(Everyone takes their seat)

Mike: Home stretch guys! We're almost done!
Bob: (opening his colouring book) What picture should I do?
Tom: What do we care? Just pick one!
Bob: (slightly insulted) Okay.

Reboot: Part 1

Bob: A ReBoot fic with a part entitled "ReBoot"?
Tom: Welcome to the Department of the Redundacy Department.

Daemon: Ah! I can smell victory right around the corner.

Mike: (sniffs) Smells like victory needs a shower!

( mean while in the extraction chamber )

Crow: (Al) Vanilla extract! Must get more vanilla extract! ...I mean, WHAT?

Robot: All right Bob. Give me the code or I'll just have to get them out myself!

Bob: (stops turning pages, happily) I'll do this one!
Mike: Which one is it?
Bob: (darkly) A scene from Web World Wars. (brightly) I'm going to make Megabyte look like a dork!
Tom: (not caring) You do that Bob. You do that.

Bob: I'll tell you nothing!

Crow: (Bob) I'll never tell! You'll have to suck the codes from me...no wait...

Robot: Very well.. robot get me the extract machine.

Bob: Aren't they in the extracti.... oh never mind.

Robot's: Yes sir.
Herr Doc: Herr Doctor to Daemon

Mike: White knight to Black queen's 2nd.

Daemon: Daemon here.

Bob: ...Daemon there. Daemon Daemon everywhere.

Herr Doc: I got the codes from Phong
Daemon: Good. No, no, perfect! What did you do with Phong?
Herr Doc: He is gone. Only a Super Guardian can bring him back! Hahahahahaha

Bob: Phong's doomed. There is no such thing as a Super Guardian

Daemon: Good Hahahahahahaha
Dot: You're a crazy virus, Daemon! You will not get away with this!

Tom: Daemon...she could pass as a digimon... You know...Dae-mon.
Crow: Or a pokémon.
Bob: (Ash) Daemon! Viral infection attack!

Daemon: And who is going to stop me? You and your friends?

Mike: (Enzo) Yes! My friends! ...even though Bob is in the extraction chamber...Matrix isn't here cause he's  trapped... and Phong's doomed and Mouse is... well... Mouse... Dude! You do have us beat!

Enzo: Yes you can bet that we will stop you Daemon!

Crow: (Enzo) All I need is my yoyo and a pack of chewing gum...

Daemon: Hahahahahahaha! Let me tell you something Enzo,

Tom: (Daemon) Enzo, I am your father....er mother. Yeah I said mother...didn't I?

I'm out here and you're behind that force field.

Mike: (Daemon) ...with the keys! Hahahahahhaha....wait..oh crap!


Bob: (Daemon) I love being evil!

Enzo: Well well... I'll get... well...

Tom: Just then a giant purple dinosaur entered the room...
Bob: (Megatron) Alright Maximal! This is the last time we do this dance!
Tom: I was actually thinking of another one.
Bob: Oh...

Dot: Enzo, he is right. Forget it! We can't win!

Mike: Since when is Dot a pestimist?

Daemon: Finally Dot. I think we have something in coming

Tom: Maybe it's another class 12 game.

Dot: Yeah right!
Mouse: Just leave us alone Daemon!

Bob: (Mouse) Go away! I'll start crying really annoyingly!
Tom: (Daemon) Don't threaten me.

Daemon: Very well, have it your way. I was just trying to do something

Bob: (Daemon) Like take over Mainframe...

with... but you dont want to...

Mike: (Daemon, whining) You're no fun!

( in the extraction chamber )
Herr Doc: Bob one more chance! Give the codes!

Bots: (singing) Take a chance. Take a chance. Take a chance. Take a chance.
Mike: (singing, high pitched voice) If you change your mind...!

Bob: Never!!

Crow: (Bob) On second thought, sure.

Herr Doc: Ok... place the extract machine on his head

Bob: Didn't they already do that?
Crow: Who cares!

Bob: No no nooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
( elsewhere )

Crow: (everywhere)
Bob: (nowhere)
Mike: (somewhere else)
Tom: (singing) Somewhere over the rainbow...!

Matrix: Bob, no the codes! Crap! Hey robot, look behind you! Michael Jackson!

Mike: Get the children out of here!

Robot: Very funny...ZAP!!!!!

Tom: ...crackle, pop! Sprite Crispies!

( and the robot fires his gun on Matrix knocking him out cold )

Bob: Was it Stone Cold?

Robot Commander: Next time, kill him. Capeech?
Robot: Yes sir

Crow: Yes please!

( 2 hours later )

Mike: Daemon infected the entire Net...
Crow: Dot and Bob married and had Dot's Diner and Bob's Car Repair Shop...
Bob: and Matrix and AndrAIa married and had Bobby and Enzo Jr.
Tom: Three Enzo's? Isn't two enough?

Herr Doc: Herr Doctor to Daemon

Mike: Check Mate!!

Daemon: Here

Tom: Sentence fragment.

Herr Doc: I've got the codes!

Mike: (Daemon) Took you long enough!

Daemon: Ha perfect! Quick download them on my computer!
Herr Doc: I already did it.

(kissing sounds)

Daemon: Perfect and Bob?

Bob: Right here!

Herr Doc: Bob? Well, Bob is knocked out for a while he is not a threat to us.

Mike: (Herr Doktor) He's a major character in the series! We can't kill him off. Mainframe Entertainment would kill us! Not to mention all Bob's fans.
Tom: Yeah, the WBE Guild would just crash since the eyebrows they so proudly worship perished with Bob.

Daemon: Good! Daemon out

Mike: (announcer) Did you see that play? Daemon hit a pop-fly and it was caught by Phong. Daemon is out!

Daemon: This is it! Maiframe is mine and the Super Computer will be mine very soon

Bob: But Daemon already has the Super Computer...
Tom: I think that the author just forgot one major plot line, that's all.

Daemon: Computer, open a sub space link with the Virus Net ask for Heat.

Mike: "If you can't stand the heat, go to the dentist and get it fixed."

Computer: Processing............................................................. link established
Heat: This better be good, Daemon. I was sleeping.

Crow: (Heat) ...and I was having the most wonderful dream...

Daemon: Oh it is sir! I've got the code

Mike: (Heat) Oh you hab a code too? Take some cough med'sin and geb some sleeb. That code shoud be gone soon.

Heat: Good I'm on my way. Heat out

Crow: (Daemon) What? The heat's out?
Mike: (Heat) Yeah! Haven't you noticed it's freezing in here?
Crow: (Daemon) Well actually no..

Daemon: Perfect Herr Doctor, to my Ready Room now

Mike: Daemon turned into Captain Pacard?

Herr Doc: Yes sir

Mike: Oh. Just checking. (grinning) He called me sir!
Tom: Suuure Mike.

( elsewhere )
Austin: Just great I've got 20 robots after me and I don't even know where I I'm... hey what's that? hey it's that TV guy... Atoine
Mike: No it's not Atoine, it's TV; Mike the TV

Crow: (Sean Connery) Bond - James Bond...
Tom: TV - Atoine the TV...he's right, it doesn't have that certain ring...

Austin: Well my name is Stone Cold Steve Austin but call Austin.
Mike: Ok Stone Cold
Austin: I said call me Austin
Mike: Why????????

Mike: Because that's his name.

Austin: Because I said so

Crow: You know, if he uses that reason too much, it's not going to work eventually.
Mike: We know Crow. We know.

Mike: Ok fair enough. So how can I help you?
Austin: Wait... wait... last time I saw you you were half dead.

Mike: And there's a difference between being half dead and mostly dead...
Tom: You used that one already.
Mike: Yeah, but if Issa gets to use the same material, I do to!

Mike: I know, but someone found me and repaired me for some sick reason

(everyone coughs)

Austin: Hey, that someone is me ???!!!

Mike: And we're not sure either.

Mike: Did I say sick reason??? I mean good reason...

Everyone: Uh huh? Yeah....

Austin: Never mind.

Tom: (Austin) I'll kill you later.

I need your help. I need to get to the Principal Office. I have to get Bob and Matrix
Mike: Wait wait wait you mean go and find Bob and Matrix in the Principal Office

Tom: Well, "go to the Prinicpal Office and get Bob and Matrix" does mean what it sounds like...unless someone changed the English language without telling me...

Austin: Yes

Tom: Aw...
Mike: It's ok Tom.

Mike: Are you crazy? Daemon will kill us!!!

Crow: I've always loved funerals!
Bob: And I've always wanted to see Mike's.
Mike: Hey!
Bob: Not you.
Mike: Oh.

Heat: So, you told me that you got the codes and the computer?

Mike: (Daemon) No actually I don't. I just wanted you here; I was lonely.

Daemon: Yes here are the codes: 5588,885,7787.  That's the codes for the Super Computer portal

Crow: Hey! He just randomly typed those numbers in! That's not even a real number!
Bob: (not looking up from his colouring) Yeah, anyway that isn't the code for the Super Computer.
Tom: You're just saying that so it makes it look like you actually know them.
Bob: But I do! I do know the code for the Super Computer!
Mike: So, what is it?

(Megabyte transports into the theatre)

Megabyte: Yes Bob. What is the code to the Super Computer?
Bob: It's...(jumps in fright) Aahh!

(Everyone else in the theatre jumps)

All: Aahh!
Bob: How'd you do that?
Megabyte: Villian's whim. Now, as you were saying?
Bob: In your dreams, MB! I'm not telling you them. You'd have to torture me to get them out...and you're already doing that!
Megabyte: (sulkingly) True. (Realizes he's in the theatre with the fic playing. Speaking into a communicator, panicking.) Pearl, one to beam out.

(Megabyte is teleported out)

Bob: Hmf! Sure showed him!
Crow: So, what are the codes?
Bob: (glaring) Crow....

and here are the code that will give you control of the Pentium PC: 9856

Crow: More random numbers...

Heat: Hahahahahahahahahahahaha! Finally the end is near hahahahahaha..

Tom: Don't get our hopes up!

Computer - open a portal to the Super Computer
Computer: Please enter codes

Mike: Bippity, boppity, boo!
Bob: Hocus pocus alamagocus!
Tom: Double double toil and trouble!
Crow: Abra-ma-watchyama-cadabera-callit!

Heat: 5588,885,7787

Crow: Isn't the copy and paste function so wonderful?

Computer: Code correct

Bob: (sulking) Is not!

( and a really big portal opens up )

Mike: Oh. Really big portal opens up.
Tom: Yeah, not like those little puny ones they have on the real show...

Heat: Good hahahahaha! Computer - open up a small portal for the Web

Crow: Oh now he's working with a small portal....
Tom: What? Isn't the web as important as the Super Computer?
Bob: Apparently not.

Computer: Caution opening a portal to the Web is dangerous

Mike: (Heat) Well duh! That's why I want to do it. Livin' on the edge! Opening up portals to strange and dangerous places where I could be deleted...

Heat: Do it!

Crow: Bob knows baseball...Bob knows basketball...Bob knows football...Bob knows boxing! (ouch!)
Tom: Just Bob it!

( and a portal to the Web opens up not again )

Mike: You're telling me!
Bob: Oooo... getting flashbacks....

Heat: Good

Tom: ...Idea - Playing with portals
Crow: Bad Idea - Playing with portals to the Web.

Daemon: Why did you open up a portal to the Web???

Mike: (Heat) Cause I could.
Crow: Notice the portal to the web didn't need a code?
Bob: That doesn't make sense...
Tom: Just like everything else we've read today.

Heat: You tell me....

Mike: (Dameon) Um...you plan to clean you room by throwing everything in the web just like Users do with outerspace?
Bob: (Daemon) Throw yourself into it?
Crow: (Daemon) Throw this fic into it?

Daemon: Haaa....... what in...... the Net are you doing??? I can't breathe! Take your haa... hand of my neck!!!!!

(Bob giggles)
Crow: What's so funny? What are you doing?
Bob: Colouring Megabyte yellow and purple!
Tom: Bob, you need to get out more...
Bob: I can't. I'm stuck with you guys remember?
Tom: Oh silly me. I keep forgetting.

Heat: I dont think so Daemon. Thanx for the codes. Oh and Daemon say hello to Ray for me. Computer give me a small one man probe

All: Ewwwwwwww!!!
Crow: Bad mental picture. Bad mental picture!

( a small one man probe came out from the floor just like the one that got Bob in the Web and Heat through Daemon in the probe just like Megabyte did to Bob )

Bob: So, Heat crushed Daemon's keytool?
Mike: Worked with his sister to achieve what he wanted?
Tom: And then, being the sick puppy that he is, betrayed her and turned her into his personal play thing.

Daemon: Heat, you won't get away with this!!!!

Crow: Well.. this sounds familiar!

Heat: Oh I have Daemon! Computer eject!
Daemon: Noooooooooooooooooooooo...

Tom: Well, waddya know! Daemon turned into Bob!
Crow: Wait...that's how Bob got here, right?
Mike: Yeah...what's wrong Crow?
Crow: Well...if Daemon was shot into the "web" just like Bob was then...Nah! Couldn't happen. Never mind Mike.
Mike: Alright Crow. If you say so.

Heat: Now for the Super Computer.. all robots report to the main room and pack your bags we are going for a litle trip. Hahahahahahahahahahaha

Bob: (Robot 1) Now let's see...I'll need my suntan lotion, my rubber duckie, my swimming trunks, oh! And if I go swimming...my can of oil...


Tom: For the nineth time.

Reboot: Part 2

Tom: The Search for More Money.

( Last time, Heat through Daemon in the Web and he left for the Super Computer )

Mike: It's always a good idea to get rid of your enemies before going on vacation.

Heat: So this is the Super Computer.. um we can't stay here forever.

Crow: Why not?

I know! We will start infection right here!!!

All: (singing) ...a very good place to start!


Tom: (Heat) Being evil is good!

( back in Mainframe )

Crow: (announcer) Al Capone still refused to surrender to the authorities.

Austin: Finaly we are here

Bob: (Mike) You mean at the place where the hand is pointing and saying "You are here"?

Mike: Happy

Crow: The only way to be!

Austin: Maybe, now, where would you go to get code out of people?

Mike: The doctors?

Mike: The extraction chamber

Bob: (Mike) Duh!

Austin: Ya, let's go now!

Mike: You know, he sounds a little too cheerful.
Tom: (Austin) Let's go pick some posies on the way there!

Mike: Fine. It's over here.
( 10 minute later )

Bob: Everyone was dead of old age.
Tom: (Issa) (somewhere else)

Austin: Is that it???

Crow: (Mike) No, that's the installation chamber!

Mike: Yes

Bob: No.

Austin: Good. How do I open it?

Bob: Press the button labeled "open"?

Mike: Easy. Computer: Open extraction chamber door

Bob: Or that.

Computer: Door open

Tom: Sentence fragment.

Austin: Bob!!! Quick! How can we wake him up?

Crow: Try "WAKE UP BOB!".

Mike: Throw some water on him

Mike: Ah electricity and water; The thing that you were told ever since you were a kid not to mix.

Austin: Good idea

Bob: Playing with water.
Tom: Bad idea
Crow: Playing with water while you're in a computer.

( 5 minute later )

Bob: I was dead of electricution.

Bob: Hum...ha...hum where in the Net am I ??

Bob: To be specific, http://www.mainframe.ca.

Austin: You are in the extraction chamber

Crow: Which is good for extracting... stuff.

Bob: Extraction chamber??? Oh no, the code!

Mike: (Bob) The code is spreading! It'll become an epidemic!

Mike: According to this computer log, they took out the code while you were asleep

Crow: Isn't that the movie that Gypsy likes? "While You Were Asleep"?
Bob: It's actually "While You Were Sleeping"
Tom: And how do you know the title?
Bob: (looks around innocently) I... just remember it... yeah...

and they left for the Super Computer 15 minute ago.
Bob: Crap!! We have to find Phong and the others now. Daemon can't take over the Super Computer.

Tom: Because she already has!

She going to start infecting it!

Mike: (Daemon) Been there. Done that. Manufacturing the t-shirts as we speak.

We need to get to the main room now!

Crow: As opposed to later!

( in the main room )
Bob: No one is here. Computer: locate Dot..

Crow: (Bob) ...my Sweet Honey Boo Boo

Computer: Dot is in prison cell in the lower deck with Enzo, Mouse AndrAIa and Vince

Tom: He got everybody's location when he just asked for Dot's?

Bob: Mike, take Austin there and help Dot, Mouse, Enzo, AndrAIa and Vince.

Crow: ...Dopey, Sneezy, Bashful...

If they are ok, get them here at once and then find Matrix and Phong, ok?

Bob: (Bob) If they're not, here's $20. Go see a movie or something.

Mike: Ok come on Austin. Let's go
Austin: Lead the way.

Tom: (Austin, singing) I'm following a tv, a tv, a tv. I'm following a tv wherever he may go!

Bob: Now... computer play security survalence in main room, time index 5459.5

Bob: 5495.5? What in the net is that?
Crow: More random number punching.

Computer: Processing.............

Crow: Hey I can do that! ................


Tom: .............


Mike: ...........


Bob: ..........................................
Crow: Show off.

...... database found 1 tape record play? Yes or No

Mike: (Bob) No.

Bob: Yes

Bob: (Bob) No.

( now this is the computer playing, so don't get freaky )

Tom: What? What does he mean "don't get freaky"?

Daemon: Where is he... ah there you are...

Crow: Wha?
Bob: Daemon's back?

Heat: You told me that you have the codes and the computer?
Daemon: Yes

Mike: No! He's making us read this whole part again!
All: AAAHHhhhhh!

Heat: Good give me full control!
Daemon: It's already under your commad. Here is the code for the pentium pc 9856.

Crow: (stops screaming) Would this count as getting freaky?
Tom: (stops screaming) Probably.
(They look at each other and resume screaming)

Heat: Good. Computer: Open a portal to the Super Computer
Computer: Please enter codes
Heat: 5588.885.7787

Crow: Hey wait! Weren't those commas before?
Tom: Commas... periods... what's the difference? It's still not a real number.

Computer: Code correct

Bob: No it isn't!

( then a big portal opens up )
Heat: Computer: open a portal to the Web
Computer: Warning! Opening up a portal to the Web is dangerous
Heat: Do it!
( then a smal portal opens up for the Web )
Heat: Computer: Give me a small one man probe
( a small one man probe comes out of the floor just like the probe that bob was shot in true the Web )
Daemon: Heat, why did you open up a portal to the Web
Heat: You tell me Daemon
Daemon: Ah haa what in the Net are you ah doing? Take your hand of ...ha neck. I can't breathe
(and Heat threw Daemon in the the probe just like Megabyte did with Bob)
Daemon: Heat, you won't get away with this!
Heat: But I already have Daemon. Say hello to Ray for me. Thanx hahahahaha! Computer eject
Daemon: Heat nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!
Heat: All robots report to the main room and pack your bags we are leaving! hahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Tom is shaking involuntarily, Crow is sobbing uncontrollably, Bob is rocking back and forth sucking his thumb and Mike is in the fetal position on the floor.)
Tom: (horrified) Is it over? Can I look now?

Computer: End of tape. Replay???

(chorus of no's accompanied with very fast shaking of four heads)
Tom: (begging) Please! Not for a third time!

Bob: No thanks computer

Crow: (between sobs) Thank you Bob.

Computer: No problem

Tom: (recovering) What is this? The Enterprise on Star Trek? Mainframe's computer doesn't talk.
Bob: Well...not if you include "Warning! Incoming game!".
Crow: Or "Warning! Incoming file/data!".
Mike: Or "Warning! Environment shutdown!".
Tom: No...of course not.

Bob: This is bad... very very very bad!

Bob: Oh, this must be bad. I added the two extra 'very's'.

Austin: Austin to Bob
Bob: Here

Bob: There

Austin: We found Phong and the others. I think you better get down here!
Bob: On my way. Bob, out.

Tom: (somewhere else)

Dot: Oh my... Phong...

Tom: The term 'Phong' has now become a cuss word.

Mouse: He is in stasis lock. Only a Super Guardian can save him.

(Bob stands up)
Bob: I'll save him!
Tom: Bob, you're not a Super Guardian. You can't save him.
Bob: Well, my mother always told me I could do anything I put my mind to.
Mike: Really? Mine did too!

Vince: Well, Austin thanks for saving us

Tom: Well, technically, Mike saved them.
Crow: That is so out of character for Mike.
Bob: But there was that one time he...
Crow: (insisting) That is so out of character for him!

Austin: No problem. Humm.. Vince, I need a favour from you.

Crow: (Austin) Love me.

Vince: Name it

Bob: (Dr. Evil) I call it...Mini-me.

Austin: I need a title shot at the rock on RAW

Tom: (cheering) RAW! RAW! SIS BOOM BAH!

Vince: Austin, you are getting your last title shot a wrestle mania 15, remember but on RAW.

Tom: (still cheering) We've got RAW and MRxL! Whoo! MRxL!

You are going to face Paul Wight in the big show on WWF RAW is war live on TNS in Canada and in the US on the USA channel at 9 pm eastern 8 pm

Bob: Vince, the walking TV Guide!

western attitude for a whole 2 hours!

Bob: That's two life-times.

Austin: Don't worry, I'll take on the big show and then all march right in wrestle mania 15 beat the rock's @$$ and 1,2,3

Tom: 4,5,6

and you are looking at the next WWF champion  and that's the bottom line 'cause 'Stone Cold Said So'

Bob: (Vince, not paying attention) I'm sorry. What did you say?

Mouse: While I was in the cage, I found a way to get Austin and Vince back

Mike: While she was in the cage, why wasn't she thinking of a way to get out?
Bob: Cause that would have been too easy.

to where ever they came from.

Crow: The zoo?

It's easy look computer run program mouse 2

Bob: Mouse has always been quick in installing programs but that's ridiculous!

Computer: Program is running... please place subject

Mike: Math
Bob: Science
Crow: Playboy

Mouse: Are you ready guys?
Vince: Oh I'm ready! Get out of my way!

Tom: (Vince) I'm goin' to Disney Land!

Bob: Hey, what is all of this?

Bob: (Bob) And why are you here? Who am I?

Dot: We will get Vince and Austin back into the world.

Tom: (Mouse) Cause the world of imagination just sucks.

Bob: Dot, long time, no see. Are you ok?
Dot: Oh I'm fine

Mike: (Dot) I was held by a Super Virus and almost got deleted. I was put in a holding cell with Mouse. Of course I'm not ok!

Bob: Ya sure? Now is this thing going to work?

Bob: (Mouse) No, but either way, we get rid of these pests...Ah mean... our guests.

Mouse: It should.

Mike: (Mouse) But probably not.

Austin: Bye guys. I'm going to miss you. Tell Matrix I said hello

Crow: (Austin) Blow him a kiss for me.

Mouse: Computer start program.
( 10 seconds after Vince and Austin were back where they came )

Crow: The zoo?

Bob: Oh my... Phong! He is in statis lock! I'm going to kill Daemon for this! Wait she is already dead.

Bob: It's a crying shame actually.

Dot: What do you mean dead??

Crow: (Dom Delouise) You want me to spell it out for you? I mean dead. D-E-D. Dead!

Bob: Heat came here and through Daemon into the Web and he is starting an infection of the Super Computer. We need to stop him.

Crow: Always with the stopping of the bad guys. Why can't they just let them win once in a while? I'm pretty sure they'd appreciate it.

( then out of no where a vid windows opens up )
Turbo: Bob
Bob: Turbo
Turbo: Bob,

Crow: (Bob) Turbo
Tom: (Turbo) Bob
Crow: (Bob) Turbo
Tom: (Turbo) Bob

we need your help.

Mike: (Leia) Help us Obi-wan Kenobi.

Heat is starting an infection and it is getting bigger.

Bob: (Turbo) It seems like only yesterday I was holding it in my arms!

We need you help!

Tom: (Leia) You're our only hope.

Use my code to enter the Super Computer and report the Pentium now plus be cafeul for the......................

Tom: (Turbo) The dots are attacking!

Bob: Turbo? Turbo!

Crow: (cackling) ...toil and trouble! Fire burn and cauldron bubble!

Come in!
Computer: Link with Super Computer lost.
Bob: Computer - open up a portal to the Super Computer, now!
Computer: Portal open -  please enter codes
Bob: 4484
Computer: Codes correct

Bob: No they're not!

Bob: This is it! The fight of our lives!

Tom: (William Wallis) Scottland will be ours!

There is no turning back once you have entered this portal. Is every one with me?

Tom: (Dot) No

Dot: Yes

Crow: (Mouse) No

Mouse: Yes

Mike: (AndrAIa) No

AndrAIa: No

Bob: Whoo! Go Andy!
Tom: Fight the tyranny!
Crow: Go against the peer pressure!

Bob: What??

Mike: (Al's waiter) 'Zat you Al?

AndrAIa: I need to find Matrix

Crow: (Dot, to Mouse) She seems clingy. Does she seem clingy to you?

Bob: Ok you do that and keep Enzo with you.

Tom: (Bob) Bring the kid of the series with you to the fight of our lives so he can see the real world.

When you find him, enter this code: 4489 in the computer and then join us, ok?

Crow: Hey he changed the code.
Bob: His copy and paste must be broken.

AndrAIa: Ok, stay frosty.
Bob: I always do, then every one !!!!! REBOOT!!!!!

Mike: (Bob) Which I will shout for no particular reason.

Heat: Computer close and lock portal.

Crow: (Heat) I don't want anyone interupting us. (to someone) Now where were we, my dear?

Computer: Warning -  life form present in portal. If you close and lock it, they will be teleported to the outher net.

Bob: Dum dum dum!

Heat: Do it.
Computer: Closing portal
Bob: Oh no! Stop don't get in! The portal is closing!

Mike: (Bob) Somehow I can talk through the portal even thought I am through it!

Dot: BOB!!!!!!!!!!!

Tom: (Dot) I have too many exclamation points!

Bob: Dot! Go to the Super Computer! Find Turbo! Distroy Heat haaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Bob: haaa...?

Dot: Bob nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!

Crow: Everyone is turning into Bob in this fic.

The End ?

Mike: Oh wow! A cliffhanger! Don't you just hate those?
Crow: No. Not if it's this story. It's finally over! We can leave! (gets up and leaves with Tom)
Mike: Coming Bob?
Bob: (not looking up from his book) Not yet. I'm going to finish here.
Mike: Suit yourself.

Crow: Well, it hasn't been the worst story that we've had to sit through.

Mike: I bet that Megabyte would be the perfect test subject for Pearl if that made him almost crack.

Crow: Do you think he'd trade with us...no...I...suppose not. (looks around) Hey...where's Bob?

Mike: He's still in the theatre. He wanted to finish up on his picture...

(Mad lights flash)

(Mike hits the button)


Pearl: So...ready to give up Nelson?


Mike: 'Fraid not, Pearl.


Megabyte: (looking around the SOL) Where's Bob? Did he break?


Crow: Sorry Mr. MB.

Mike: No, he's in still in the theatre.


Megabyte: (shocked) He actually liked the fic?


Tom: No. He just got bored near the end, so he got a colouring book. He's...

(Bob quickly runs behind the SOL crew, holding up his picture triumphantly and giggling. He heads for his bedroom)


Megabyte: (raising an eyebrow) Are you sure he's alright?


Tom: Positive!

Crow: Of course...I've always wondered about him...but that's nothing new.


Megabyte: (sulking) Curses!


(Bob walks back onto the bridge and up behind Mike and the bots with a smug grin on his face. He proudly shows his coloured picture he has now framed)

Mike: That's...very...nice Bob.

Crow: ...yeah...sooo, what are you going to do with it?

Bob: (still smiling) Put it up on my wall beside my bed.

(Suddenly, the SOL rocks violently. Everyone is thrown to the left, and disappears from view.)


Bobo: That's why you should always check your blind spot.

Pearl: What's the matter Nelsiniod? Can't fly in space without bumping into things?


Mike: (Getting up) Heh. Gypsy! What happened? What did we hit?

Gypsy: (off camera) We didn't hit anything, Mike. It hit us!

Crow: Well, what is 'it'?

Gypsy: (off camera) Well, it looks awfully similar to the pod Blue Boy arrived in.

(Crow looks sharply at Cambot)

Mike: Cambot, get me Rocket Number Nine.

(Exterior shot of the SOL where a small one man pod has crashed into the SOL. The pod has the Megabyte viral symbol etched on it.)


Tom:   A pod? Why in the wide...nothing-ness would a pod hit us?

Crow: ...um...

Mike: Gypsy, were there life signs in the pod?

Gypsy: (off camera) Just one!


Pearl: Hey, how 'bout that! Another testee for our little experiment.

Megabyte: (thinking) I wonder who it could be...


Gypsy: The life sign has exited the pod and boarded the Satellite.

Tom: Will our mystery guest and unfortunate soul please sign in and enter the bridge!

(Doors open and the Sol crew gasps together)

Mike: Wha...?

Tom: Nooo...

Bob: YOU!

Crow: I knew it!


(Bobo and Observer are fighting in the backseat, pushing each other down, attempting to get a peek of the new arrival)

Pearl: Who is it? (to Megabyte) Can you see?


(Daemon walks angrily on the bridge)

Daemon: (ranting) What in the Net was that? Who wrote that? I had nothing to work with! Basic robots and incompetant minions! (stops ranting and looks around) Now where am I?

(Crew of the SOL slowly start to move again after the initial shock wears off)

Mike: (walks timidly forward with his hand nervously extended) Um...Welcome to the Satellite of Love. My name is Mike Nelson...

Daemon: (takes his hand, shakes it) Hello...I am Daemon, Super Virus and Mistress of the Super Computer.

Mike: (indicating crew) That there is Crow T. Robot...

Crow: (bows once) How do you do, oh 'Most Infectious One'?

Mike: ... Tom Servo...

Tom: I'd shake your hand too but my arms are...broken...so I'll just stay over here. Heh.

Mike: ...that's Gypsy...over there...

Gypsy: (off camera) Hello!

Mike: And finally, Bob - Guardian 452. I'm sure you know him.

Bob: (waves nervously) Uh...hi?

Daemon: (nods) Hello all. (to Bob) So this is where you've been hiding. Wait...I just saw you in Mainframe...didn't I?

Crow: Don't try and figure it out. We've tried and it only leads to headaches.


Pearl: (confused) Who is that anorexic, pencil-necked bimbo? How does Nelson know her...?

Megabyte: (under this breath) Daemon...? Oh no...

Pearl: (to Megabyte) You know her?

Megabyte: (pulling a book entitled "How to Infect the Net in Three Easy Steps by Prof. Microbyte" up to cover his face) Indeed.


Daemon: So, what you are telling me is you guys are here as an experiment conducted by an evil scientist's mother in a plot to try and rule the Net?

Tom: (correcting) World.

Daemon: ...right...the world.

Crow: Yup. You got it.

Daemon: (rubbing her chin evilly) That is actually quite ingenious!


Pearl: (pleased) Why, thank you!


Daemon: (noticing the Hex-field) And you are?


Pearl: Pearl Forester. The conductor of the experiment you've heard about.


Daemon: I commend you, madam, on such a brilliant scheme.


Pearl: Thank you. I like it! It is brilliant, isn't it? It took me years to perfect it. (thinks) You know...you sound a lot like Megs here.

(Megabyte's hands are trying to signal Pearl to shut up)


Daemon: Megs?


Pearl: Yes, my dear Megabyte. Say hello Megs.

(Megabyte's shoulders visably drop in frustration while he still holds the book in front of his face)


Daemon: Pardon me, but did you say Megabyte?


Pearl: Yes. Why?


Daemon: (slyly) Why if it isn't my old friend Megabyte. How are you dear?


Megabyte: (slowly dropping the book, deadpan) Hello Daemon. How have you been?


Daemon: (singing slightly) I've been doing well. I don't suppose you've heard that I've taken over the Super Computer?


Megabyte: Yes I have, Daemon. I am not basic. I have heard.


Daemon: But I bet that it does make you feel basic. Wish you hadn't broken up with me now?

(Everyone looks at Megabyte)


Megabyte: (crossing his arms) I wish nothing of the sort.


Bob: Megabyte...

Mike: ...and Daemon...

Tom: ...were dating?

Crow: This could get good.

Daemon: Oh I bet you do. I've got all the power now, 'Snookie'.

(Sol crew snicker and talk amongst themselves)

Tom: Snookie?

Crow: Snookie-poo!

Bob: Snookie-kins!


Megabyte: (smugly) Ah, but my dear Daemon, you're on my territory now. I have the power over you. You are now part of my experiment...

Pearl: MY experiment!

Megabyte: Whatever... (to Daemon) and I control you now!


Daemon: Well I could get out of here...if my pod still was functioning....

Mike: (snaps his fingers) I know! (walks up to the Magnetic Resonance Scanning and Tunneling Microscope and looks in) Nanites?

(Shot of Ned the Nanite)

Ned: Yeah Mike?


Mike: Yeah guys, could you help us out?


Ned: Sure thing! Wait! Have you got your insurance yet? We still need to make sure you're covered for this.


Mike: It's not the SOL, it's a space pod that broke when it crashed into us. Could you just do it as a favour?


Ned: Hold on. Have to check with the management. (crawls off view)


Mike: Thanks Ned. (stands up and sees Daemon standing on the control panel clawing at Megabyte through the Hex-field. Bob, Crow and Tom are trying to hold her back)

Daemon: (enraged) I'll get you so bad, virus! You'll pay for this!


Megabyte: (chuckling) Sure you will Daemon. I'd like to see you try.


(Mike walks up to the disgruntled virus)

Mike: Don't worry, Miss Daemon. I'm sure everything will be fine.

Daemon: (giving up and collapsing on the control panel, close to tears) How will it? I've got thousands of viral minions, countless systems under my watch and I'm stuck here under the thumb of my ex-boy friend!

Mike: (patting her on the back) Trust me. Everything will be fine. (hands her a kleenex)

Daemon: (sniffing) Thanks. (takes the kleenex)

Gypsy: (rolling into view) I know! Let's finish our game of charades and maybe this poor dear can feel better.

Mike: Good idea Gypsy.

Bob: It was your turn Mike.

Mike: I know. I have to check on something first. (goes back to the Magnetic Resonance Scanning and Tunneling Microscope) Hey Ned! You there buddy?

(Ned the Nanite crawls back into view)

Ned: Yeah I'm here Mike. The commitee says that they'll do it this one time but next time you have to have the right papers. Got it?


Mike: (smiling) Thanks Ned. I owe you.


Ned: Yeah, more than one!

(Mike stands up and walks over to the group who have taken their spots on the floor. Mike whispers something in Daemon's ear that makes her beam and hug him.)


Pearl: Well I'm in a good mood. Let's shut this thing off and go get some ice cream.

(Bobo and Observer cheer in the back)

Megabyte: No. I want to watch Daemon and gloat some more.

Pearl: Oh fine. But make sure you shut the thing off when you're done; it's running off the battery.


(Mike remembers what his card was and begins)

Tom: Ok...it's a thing...

Crow: ...two words...

Gypsy: ...first word...

(Mike gets on all fours)

Bob: It's a dog!

Tom: That's not two words, tinsil top!

Bob: Log off!

(Twenty minutes later, Mike is obviously getting frustrated because no one has guess it)

Crow: Red Lego!

Mike: (giving up, blurts out) It's an electric sheep! An electric sheep for crying out loud!

Daemon: I have seen electric sheep and they do not act anything like that.


Megabyte: Indeed Michael. That was not an electric sheep.

Pearl: (peeved) Is that thing still on?


Magic Voice: Pod has been repaired.


Megabyte: What...what pod? Her pod was inoperable. How could it...?


Bob: Yeah Mike. Her pod was broken. (stops) What did you do?

Mike: I had the nanites repair the pod.

Crew: (including Megabyte) You WHAT?

Daemon: Yes, isn't he a dear? (kisses Mike on the cheek) I will remember you Michael when I am in full control of Mainframe as well as the Super Computer and have Heat's head in a jar on my desk. (waves) Good bye to you all. It was a pleasure meeting you all. (To Bob) Now I know where you're hiding and that I have only one Guardian that really stands in my way, I'm basically home-free.

Gypsy: But, you're the only other girl here. (begging) Please stay!

Daemon: I'm sorry dear, but I'm a career girl; not a guinea pig. (to the Hex-field) So long, Snookie! (exits)


Megabyte: No! You can't leave! I order you to stay!


Bob: (thinking) Wait...she's going to the Super Computer...(running after Daemon) Wait! Wait for me!

Crow: Bob! What are you doing? She'll infect you! That's the Super Virus! That's Daemon!...

Bob: That's my ticket out of here! (runs out) Don't leave without me!


Megabyte: No! This is wrong! This is all wrong!

Pearl: What is it now?

Megabyte: (growling) Daemon is escaping!

Pearl: We still have Nelsuckerooni, don't we?


Crow: Um Mike..?

Mike: Yeah Crow?

Crow: Bob's right. Daemon is our ticket out of the SOL.

Mike: (begins to run after Bob) Hey guys wait for me!

Tom: You're not leaving!

Crow: Not without us at least!

(both run out)


Pearl: What? No! (to Bobo) I'm holding you responsible if they escape!

Bobo: But I didn't do anything!

Pearl: Exactly!


(Exterior shot of the SOL. The pod shoots away from the ship. A depressed Mike returns to the bridge, followed by Crow and Tom softly sobbing.)

Mike: (sadly) Well it was worth a try...


Megabyte: (fuming) How could you help her? How could you let her go??


Mike: Well, she seemed so sad and I just...


Megabyte: (narrowing his eyes) You will pay for this Michael. You will pay dearly!


Bob: (walking onto the bridge) Wait.. a... nano... Mike... you just let Daemon back to the Super Computer.

Mike: Yeah...

Bob: (trying hard to keep calm) Let me rephrase that....(Bob's hands form fists and his knuckles turn white, through cletched teeth) You just let Daemon get back to the Super Computer!

Mike: (thinks about it) Uh oh...

Tom: Oh way to go, Mike!

Crow: That's another ruined civilization we have to add to your list Mike.


Megabyte: Indeed. I was going to save this story for next week, but since I'm in such a foul mood, I have decided that you deserve it. You can all thank Mr. Nelson for your pains. I am now sending you "User Guardian One". A delightful piece by your favourite author, Miss Jo Ann Montomery.

Pearl: (smiling, to herself) Daemon thought my plan was ingenious! It is, isn't it?


Crow: No! Not her again! Please don't do this Mr. Byte!

Bob: (starts pushing Mike) This is all your fault! Not only am I not going to the Super Computer, and Daemon is safe and sound but it's a Jo Ann Mont... gom.... (runs off sobbing)


(Megabyte pops in a disk.)

Megabyte: (glowering) Enjoy.