hey, you're right!

Phong: Bob, you better come here and fast!

Mike: (Phong) The popcorn is almost ready! We're starting the movie in five minutes...

( at the principal office )

Mike: (Phong) Bob, you've been a bad Guardian, so I'm giving you one hour detention for two weeks.
Bob: Mike, you do realize how long that is, don't you?
Mike: Yeah, what's your point?

Dot: Phong, what's wrong?

Tom: (Phong) I haven't been able to sleep since they stopped making new episodes of Seinfeld.

Phong: Dot, you know the game that came a few nano's ago?

Mike: (Dot) No I didn't. I had my fingers in my ears while humming 'You're Alphanumeric!'

Well, that was not a game.

Bob: Well, What in the Net WAS IT? It said 'Incoming Game!" of all things!
Tom: (gets out a roll of duct tape) Do I have to use this?
Bob: ...I'm fine...I'm calm. Breathe in....

My sensors found some thing strange...

Mike: ...in Bob's fridge...
Bob: How did you kn... never mind.

some thing not from here.

Tom: From a galaxy far, far away...

Bob: A virus !!!!

Crow: It's from Britian. It's called Mad Chicken Disease!

Phong: No, it is not a virus. It's a sprite,

Mike: I prefer Coca-cola myself.

but not from around here.

Tom: From a galaxy far, far away...

Dot: You mean not from Mainframe ?

Tom: Well that would be something "not from here" now, wouldn't it?

Phong: No, it is not from the Net or the Web.
AndrAIa: Oh hi guys, what's procesing?

Mike: (Bob) Mike the TV. He should be done now.

Matrix: Nothing.

Crow: Why does everyone even ask? He's never thinking of anything!

There something here in Mainframe, but no one knows what it is.

Mike: (Matrix) Oh yeah. That's nothing to be worried about. There might be a huge energy sucking sprite running rampant around Mainframe, but that's nothing.

Phong: Oh no! There's 2 of them!

Crow: See? That's what happens when you leave sprites unattended; they multiply.

Bob: This is bad...
Dot: Very bad

(Bob sighs)

Crow: What's the matter Bob? Dot has to finish your sentences for you? And your over used one at that?
Bob: (glares at Crow)

Matrix: I say lets check it out!

Crow: (Matrix) We gotta get in on that action.

Bob: Ok, lets check it out, but only Matrix and I.

Crow: (Bob) It'll be more fun that way.

Dot & Mouse: But...!!!!!!

Mike: Crow, if you touch that one, I swear I'll...
Crow: (sulking) ...kill joy.

Bob: No buts!

Mike: (Bob) This is a children's show. Only bitmaps allowed.

We are going and you are not going.

Tom: Me Tarzan. You Jane!

Ok, lets go.
Matrix: Ok
(somewhere else)

Tom: In a galaxy far, far, far, away...

Austin: Great, Vince! See where you got us now, you piece off  ****.

Bob: BSnP strikes again!

Vince: Please Austin, there are kids reading now,

Crow: I am not a kid! I'm telling!
Mike: Wait...Austin...?
Tom: ...Vince...? Now where have I seen those names together before?
Crow: I think we have a crossover with the WWF.
Tom: (panicking) Why didn't Pearl warn us about this?
Crow: Maybe because she's the villian?
Bob: (confused) WWF?

(both Tom and Crow look at Bob)

Tom: You've lived for us for how long?
Crow: And you don't know what the WWF is?
Tom: (to Crow) We must educate him.
Crow: Agreed.

lets find a way too get me back to the WWF.

Tom: If I see one more 'o' where it's not suppose to be, I'm going to hurt someone.

Austin: Me... me...

All: (singing) ...a name...I call myself...!

you always think about yourself! Try thinking about some one else for once
Vince: I guess you are right we should.

Mike: (Vince) You should start thinking of me.

Bob: Freeze

Tom: (Bob) You're on Candid Camera...no wait...

Vince: We should freeze?????

Tom: (Vince) Is it that cold here?

Austin: You... your blue?!

Mike: (Austin) I think you're the one that's frozen.

Vince: And your friend is...is...is green.

Bob: Well, I'll give Vince one thing, at least he's not colour blind.
Crow: (Bob) Matrix, I thought I told you not to eat the grass...

Austin: Ok, what is the deal with all off you and with this place?

(Tom cringes)

Mike: (pats Tom on the shoulder) Let it pass...

Bob: This is Mainframe. I'm Bob and this is my friend Matrix.
Vince: Matrix. What a good a name for WWF super star.

Crow: And he's just as smart. He'd fit right in!

Bob: WWF? What is that? Is it a system of some sort?
Vince: No, but what is Mainfar??

All: (singing) ...a long, long way to run...

Matrix: That's Mainframe.
Austin: That's a nice gun there buddy.

Crow: (Austin) ...or are you just happy to see me?
Mike: (head in hands) I saw that coming. I so saw that coming.

Matrix: You, I'd like to know what's your name?
Austin: Well, they call me 'Stone Cold Steve Austin' but you can call me 'Austin' or 'Austin 3:16'
Matrix: Ok, 3:16
Austin: I guess that will do.

Mike: Let's hope so.

Bob: Let's go back to the Principal Office so Phong can scan them.
Vince: I knew it! They are from the WCW NWO!

Bob: How does one pronounce that?
Mike: (trying to sound it out) Wic...wicw now... (shrugs) I don't know..

They're going too kill us all. Ahhhhhhhh

Tom: That's it!

(Tom starts to spin and his arms stretch. He begins to hit Mike)

Mike: Tom, stop that, sit down and watch the movie.
Tom: (sits down timidly) Sorry Mike. Whoo, I'm dizzy.

Austin: Yo! Green guy! Use your gun to kill Vince.

Tom: And then after that, kill this fic!

Matrix: Ok. Gun targeting...

Crow: Not in public!

Austin: Kids, if you like mister green guy's gun give me

Mike: (Austin) ...$3000 and the numbers to all of your parent's credit card numbers, and send them to "I'm Gullible, System of Mainframe, (somewhere else)"

a he** ya
Kids: he** ya

Mike: Oh the language kids are getting away with these days? What's next?

Bob: Matrix! No!
Matrix: Sorry Bob.

Bob: No you're not!

Lets go
Bob: Austin, you go with Matrix and Vince, you come with me.

Crow: Bob and Vince are going to go pick out matching accessories.
Tom: (Vince) Do you think this handbag really complements the pumps?

the end

(Everyone cheers and begins to get up)

Crow: Boy that was short.

Austin: he** ya and dont cry we'll be back

(Everyone sits back down. Crow beings to sob into Mike's shoulder)

Mike: It's ok, Crow... it's ok

Because Stone Cold Said So

Tom: Oh... that's original.... (gag)

( at the principal office )
Austin: Oh my... this place is bigger than the empty space in Vince's head!

Crow: (sniffing) Kinda like the space in Matrix's head.
Mike: Feeling better?
Crow: A little. (sniff)

Vince: Hahahaha! Very funny Stone Cold.
Austin: I know, hahahahahahaha!

Crow: (shocked) I didn't think it was possible, but this Vince guy is dumber than Matrix!

AndrAIa: What in name off all the Net is that thing???!?!?!?!?!?!?

Bob: (Matrix) Touch her 3:16 and I delete you...

Austin: Well hello there Miss, How can Stone Cold help you today?

Mike: (AndrAIa) You could drop dead and become stone cold.

And I'm not a thing.

Mike: (Austin) I'm a whatzit. Get it right!

Vince: This place keeps geting weirder and weirder

Bob: ...and weirder and curiouser and curiouser
Tom: Bob. No more Alice in Wonderland!

Austin: Yup, just like the thing in your head I believe it's called a piece off trash.
Vince: That's it! I'm going to kill you, Austin!

Bob: It always starts with name calling.

Austin: Give it your best shot!

Mike: (Austin) You have four balls to sink and I only have to sink the 8 ball!

Phong: Enough now! Please, calm down.
Vince: Cool! He has no legs, but he has a some sort off a wheel chair. Well, this place is no diferent from Stone Cold house.

Bob: Austin has really old sprites with no legs living at his house?
Mike: Amazing what you learn in these fics, isn't it?
Bob: Yes. I wonder what strange and unusual things are at Vince's house.

Austin: You know what Vince?

Mike: (Vince) What? Yes I do. Very nice guy. He plays baseball.
Tom: What?
Mike: Second base.
Tom: (looks at Bob)
Bob: (shrugging) I don't know.
Mike: He plays third.

Phong: That's it! Computer, scan mode.
Austin: What the..?!
( Austin and Vince both pass out )

Crow: Hey. I didn't know that if you scanned someone, they'd pass out.

Phong: That's better. Now, maybe when the wake up, they will stop fighting.

Tom: They're pro wrestlers! It's their job to fight 24/7.

( 10 minutes later, Austin and Vince wake up )

Bob: Ten minutes?
Tom: This is a ReBoot fic, right?
Crow: Well, the author did say it was a "REBOOT SEASON 4 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Mike: Boy, they had a long sleep.

Austin: Oh, what happend???
Phong: I scanned you and your friend. You seem okay.
( Bob and Matrix enter the room to see Phong)
Bob: So Phong, what is your scan result?

Mike: (Jordie La Forge) The ship engine coils are shot and are no longer functioning.

Austin: There's good ol' Blue Bird !!!
Matrix: Blue Bird! Hahahahahahaha!

Mike: Is anyone else getting flashbacks from 'Follow that Bird!"?

Dot: Good one, whatever your name is.

Mike: Boy, she's got a short term memory.

Austin: Well, Miss, my name is Stone Cold Steve Austin but  you can call me Austin and my dog here, his name is Vince.

Tom: (Austin) Sit boy! Sit! Goooood. Now roll over!  Play dead! Now, see this fic? Now KILL!

Vince: Trust me, Austin, you're the dog.

Mike: (unenthusiastic) Oh listen to the insults. Aren't they awful?
Bob: Yeah. How-can-we-stand-it?

Computer: Warning: Incoming file.
Phong & Bob at the same time: File?????????????

Bob: (sarcastically) What? Mainframe no longer gets upgrades? This is a shock to everyone? Files are now out of the ordinary?
Tom: Bob, shut up and read.

Bob: What?? Isn't the next file upgrade not for another 5 hours?!

Bob: Oh now they use Mainframe time! Can't this author keep it STRAIGHT?
Tom: (pulls out the duct tape and gags Bob) Now, maybe we'll suffer in silence.

Phong: I don't know, Bob, but my scanners are not reading anything. They're gone! My scanner, it shut off!

Mike: (Phong, panicking) It got unplugged! What are we going to do?

Bob: Matrix, come with me. We will check it out.
Austin: I'm going with you.

Crow: (Matrix) We still have that dinner and a movie planned.

Bob: No.
Austin: Look, just give me a gun and we all can kick some behind.
Bob: Ok, Glitch, copy Matrix's gun. Paste to Austin.

Mike: (Bob) Glitch, use the extra hold crazy glue. We don't want it falling off.

Austin: Cool!, but how does it work??

Crow: Place it to your temple, then pull the trigger...

Matrix: You just say 'Gun: Target' and then you have a target with it.

Tom: Um...the author is forgetting that Austin will need a robotic eye to target with it.
Crow: Well, maybe if we're lucky, we'll get to see a surgery!

Phong: You'd better move Bob,

Mike: (Phong) I've got your bishop right where I want it.

there's not much time left.
Bob: Wait! We need too prepare.
Matrix: I'm prepared. I don't need to take anything.
Bob: Yeah, but no one knows what came with that file.
Matrix: All I need is me, myself, and I...

Crow: Oh NO! There are three of him now!
Tom: And I was just getting used to one of him.

and my gun.

Crow: And this being a kids show!

Austin: All I need is my stunner.

Bob: (ripping off the duct tape) Like this one? (pokes Tom with a tazer)
Tom: Aaaaahhhhhh! Where'd you get that?
Bob: (grinning) Found it in the laundry room.
Crow: So that's where I put it....

Bob: Stunner???
Austin: You will know sooner or later.

Mike: Do we have to at all?

Phong: Guys, move it!

Mike: (Phong) You've got a bus to catch! You'll be late for school!

Bob: Let's go!
( and so our heros went to check it out)

Mike: (doing a very bad rap impression) Checkitout! Checkitout!
Tom: Mike?
Mike: Yeah Tom?
Tom: You're scaring me.

End of Part Two

Because Stone Cold Said So ( Part 2 )

Mike: (shaking his head) This is going to be a long fic!
Tom: Can't he get a original title? He already used it once!

Austin: Bob, how are we going to get to... well, where ever we are going????
Bob: We will take a CPU

Bob: But that's illegal! Only licensed binomes can take CPUs!
Tom: Well they can't take your car, Bob. It never works.
Bob: Tru...hey!

Matrix: Good idea.

Tom: Hitting Matrix with a mallet!
Crow: Bad idea -
Bob: Letting Matrix know you're making fun of him.

Austin: Great!
( 10 minute later

Bob: Oh now we're back in User time! This is ridiculous!

Bob, Matrix and Austin arrived where the file was. I don't really know where, because Phong's computer broke

Tom: So being the author he doesn't know what is even going on in his own fic. This is a really bad sign.

and they lost all the names of the sectors,

Bob: In other words, he doesn't know the names of the sectors.

so sorry, good luck,

Tom: (sarcastically) Thanks.

I'm getting to old for this )

Mike: You and me both!

Bob: Oh my ...!
Matrix: Oh my ...!
Austin: What the ?????

Mike: They make a terrific trio!
Tom: Bob, Matrix and Stone Cold Steve Austin, the new stars of "Clueless 2"

Bob: Megabyte!!!!!!!!!
Matrix: Megabyte!!!!!!!!

Crow: Is there an echo in here?

Austin: Megabyte???? What is a Megabyte ????

Tom: Exactly 1,000,000 bytes. Thank you!

Bob: But how?? Glitch, wide field energy beam!
( and Megabyte gets it right in the face )
Austin: Cool!

Bob: You know, if Mainframe Entertainment does a fourth season like this, I'll kiss a null. No, even worse. I'll kiss Megabyte.

Matrix: But how? Megabyte died in the Web!

Mike: Whoa Bob. You have a lot of faith in Mainframe.
Bob: I know Mainframe would never give me another keytool or give me another side kick other than Matrix and have Megabyte return in such a miniscule way.
Mike: This is true.
Tom: Only because the Megabyte fans would go ballistic.

Bob: I don't know. Maybe it is not him maybe it's someone else.
Matrix: Ok, sure Bob, yeah ok. Someone said maybe in Mainframe drest has Megabyte, maybe I can Bob's autograph

Bob: (smugly) Well... I do get a lot of girls wanting my autograph.
Tom: Did. You did. Now your stuck here.
Bob: (sadly) Too true. (angerly) Would you stop reminding me?

Austin: Guys, I don't want to be a party pooper but that thing is getting back yup

Mike & Bots: Yup yup yup, ahuh ahuh ahuh...

Bob: Glicht: Portal!
( and they zapped or has they say in Mainframe zip them self back in to the Principal Office. What a fast way to get from point A to point B!

Mike: "People living at point C, being a point directly in between, are often given to wonder what's so great about point A that so many people from point B are so keen to get there, and what's so great about point B that so many people from point A are so keen to get there."
Tom: "They often wish that people would just once and for all work out where the hell they want to be."
Crow: Gotta love that "Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy"!

Got to get me one of thoes keytools! Go look in Wal-Mart for all of you shoping needs or at Zellers  or maybe at...)
Bob: Uh Issa? Can we get back to the story please ?

Mike: Let's not and say we didn't...

Issa: Sorry Bob.

Bob: No you're not!

Bob: Thanx
Phong: Your back!

Mike: (Phong) Your front! You're both here!

Bob: I know Phong and we've got a big problem!

Crow: (Bob) We don't have a plot!

Phong: Your telling me. Issa is here.

Mike: That is a problem. Self-insertion!

Issa (waves): Hi guys!

All: (waving unenthusiastically) Hi....

Bob: Not that. Megabyte is back!
Phong: Megabyte???

Tom: There's the delayed echo from before...

Issa: Megabyte??? But how?? Wait a minute! I invented the story. I should know how this story ends.

Mike: Could we end it now?

Now, Megabyte is back ...

Tom: (singing) ...and you're gonna get in trouble!
Crow & Mike: (singing) Hey la! Hey la! Meggy is back!

and he wants too...

Mike: Join the ballet!
Crow: Become a cross-dresser!
Tom: Join the rebelion!
Bob: Eat green jello!

Kids: Issa, please don't tell us the story. We want to find out ourselves

Crow: No, we don't...

Issa: Sorry. I'll go back too my office. Take it, Bob!

Mike: (Wakko) Where do you want me to take it?

Bob: Thanx Issa. Phong?
Phong: Megabyte but how did he return?

Bob: Return to sender?
Tom: AHHH! Don't say that! I still have nightmares!
Crow: That was really low, Chome-dome. Really low.
Mike: They're right, Bob.
Bob: Sorry.

End of Part Two.

Tom: Shouldn't that be 'End of Part Three'?
Crow: He's trying to trick us into thinking that we haven't read as much.
Tom: Well it isn't working.
Mike: Call me picky, but there just wasn't enough of Stone Cold "saying so" in this chapter. . .

(Inside the SOL. Bob is holding a small pile of papers and reading the type on it.)

Bob: So, that's what the people from the WWF are like; unlike Stone Cold spitting out oneliners to diss his boss.

Tom: Right. If you should ever want to read a WWF/ReBoot crossover, it'd be Elektra's "WWF Visits Mainframe". Austin, and Vince are in character and it has Mankind and Al Snow with HEAD.

Crow: It's the most accurate one like it out there.

Bob: It's probably the only accurate one out there, right?

Crow: Yeah basically.

(Sirens and lights go off)

All: We've got movie sign!!!!

(Everyone scatters)

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