In the not-too-distant future --
Next Cycle, A.D. --
There was a sprite named Bob
Not too different from you or me

He worked at P.O. Institute
Just another face in a blue jumpsuit
He did a good job protecting the place
But Megabyte didn't like him -- So he shot him into cyberspace


"I'll send him cheesy movies
The worst I can find (la la la)
About his return to Mainframe
And his absence of mind (la la la)"

Now keep in mind Bob can't control
Where the stories begin or end (la la la)
Because he lost that special Glitch
and all of his good friends

Spriiiiite Roll Call (Let's go!)
Dot Matrix (Work to do)
Enzo (Games are cool!)
AndrAIa (It's simple)
Mooooouse! (Sugah!)

If you're wondering how he eats and breathes
And other science facts (la la la)
Just repeat to yourself, "It's just a show
I should really just relax!"

Mystery ReBoot Theater 4000!

Written by Silver Tiger

(We're aboard the Satellite of love. Bob, Mike, Tom and Crow are playing 21, AKA blackjack. Bob's dealing.)

Bob: Okay...I stay.

Crow: Hit me.

(Bob slowly grins)

Bob: Okay...

Crow: (seeing what's coming) Not PHYSICALLY! I mean deal me another card! Aww crud, I fold.

Mike: Me too. Bob?

Bob: 17 points.

Tom: 20! Woo hoo! (rakes in a pile of chips) I'm just naturally talented at this.

Bob: Stuff it up your ASCII bubble top.

Crow: Hey, I'm IMPRESSED! Good one.

Mike: ASCII?

Bob: Well, technically it's not a swear.

Tom: Face it guys-I'm the better card player! I can also do poker well because my face doesn't show any expression! Hee hee!

(Everyone glares at him. The mads light begins to flash. Bob goes over to a panel of the ship that he's taken out and been working on, and feverishly tries to finish what ever he was doing. Mike pushes the button.)

Pearl: Alright. I have a headache. I'm letting the blue guy do this one...Tylenol...I need Tylenol...

Megabyte: Hello sprites. Today's fic is-

Mike: Um, I'm actually not a sprite. I'm a carbon-based life form made up mostly of water and amounts of vitamins called a human.

Tom: And I'm a finely programmed, highly sophisticated robot. So's Crow. Sort of.

Crow: Hey!

Megabyte: Fine. Hello guinea pigs.

Crow: Now that's bett- hey!

Megabyte: Just for the novelty, I've decided to make today's fic a surprise.

(Bob finishes what he's doing and stands up and smirks.)

Bob: 'Fraid not, "MB". I'VE just cut off the energy supply to the electrocution units of the ship. You can't force us in anymore!

Mike, Tom & Crow: YAYYYYYYYYYY!!!

Crow: Alright tinsel top!

Mike: Wow, how'd you do THAT?

Bob: Guardian programming: Never get stuck in a weird space-time continuum hole that hurls you to a different world without it.

Mike: I'll be sure to remember that.

Tom: I never thought I'd get to say this, but: UP YOURS PEARL! Oh no wait, she's not here.

Crow: Ha hah! What are you going to do NOW?

(Megabyte glares and presses the "electrocution" button. Nothing happens. He then narrows his eyes.)

Megabyte: Very well then...I'll simply have to enforce this differently.

Tom: (laughs) Oh yeah? And just how are you going to do THAT, tin-butt!

Megabyte: (Eerily calm) Excuse me, observer?

Brain Guy: (still miffed that MB gets a bigger part now than he does.) Oh yes, what is it now?

Megabyte: (Glares at the Brain Guy) Could you be so kind as to- (Turns away as he speaks so the crew of the SOL can't hear him)

Brain Guy: Oh alright.

Tom: Hah! YOU guys can't do anything to us now!

Mike: Yeah, what ARE you going to do?

Megabyte: (Appearing behind them) Hello.


Megabyte: I simply asked the Observer to send me down here to ensure that you co-operate.

Bob: Grrrrr...(glares at Megabyte.) I'M going to the theater. (stalks out, muttering about how if he had Glitch he'd be out of here by now.)

Mike: Uh gee, you look a LOT less intimidating on the Hexfield...heh. (goes into theater.)

Megabyte: Why thank you. (turns to Tom, who's hovering nervously. He leans in a bit, to freak out Servo.) I'm sorry, but did you happen to call me "tin-butt" a while back Mr. Servo?

Tom: Uh-uh-ahaha...

Megabyte: Hex used to call me that. I REALLY do so dislike that name.

Tom: (clearly scared) Augh-um-no no your immensness! Really! Wasn't me! I'll just go and sit quietly in the theater now... (zooms off)

Crow: That wuss! I mean, just because you're a seven foot, shiny blue, claw equipped humongous VIRUS doesn't mean he has to freak out so easily!

Megabyte: (Looking at him askance) A bit on the random side, are you?

Crow: Huh? Me? Heck no, I'm just slightly nuts.

Megabyte: That's what I said. Now...(slightly unsheathes claws) to the theater?

Crow: Heh...okay.

(Megabyte curiously pokes his head into it, and takes a few steps inside.)

Megabyte: Hmm...looks a bit 20th century to me. How quaint!

(Suddenly, the doors slam shut, and the observer's smug voice is heard over the intercom.)

Brain Guy: Oh dear oh dear, it looks like the fanfic has been sent already- now I can't let you out of the theater Megabyte! It has an automatic lock once the movie or fic is sent you know. Tsk. Too bad. Have fun!

Megabyte: WHAT?!

(MB tries to pry open the doors, but an electrical current shocks him.)

Brain Guy: Opps. Looks like Bob forgot the wires in the theater doors! So sorry. Taa taa! (signs off.)

Bob: Hah! Now YOU'RE stuck with us in here!

Crow: Wow. Well, welcome to the hell you've created for us. Bathroom break in 30 minutes! Refreshments will be served afterwards.

(Megabyte just glares at the doors, saying nothing. A low growl escapes from his mouth.)

Mike: Uh, Mr.Byte? Hello?

(Megabyte turns around and SCREAMS, (a la-"Infected") claws extended. He then settles down.)

Megabyte: (seething in anger) That absolutely idiotic, power tripped -er-whatever he is! When I get back I'll...what are you all doing?

(Tom's hiding underneath a seat and Bob and Crow are behind one. Mike is standing up shakily, with a crucifix in one hand muttering-"Norton anti-virus protect us...Norton anti-virus protect us..." They all stop and stand up sheepishly when it becomes obvious that Megabyte isn't mad at THEM. Well, not yet. Bob and Mike go to their seats.)

Crow: Uh...just checking for dust! Heh.

Tom: Uh, yeah Mike, there's a LOT of dust in here!

Crow: You mean DOWN there, Servo?

Tom: (getting up and hovering to his seat.) Shut up Crow!

Crow: Make me chicken boy!

Tom: Can it, golfball eyes.

Crow: Fembot!

Tom: Mesh hair!

Mike: GUYS! Now, we have a guest, so try to be nice, okay? Now say you're sorry.

Crow: Mike's right. Sorry Gumball head!

Tom: Anytime, grid for brains!

Bob: Gee, that was sort of touching.

Megabyte: Do you always act like this?

Mike: All the time. I blame the movies.

Megabyte: Indeed. (sits down about 3 seats to the left of Bob, who glares.)

Bob: (Whining) I don't WANNA sit by him!

Megabyte: (also glares) Well *I* don't either but do you think I'm going to sit in a part all by myself?

Bob: Fine with me. Who's going to miss you?

Megabyte: That was just rude Bob. Really.

Mike: (ever the peacemaker) Now Bob, c'mon...let's all try to calm down...I'LL sit there and you can sit on the edge.

(Bob switches places. The fic begins.)


Megabyte: Pardon?

Mike: Uh sorry. It's a tradition.

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