(Mike's in the theater already.  Bob and the bots join him.)

Because Stone Cold Said So: Part Three

Bob: This is sad. This is very sad!
Tom: Is this going to turn into a parody of the Rocky moives?

Bob: Ok Matrix, let's do this. Glitch, teleport
Issa: ...And in 10 seconds, Bob, Matrix and Austin were on their way

Tom: He's not even trying to tell us where they're going...!

Austin: Who is this guy????

Mike: It's the one armed man!
Tom: Mike, he has two arms.
Bob: (Announcer voice) And don't forget the removable legs for easy cleaning.

Matrix: That's Megabyte, the most deadly virus in the Net

Crow: I thought Daemon was the most deadly virus in the Net...
Tom: No, that's most likely to "Love you, infect you, use you, then leave you" virus of the Net.
Crow: Oh yeah. My mistake.

Megabyte: Well, so you have come guardians but be sure, this will be your last visit in G-Prime

Mike: Hey look guys! We've got a location in Mainframe!
Tom: (British accent) And there was much rejoicing...
Crow & Bob: (unenthusiastically) Yay.

Bob: I don't thing so, Megabyte!
Megabyte: Well, Bob, after all those years, you finaly think with your brain. Now you'll die!

Issa: ...And Megabyte starts attacking Bob and our heros.

Tom: Hey...Matrix isn't my hero...
Crow: Mine neither.
Bob: Austin isn't mine.
All: (cheering) Go Megabyte!

60 nanos later and after distroying half off G-Prime, they're all half dead.

Mike: They're only half dead. There's a difference between half dead and mostly dead. There is only one thing you can do when they're half dead.
Tom: What's that?
Mike: Make them all dead and then go through their pockets for loose change.

They can't fight anymore, but Austin on the other hand, did fight. He went up to Megabyte and said....

Mike: Want some candy?
Tom: Wanna go to the Star Trek convention with me?
Crow: Do you find me attractive?
Bob: Go kiss a null!

Austin: Listen up you big jerk! It's time to die!

Bob: "...There's a time to live. A time to die. A time to laugh and a time to cry..."
Mike: That was very nice, Bob.
Bob: (proudly) Thanks.

Megabyte: Oh yeah and why is that ?????

Bob: (Austin) Because my job is a fake, I'm stuck in a computer and I have nothing better to do.

Austin: Because I said so!!

Tom: (Megabyte) Oh...alright then, if you say so.

Issa: ...And Austin does the 'Stone Cold Stuner' on Megabyte knocking him out cold...
Bob: Glitch delete mode!
Issa: ...And there goes Megabyte forever

Bob: Megabyte gets a vacation? No fair!

Matrix: Very, very nice Austin!
Bob: Very nice! I say let's go for a drink at Al's Wait and Eat
Austin: Sounds good. Let's go

Bob: He's got to be kidding. With a title like 'Wait and Eat'?

Issa: ...at Al's Wait and Eat
Bob: Hi, I want two energy shakes and what will you have Austin???

Bob: (Austin) Do they have those little shepherd's pie things with the spicy beef in the middle?

Austin: What's a energy shake ???!
Al's Waiter: An energy shake is... well... energy.

Tom: This fic is...well... pointless!

Austin: Do you have any coke or coffee??!

Bob: No, they don't.

Al's Waiter: We have coffee

Bob: (holding his head) My head hurts....

Austin: Alright, I'll have that two sugar, please.

Crow: Wow. He's having two bowls of sugar! I'm impressed...

Al's Waiter: Ok Al, we need 2 energy shakes and one coffee!

All: 3...2...1...

Al: What ??????

Tom: Well, that wasn't predictable!

Al's Waiter: This will take time.

Bob: But let's decide: User time or Mainframe time.

Issa: Well, after 2 and a half macroseconds,

Bob: Ok, it's Mainframe time then.

they got their drinks and then they went back to the Principal Office
Phong: Good job, guys, but what took you so long?

Crow: (Bob) Matrix saw these pumps that he just had to have...

Bob: We went to get a drink
Phong: Oh I see. So, what happend??
Bob: Not much we saved mainframe from total distruction and Austin here, gave Megabyte a sample of the so called whoop@$$

All: (singing) ...We're living with BSnP!...

Phong: Great! I say, let's take a big vacation from all of this and maybe next time we will try to get Vince and Austin back home. That's not going to be easy.

Crow: Neither is reading this fic!

The End

All: YAY! (they begin to get up)

Issa: Wait!

Crow: No!
Tom: Why does he keep doing that?

Where is Vince and what happend to AndrAIa??

Bob: No one cares. You said 'The End'. We're out of here.
Mike: Besides, you're the author. You tell us.

AndrAIa: Vince, what are you doing????

Mike: No...! I didn't mean...!
Tom: Oh way-to-go, Mike! Thanks a lot!
Crow: We were almost out of here!
Bob: (pats Mike on the shoulder) Don't worry, I'm sure he was going to continue anyways.
Mike: Thanks Bob. *sniff*

Vince: Uh... nothing...AndrAIa I'm just looking around...uh AndrAIa, what is that over there???

Crow: The exit?

AndrAIa: What??! Where ???? ( BOOM!! )
Issa: Great! AndrAIa got it right on the head!

Tom: (sarcastically) Whoopie.

Vince: Finally, this place will be mine but wait... AndrAIa will wake up and I'm dead...

Crow: I'd be grateful if you were dead.

ok ok What to do?

Tom: Kill yourself and save AndrAIa the trouble?

Wait... what is that?? A PC! Cool

Bob: He is in a PC. (sigh) Mike, do you have any Tylenol?
Mike: In my room, I'll get it when the next intermission happens... If the next intermission happens that is...

The PC: Welcome. Please choose a subject.
Vince: Uh... how to make someone sleep forever ??

Mike: Work for Bill Gates?
Bob: Sit through one of Phong's speeches?
Tom: Make them read this fic?

PC: You can make someone sleep by 'The Sleep Chamber'. The person will stay asleep until they are no longer in the room.

Mike: (Ralph) Sleep. That's where I'm a viking!

Vince: Perfect. Where is that ???
PC: Please follow the red line on the floor.
Vince: Now that's a guide!

Mike: (Vince) Great! Hey wait! This leads to the bathroom...but...this... might not be so bad...


Bob: Finally! A different chapter title.
Crow & Tom: Hurray!

Issa: Last time, we left Vince in the Principal Office without anyone to look after him. He was trying to get back to his city.

Mike: (Vince) I wonder what this one does. (presses a button and the core explodes) Oops. (walks off whistling innocently)

Vince: Now, how get I get out of this place? I wonder where this "guide" will take me.

Mike: (Chinese guide) Here sirs, we come to famous training ground of curse-ed springs. Jusenkyo!

Issa: After 1 nano going around the principal office they finally get to the forbiden place

All: (dramatically) Dum dum dum!

that only Phong can go.

Tom: Where no sprite has gone before....except for Phong.

PC: Sorry, you are not aloud in this room without the password.

Crow: Open Sesame!

Vince: Oh great, I can't get out of here.

Crow: Join the club!


Tom: Wow! That's just what I was thinking! This guy is good!

PC: That's the password. Enter
Vince: This is too easy.

Bob: This is too sad.

(somewhere else)

Tom: (whining) Awwww! I've already seen (somewhere else)...

Phong: Bob, where is Vince?
Bob: I don't know Phong
Austin: I'll check, Song

Mike: (singing) Song sung blue!...

Phong: That's Phong, Austin.

Mike: (Wakko) ...and that's Dot!

Austin: Yeah, that's what I said
Phong: Whatever. Just go.

Mike: (French accent) Now go away or I shall taunt you a second time!

Austin: Ok
Issa: ...And Austin leaves to find Vince.... 5 nanos later
Dot: Phong, you know last time Megabyte was here?

Tom: (Phong) Lessee...Megabyte...Megabyte....nope, the name doesn't ring a bell.

My scanners picked up something strange.

Bob: (Phong)...Big, blue and furry with a big nose. I had to wash my scanners twenty times to get the smell out...

Austin: Uh guys, how can you get in the basement???

Bob: (Phong) We have a basement?

Mouse: Ah'll go with him. Come on, Austin

Tom: Oh sure! The author can't use "too" correctly, but he gets Mouse's accent in?
Mike: Easy, honey.

Austin: Ok
Issa: Great! Let's check out what Vince is up to...

Mike: About 5'11.
Tom: Oh, that was bad Mike...

Vince: Ok computer scan me and try to find out what I'm doing here and how can I get out of here???

Crow: So you think that computer could help us?
Mike: Yeah, just like that interocitor that Tom has. It didn't help one bit.
Bob: You have a working interocitor?

PC: Scanning. I found that you are here for a reason and so is your friend, Austin

Bob: (PC) They are trying to get enough players to start up a system baseball league.

Vince: Just great!!! How can I get out off here?????

Mike: Second star to the right and straight on 'til morning.

PC: You must finish your mission in order to get out of here

Bob: (Vince) But there's no place like home... (starts tapping his heels together) ...no place like home...no place like home.

Vince: Mission????? Computer, what mission????

Crow: (announcer voice) Your mission: should you choose to accept it, is to find the plot for this fic.

Austin: VINCE!!! What are you doing???

Mike: (Blinkin) Guessing...I guess no one's coming....

Mouse: Phong, you better get down here now!!!

Bob: Oh leave Phong alone. He's short enough as it is...

Phong: Ok
Austin: What are you doing with that computer??? Are you crazy??

All: Yes!

Are you trying to bust the whole system???

Mike: Crow, stop snickering, now!

Vince: No. I'm trying to out of here!

Bob: But the door is shut and I can't open doors.

Austin: Sure, Vince that's what they all say.

Bob: They do?

Mouse, get him.

Bob: Why doesn't Austin get him? He's the wrestler.
Tom: Bob, think about that for a minute. What does he actually do?
Bob: (thinks) Good point.

Issa: ...And Mouse got him with that ring of hers

Bob: Got him what?
Crow: A G-String?
Tom: Her voice teacher.
Mike: And the Mainframers automatically do what Austin tells them, even though they don't really know him and he's a User and he's a wrestler...

Mouse: This should keep him until Phong gets here
Issa: Then out off no where !!!!!!!!!BOOM!!!!!!!!!

Crow: The core exploded, Mainframe get deleted, everyone died. The end.

Mouse: What was that???!!! Computer, stats???
Computer: There was a big...

Bob: ...fat man! He sat on the Principal Office!

Mouse: A big what???

Bob: Fat man!
Mike & Bots: Na na na na na na na na Fatman!

Issa: Then out of nowhere a vid window popped up

Tom: Mainframe has a special storage place for vid-windows called 'nowhere'.

Daemon: This is Daemon. I've got you friends.

Mike: (Daemon) Because I can't make friends on my own.

All of them and Mainframe is under my control

Tom: (Daemon) These hypnosis classes are working great!

surrender or I'll have to delete your  friends

Bob: I know they're not perfect but that's a little extreme, don't you think?

Issa: Bumer !!!!!

Mike: Dude!

The Begining of the End

Tom: Finally! A title that I like!

Issa: Oh dear. This is not good. My whole story's could be over in a second if Daemon gets Bob code's.

Bob: That's a bad thing?

I have to help.

Mike: No you don't.
Tom: This fic is gone!
Bob: Six feet under!
Crow: Sleeping with the fishes!
Mike: Dead on arrival!
Tom: Pushing up daisies!
Bob: Resting in pieces!

Bob: This is Guardian 452 of the system of Mainframe. Who are you?
Daemon: Shut up.

Mike: Boy! She had cruel parents.

I know what system this is and who you are, you are a pain in the rear end.

Tom: No. That's the cactus that you're sitting on.

Soon your codes and your system will be mine. Hahahahahaha!!!!

Mike: Hey, she laughs like Dot.

Matrix: You Witch!

Crow: (cackling) I'll get you my pretty! And your little null too!

This is our system and we will not give it up without a fight!

Mike: Negotiations are a possibility though.

Daemon: Very well, I will give you your chance to defend your selves. This will not take long. Hahahahahaha!!!

Crow: (hopefully) Did you hear that Mike? It won't take long. It won't take long. (starts to laugh insanely)

Austin: Do you have to keep laughting like that?

Bob: Does everybody have to laugh like that?

Daemon in a BIG voice says: YES!
Austin: Ok, sorry.

Bob: No you're not!

Computer: Warning, incoming game! Warning, incoming game!
Daemon: Good luck Losers! This is a class 12 game! Hahahahahahahahahahahaha

Crow: Bob, is there such a thing as a class twelve game?
Bob: No.
Crow: Thought so. (turns to Tom) Pay up.

Austin: Just great! A class 12 game, now we are in for it!! Uh Bob, what is a class 12 game???
Bob: Trust me Austin, you don't want to know!

Bob: Yes he does.

Austin: Come on, tell please, pretty please!

Mike: With a cherry on top? (whining) I'll be your friend...

Matrix: Austin, what is wrong with you?

Crow: Ever since that surgery, he just hasn't been the same.

Austin: Sorry.

Bob: No you're not!

Bob: We must finish this game without being deleted. Let's go wait Glitch, where is the game going to land?
Glitch: In Floating Point

Tom: (announcer voice) That's right kids! Now, new talking Glitch. It's not just bleeps and clicks any more.

Bob: Perfect! Let's go!
Issa: Guys! Wait! Too late

Mike: He's a poet and doesn't know it.

( And our heros go in the game. What will hapend to them? Well, we will find out after this break )

Tom: (makes breaking sounds)
Crow: ...And we're back!

TV Guy: Are you tired having fast food all the time? Well, don't wait any more. Come and see us at Al's Diner where fast food is not a problem. Come now.

Tom: (thinking out loud) "Well, don't wait any more."?
Bob: Don't wait any more. Just wait longer!

Other TV Guy: Hi! Are your insurance company letting you down? Well, come to...

Tom: ...Our company where we drop up from 30,000 feet.

Issa: Ok. Ok, stop this show. I'm writting a story.

Bob: Well, not much of one.
Mike: We're not stopping you...though we wish you would.

Who put this in the story?
TV Guy: Well, Issa. Your cousin typed this...

Tom: Fic writting - Now a family past time. Get the entire family involved!

Issa: Ok, let's finish this story...

Crow: Oh, yes please!

(when we left our heros them where in a game )

Tom: Who taught you to speak gooder English?

Bob: glicht stats?

Mike: He's not sure.

Bob: This is a war type of game.

Tom: (Bob) There is a tank type thing...
Crow: (Bob) ...and a large rocket launcher type thing...
Mike: (Bob) ...and a loaded jet type thing...
Bob: (Bob) ...all pointed at me.

Let's ReBoot and we will see what we get.

Mike: (Bob) I hope I get that little rabbit in that chocolate egg. It's the only one I'm missing in the set.

(and Bob and Matrix say ReBoot at the same time )
Austin: Cool! Let me try that! REBOOT!!!
Austin: REBOOT!!!
Austin: Hello? REBOOT !!!!

Crow: AAHHH! Now there's three of them!
Tom: It's Mulitplicity all over again!

Bob: Sorry Austin. You can't ReBoot like us. You need a icon
Austin: What is a icon?

Mike: icon, i kon' n. 1. image; sacred picture. 2. little pin thingy that you attach to your clothes to do really cool things with your wardrobe.
Tom: Mike, you've been reading the dictionary again, haven't you?
Mike: How'd ya guess?

Bob: There will be lots of time to tell you when we get back to Mainframe. Now let's finish this game.
Daemon: Perfect! Now they're in the game. That should  give me some time to prepare the attack on your friend, Phong Hahahahahaha!!!!!!
Phong: We will fight you, Daemon.

Tom: (Phong) Now come here so I can hit you with my little stick arms and give you the beating of a lifetime.

Daemon: Shut up, you old peace of trash!

Mike: (Phong) Ok, who didn't take out the garbage?

Robot, get him!!

Bob: Get him what?
Crow: Legs?
Mike: Glasses that stay on his nose?

Phong: No no Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

Bob: Barney!
Mike: The one armed man!
Tom: Telly Tubbies!
Crow: Oh the inhumanity!!!!

Dot: PHONG!!!!!!!!!! Leave him alone you big jerk!

Tom: (singing) You jerk! You are such a jerk! ...

Daemon: Oh no! Dot is mad at me! I'm so scared! Please don't be mad at me, please! Hahahahahaha!!!

Crow: What? Daemon is actually scared? Oh...I see...that's sarcasm.

AndrAIa: What was that ??

Crow: Sarcasm. I didn't get it either the first time.

Vince: I don't know and I don't care.

Tom: Kinda like this fic. I don't know what it is and don't care!

Issa: Forgot to tell you... AndrAIa got up from the chamber and attacked Vince.

Bob: Plot hole! Plot hole!

Now Vince is all tide up.

Mike: Now, is that a reference to the ocean, or to a discount laundry detergent?

Vince: I heard that!

Crow: Yeah? What are you going to do about it 'Mr. Clean'?

Issa: So, what you goin to get me? You have been beat up by a girl, Vince. Hahahahahaha!! You are a loser!
Vince: I'll get you for this, I promise. As soon as this story is over

Bob: Is he talking to us, or the author?

Issa: Ok then I'll just make the story longer. It's not The Beginning of the End any more. It's the Beginning of the End Part 1 Hahahaha!!!!!!

Tom: (yelling) You evil evil author! How could you do this to us...again?
Crow: I say we sue him for false advertising!
Bob: Sounds good to me.
Mike: How 'bout just beat him with a big stick?

Vince: Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I hate you!!!!!!!!

Crow: The feeling is mutual.

AndrAIa: Oh please stop it you kids! Now we need to get out of here before Daemon finds us.
Daemon: Wait a minute! When I scan the Principal Office before I took over, there were six people. There are 2 people missing.

Mike: So, was that eight people originally or only six?

Robot, find the missing person and get them here, ok?

Bob: (Daemon) I scanned two people but just bring me the one who owes me money.

Robot: Yes sir! Right away sir and let me say it is a pleasure to work for....
Daemon: Move!!

Bob: Hey! She has Sargent Smiley working for her now.
Tom: Who?

Robot: Yes sir.
( 10 minutes later )

Bob: Everyone died.

AndrAIa: So are you two going to help me or fight all day?

Tom and Crow: Fight.

Robot: They must be here somewhere. You go there and I'll look in the computer room

Tom: Don't you mean (somewhere else)?

AndrAIa: Oh no! We're trapped!!

Bob: (AndrAIa) I'm stuck in here with two basic guys! Kill me now!

Robot: Found them! Freeze and no one will be killed... for now.

Tom: ...now on the other hand...
Crow: Let the genicide begin!

( Is it the the end to AndrAIa, Vince and Issa?

Crow: Would that make the story end sooner?

Well tune in next time. same ReBoot fic, same ReBoot website )

Crow: I loved BOOTMAN!
Mike: Yeah, too bad we're not reading that story instead of this one.

(Back in the SOL, Bob is pacing back and forth, rubbing his temples.)

Crow: What's the matter Bob?

Bob: This fic is giving me a splitting headache. It's so... BASIC, I can't stand it. Mike's getting me some Advil though.

(Mike walks in with a bottle of Advil. He dumps two out of the bottle and offers them to Bob. Bob takes the bottle instead and runs off screen.)

Mike: (confused) Bob? What are you doing? Why did you take the... whole... bottle? (He stops and realizes something.) Bob! Don't do it! Sucide is not the answer!

Gypsy: (rolling on screen in the background after Bob) That's the easy way out! If you commit suicide, that means Megabyte wins!

Tom: We won't let you do it! (take off after Bob)

Crow: Besides, you have to stay here and suffer just like the rest of us! (goes off screen after Bob)

Bob: (runs back on screen away from all the bots chasing him. Crow has attached himself to Bob's arm.) What in the Net are you talking about? I'm not commiting suicide. I'm just taking the bottle into the theater so I'll have it on hand, cause I know I'll need it later!

Mike: Oh... Good plan.

(Lights and sirens go off)

All: We've got Movie sign!!!

Click here to enter the theater