(Everyone enters the theater and takes their seat. Bob takes two Advil, pops them into his mouth and takes a drink.)

Bob: Let's hope that this is over really soon.

The Beginning of the End Part 2

Crow: I have a feeling that it won't. Taking into consideration what the titles have been up until this point, it's going to be a long ride.
Bob: (sarcastically) You are so helpful.
Crow: Anytime, Tinsil-top.

Issa: Hey! Look behind you!
Robot 1: Very funny. You must think I'm pretty stupid to fall for that joke

Tom: Well...yes.

Vince: Don't be stupid Issa. This will not work...
Issa: I don't know but let's give it a try.

Mike: (Issa) I'm the author, so this universe bows to my very thoughts.
Tom: (Issa) I am the god! I AM THE GOD!

We will get out from this window.

Bob: (AndrAIa) It's a second story window, moron.

AndrAIa: Great idea!!
Issa: Get ready! Here goes nothing!

Crow: (Issa) If it doesn't work, let's just hope that they don't fry our brains.

Issa: Hey, look behind you. Daemon.
Robot 1: Where?
( Issa, Vince and AndrAIa go out of the window )

Bob: And break their necks

Issa: Suckers!

Mike: I get dibs on cherry!
Bob: Lime!
Crow: Grape!

Robot 2: Get back here!

Mike: (Robot 2) We're starting the game of Twister!

Robot 1: I can't find Daemon.
Robot 2: Shut up! Now let's get back up stairs and tell Daemon you let them go.

Mike: Now they're going to go to the store to get the wrong milk.

Robot 1: Ok we will tell the boss that I let.... Hey... !?!?!
Robot 2: Too late..

Mike: (Robot 2) Now we'll have to get whole milk.
All: Ewwwww. . .

Robot 1: I'll get you for this!!

Bob: Get him what?
Tom: Alright Bob, you've already used that one before...several times.
Bob: But it still works.
Tom: No it doesn't.

Vince: I got to hand it to you, Issa.

Crow: Why thank you, Thing.

That was pretty good.

Tom: Pretty good, pretty bad. Same difference.

Issa: Yeah I know. I can't believe that worked!

Mike: Neither do we.

These guys are even dumber than Hack and Slash!

Bob: Amazing but true.

Hack: Did someone say McDonald?

Mike: (singing) Have you had your break today?

Slash: No. He said our names. Who are you ???
Issa: I'm Issa the Creator and Author of this story.

Tom: (Slash) Just checking. I want to know who to throw into the dumpster when this is all finished.

Hack: If you are the Author of this story then why are you here right now???
Issa: I got someone to fill in for me.

Mike: (Lenny) Glad you're back. The chicken was getting tired.

Hack: Of course.  Now what's wrong??
AndrAIa: You don't know Daemon is here??
Hack: Who is Daemon??

Tom: "No one can be told who Daemon is, they have to see for themselves."
Mike: Tom, that's "The Matrix".
Tom: Details.

Issa: Daemon is a super virus that was not in my story but somehow got into it. I don't know how.

Tom: The author doesn't know how an all mighty, super virus appeared in his fic? Just like everything else, I guess.

Vince: So this is your fault that I'm here.. I.... you little...

Tom and Crow: Fight! Fight!
Bob: Go for the jugular!

Issa: Ok back off Vince or I'll distroy you.

Tom: For I am Issa, the Mighty!
All: (muted trumpet) Whaa whaa whaa...

Vince: How ????

Bob: (Issa, darkly) Bunnies.

Issa: I'll just kill you in the next story.

Mike: Ah. Never underestimate the powers of the author of the fic you are in.
Tom: "I will kill you until you die from it!"

Vince: Ok ok fine you win.

Crow: Aww! I wanted to see his death scene.

Slash: So where is Daemon??

Tom: "No one can be told where Daemon is..."
Bob: Actually, she's in the Super Computer...
Tom: Shut up.

AndrAIa: She is in the Principal Office

Bob: The Principal found out about that graffiti she put on the Guardian Academy.

Daemon: so there you are
Issa: Ok that's it! I'm out of here!

Crow: (begging) TAKE ME WITH YOU!
Mike: Crow! Snap out of it! (hits him across the head)
Crow: (shaking) Sorry about that Mike. I'm...I'll be fine...

Daemon: Robots, let him go. He is no threat to us now.
Robot 3: But sir, he is the story producer...

Tom: What story?

Daemon: Oh crap. Ok all robots get in the Principal Office. I'll deal with them later. Now I must deal with Bob.

Tom: Um...Bob's in the 'class 12 game'

( mean while )
Computer: Game over.
Austin: That was some game!!

Bob: (Austin) Those war type people were scary!

Bob: Yeah but if you lose, you die.

Crow: (English accent) Bring out your dead! Bring out your dead!

Austin: What sort of a crazy world this is???

Bob: One where if you're not careful, the User will crush you.
Mike: (Homer) Stupid bug! You go squish now!

Matrix: Hey what is that in the sky? A plane??

Tom: (makes spluttering plane noises then makes the plane crash)

Austin: A bird??

Crow: (cackling) Fly my pretties! Fly!

Bob: No. It's Mike the TV!!

All: AAAHHH!!!
Crow: The horror! The horror!

Matrix: Mike the TV ?????

Crow: He's going deep...and...the kick is good!

(Everyone cheers)

Austin: Who is mike and why is his name 'Mike the TV'? Does he sell TVs?

Crow: Mike the TV has now become a pimp.

I'll buy one, how much??

All: Ewwww...

Bob: No Austin. He does not sell TVs. He is a TV.
Austin: What?

Tom: Where?
Crow: How?
Mike: Who?
Bob: ...and somethimes y!

Bob: I'll explain later..

Bob: What's there to explain? He's a TV.

Matrix: Oh no there's Daemon
Bob: Oh no, she shot Mike!

(Everybody cheers)

Austin: Someone call a tv repair guy!

Tom: Hopefully it's not that cable guy.
Crow: Jim Carrey scares me.

Matrix: Ok I'll call a TV repair guy, wait a minute, there is no TV repair guy in Mainframe...
Austin: Hahahahahaht

Tom: ...hahaht?

Bob: Guys please stop it, we need to help Mike.

Bob: Yeah. He's stuck in a huge satellite with four stupid bots and one very handsome sprite.
Mike: Shut up.

Daemon: Yeah, that's it Bob, walk in my trap Hahahahahahaha

Mike: (mexican accent) I think I need a bigger box.

Robot 1: Um sir !!!
Daemon: what??
Robot 1: The mike is on

Tom: (Robot 1) And he's showing us the all commercial channel!

Daemon: Oh no.. um.. Bob can you please forget what I just said and walk in my trap and try took look surprised? Ok?

Bob: Yeah... like that would work.

Bob: Tough luck!

Bob: Darn right!

Daemon: Ok very well, ok robots wait..
( and Daemon turnd of the mike )

Tom: And the crew of the SOL turn on the proof reader.

Daemon: Robots, go a kill Austin, Matrix but only hurt Bob. Do not kill him.  Hahahahahahaha

Mike: (Daemon) I want to roast him slowly in my easy bake oven!

Issa: I've always said it and all say it again !!! BUMER!!!

Mike: (surfer voice) Dude! Look at the gnarly wave, man!

The Beginning of the End: Part 3

Tom: We can sue him two times over!
Crow: We're going to be rich!
Bob: These titles are even worse than Emidecimal's!
Mike: Yeah. At least she was stealing off of Mainframe's good titles.

Daemon: Kill Austin and Matrix, but if someone harms Bob, I'll kill all of you. So think about it.

Mike: (thinks) Ow!

Robots: Yes sir.

Bob: We need to go somewhere that Daemon's robots can't find us.

Tom: Bob's apartment! No one could find anything there!

Matrix: I know! Level 31. Not even Daemon dares to go there.

Mike: The most feared virus doesn't dare go to a place where a Guardian goes on a regular basis?

Bob: Ok let's go... Austin, what are you doing with that remote and Mike the TV?

Crow: I was wondering why Mike was was rising and falling...
Mike: (Austin) Mike goes up. Mike goes down. Mike goes up...

Austin: I'm trying to get Much Music...

Bob: As opposed to 'Less Music'?

Bob: Let's get out of here!

Crow: Richard Simmons is coming!

Robots: There they are. Get them!

Bob: Get them...
Crow: If you say 'what', I'll hit you!

Matrix: Gun, target: Fire on all the robots in 5,4,3,2,1!!!

Tom: And while Matrix was counting down, the robots attacked, gagged and deleted them all.

FIRE !!!

Crow: (Smokey) Only you can prevent forest fires.

Robot: All robots attack
Bob: All right Matrix, Austin, let's go. Glitch, shield. Ok, go, hurry! This shield will not hold up forever!

Bob: Only because it's not the real Glitch...

Matrix: Just one more shot. I think I can hit that big box of dinamite.

Bob: (Matrix) ...that was placed there just for our conveniece!

Gun fire!

Mike: (Maxwell Smart) Oh, the old "strategically placed box of dynamite to get out of tight spots" trick.


Mike: Stomp in concert!

Austin: Take that you robots Hahahaha

Bob: (Austin) And that! And that! Now go away or you'll get more of the same!

Bob: Let's go before more robots get here. Glitch teleport to Level 31. Energize !

Crow: (Kirk) Captain's Log - The bald spot on the top of my head is getting bigger and Spock is being a know-it-all again. I hate him.

( and as Bob said, they teleported right to Level 31 )

Bob: AH! Look at Matrix!
Mike: What's wrong with his head?
Tom: It's on backwards!
Crow: I think it's an improvement.

Daemon: Robot 1 come in... what? Robot 2 come in... any robot answer. Just great! Herr Doctor come in...
Herr Doc: Herr Doctor here..
Daemon: Perfect. How are you doing?

Mike: (Herr Doktor) Lousy! My digits are rusting!

Herr Doc: Fine. You ?
Daemon: Fine, fine Um, look I need a favor from you...

Tom: (Daemon) I love you...

Herr Doc: Your wish is my command.

Tom: (Daemon) Love me!

Daemon: Good report to the Principal Office now. I'll see you then. Daemon out

Crow: (Herr Doktor) Oh what to wear? What to wear? Oh...my new fingers?

Herr Doc: Uum, I wonder what Daemon wants? Ha vell, computer activate the defenses 30 seconds after I leave the building.
Computer: Ok
( else where )
Bob: Come on guys, I know the perfect place
Matrix: What place Bob? There is no place...

Mike: ...like home...?

oh no please not Al's Diner for Pete sake.

Bob: Pete's been there three times this week already.

Please Bob, no let's go to Dot's Diner, the fastest food in Mainframe

Bob: Matrix is picking up a couple of extra bucks for advertising for his sister...

Bob: They will find us there but not here.

Crow: Then...not stay where you are?

Austin: I don't really care where we go. Just look up.

Bob:  (Friendly Giant) Look up. Waaaaayyy up! And I'll call Rusty.

Bob: what??? Oh no. They found us. come on Matrix, let's go

Bob: But I thought that I said that they couldn't find us "here".
Tom: Don't try to think about it. You'll only hurt yourself.

Matrix: All right but dinner is on you

Mike: (Fudge) Eat it or wear it!

Bob: Fine let's go
( at the Principal Office )
Daemon: I have to get this right or Heat will have my head!

Tom: Then don't stick your head in the oven...

Herr Doc: Have no fear the doctor is here...

Tom: (Daemon) What is that behind your back?
Mike: (Herr Doktor) What? Oh...nothing...definately not a horse needle. Nothing to worry about...

Daemon: Ah, perfect. Come with me, we do not have much time left

Bob: The mall closes in fifteen minutes!

Herr Doc: Lead the way master Hahahaha
Daemon: Please don't do that
Herr Doc: Ok

Mike: (Dameon) It's my job to laugh like that.

( in Al's diner )
Al's Waiter: hi bob

Bob: Hi!

Bob: Hey I'll need 3 chesse burgers and 3 fries and 2 energie shakes, plus 1 coffe ok

Crow: *coffe* *coffe* *wheez*

Austin: Guys, where is the bathroom?

Crow: There's a port-a-potty out back.

Bob: Right there, turn left, then right. You can't miss it

Bob: Wait...Al's isn't big enough for all those turns. (calculates it) Those directions takes you to the alley way!
Crow: I'd say those directions are about right.

Al's Waiter: Ok Al, did you get that?

Crow: (Al) What?

Al: Yeah I did...oh oh I mean... What???

Tom: Ooo! It's Al with a new twist!

Bob: Wait a minute your not Al's Waiter...

Mike: (Al's Waiter) Sure I am. I've got my drivers license right here...somewhere...

( and in second's Al's Diner was filled up with robots )

Tom: And it's the new robot central. Whoever is a mechanical somebody is at Al's.

Matrix: Bob, they're everywhere. We can't get out!

Mike: Join the club!

Robot Commader: Get them

Crow: (hits Bob)
Bob: Hey! What was that for!
Crow: (shrugs) Just in case.

( and a Robot fired on Glitch )

Mike: Yah fiyahed!
Bob: Yah fiyahed!
Mike: No yah fiyahed!
Tom: Mike? Bob? Can we get back to pulling this giant joke apart?
Mike and Bob: Sorry.

Bob: Oh no Glitch! They blocked it. Matrix use your gun!
Matrix: Can't! When they hit Glitch, they hit my gun too!

Tom: (Michael Jordan) Ok...off the freeway, off the xerox building, bounce off Glitch, ricoché off Gun, off the wall - nothing but Net.

( and the robot got Bob, Matrix but they did not get Austin. Hahaha losers! They did not know...
Bob: No. Don't tell them...
( that he was in then men's room! What a buch of nulls)
Matrix & Bob: Oh Crap!

Mike: Someone forgot to put the diaper on the baby!

Robot: Hahaha! Get Austin now!

(Crow looks at Bob who is whistling innocently)

1 minute later

Mike: Daemon won. The End.

Robot: Austin is not in the men's room or the girls room, he's gone!

Bob: They checked the ladies room for him?
Mike: Is there something we should know about Austin?
Crow: Notice that they used "men's" room and the "girls" room?
Tom: The "girls" reading this fic aren't going to be happy!

Bob & Matrix: Yes!!!!
Robot: Never mind. We will find him later. Get them to Daemon. She will be happy.

Crow: I like being happy. I'm good at that!

( at the Principal Office )
Daemon: It's simple. I need Phong's codes, so I can get in the Super Computer
Herr Doc: That's it it will be a piece of cake but....

Mike: We don't have a knife.

Daemon: But what..?
Herr Doc: After I get you the codes, you will need Bob's code
Daemon: I know but never mind Bob's codes, get me Phong's code now!

Crow: Why do they need Bob's codes? For what purpose?
Tom: How do we know?

Robot commander: Daemon, we have Bob

Tom: (Daemon) Excellent! Now all I need is a Matrix. Gotta catch 'em all, ya know!

Daemon: Ha good! So Bob, you think that you can get away from me?

Bob: (Bob) Well...me being a well trained Guardian... Yes!

Get him to the extraction chamber and I want all the guards in front, back, and  sides of that chamber, got it?

Crow: (Daemon, announcing) And now! For my next trick! I will place this ordinary, I say it again, ordinary table cloth over the chamber and make this Guardian disappear!

Robot Commader: Yes sir.
Daemon: Oh and did you get Matrix ?

Tom: (Daemon, talking to herself) Oh pleaseohpleaseohplease...

Robot Commader: Yes we did.

Mike: (Daemon) Yes! I have the whole set!

Daemon: Good. Kill him!

Bob: What was the point of bringing Matrix in if she was just going to kill him anyways?
Crow: Why are you asking us?


Crow: I wish he'd stop doing that!

(Back in the SOL)

Bob: This story is really getting boring. There's no drama, no suspense, no action...

Crow: No plot.

Bob: That too.

Mike: Well, I have a feeling that it's almost over.

Tom: (whining) But I want it to be over now!

Mike: In due time, Tom. In due time.

(Bob's face lights up and he runs off screen.)

Crow: Where's he going?

Mike: (shrugging) Beats me.

(Sounds of scrounging and crashes are hear in the direction that Bob took off.)

Mike: (calling) Are you okay Bob?

Bob: (off screen) Fine! Just looking for something.

Mike: (calling) Okay.

Crow: So Tom, what do you think will happen at the end?

Tom: Well Crow, I think that Daemon will kill Matrix, defeat Bob, find Austin and win by finishing her infection of the entire Net.

Crow: Wishful thinker aren't you? That would only happen in a good story.

Tom: One can dream.

(Bob walks back on screen holding a floppy book and a box of crayons.)

Bob: Found it.

Tom: What?

Bob: I found my colouring book! I'm going to colour a picture when I'm in the theater.

Tom: What colouring book is it?

(Bob shows the cover.)

Bob: It's a ReBoot limited edition colouring book. Very rare and impossible to find.

Crow: I'm sure I could find it on E-Bay.

Bob: Could not.

Crow: Could too!

Bob: Could not!

Crow: Could too!

(Lights and sirens go off.)

All: We've got movie sign!!!!

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