The Episode Guide With No Name

(Episodes 101-106 and Jerry the Cow's Birthday Special appear here thanks to Zen Zenith, who let me archive them here after he took down "The Edge of Beyond," the original home of MRT4K. Thanks, Zen!)

Season 1

Bob gets sent up to the SOL, and Megabyte teams up with Pearl Forrester and her band of minions.  Wackiness ensues.

101 -- Return to Sender by Alycia "CyberCat" Shedd
Our saga begins with Cybercat's unfinished classic about how Season 3 might have turned out. No sooner does Bob find himself in the Web than he's back in the Supercomputer, whining at "big brother" Turbo. Can the siblings settle their differences in time to save the Supercomputer from a Game? Meanwhile, back on the SOL, Bob has joined our fearless crew, who will stop at nothing to point out how stupid he is.

102 - Fidei Defensor by Silencer and Sentinel
Sure, Mainframe gets all broke and our heroes struggle to put it back together, but the real show here is all the hot, behind-the-scenes sysop action. Also joining us is Dexter "The Guy From Fidei Defensor" Rivers, a computer programming/martial arts expert. Alas, the story cuts off before things can get interesting (well, relatively speaking). To make up for it, the SOL gets a very special visitor.

103 - No Time for Games by David Smith
Nothing is what it seems in this cautionary tale about the dangers inherent in jumping into endless abysses. As Megabyte and Phong struggle desparately to pad out the story, Bob and Dot come face to face with an evil beyond all others -- a geek! Can our heroes get their act together before something or other happens to Mainframe? Meanwhile, Megabyte fights a courageous battle with his gasahol addiction.

104 - Ms. Decimal by Emidecimal
The inimitable Emidecimal takes us through this carefree adaptation of the episode "Identity Crisis", told as only she can: from her own first-person perspective. Megabyte has bent all of Mainframe to his will, and only Emi can think to take it back. Will her impish charms save the day? Meanwhile, the guys start a band, and they rock.

105 - Worlds Beyond by Silver Tiger
Set just as "Game Over" ends, this story explores Dot's suicidal thirst for revenge in between introducing the three Users who will, inevitably, become the focus of our attention. Jake "Jay" the Boy, Jill "Gil" the Girl, and Kevin "Kevin" the Hacker get more than they bargained for when Tony Jay shows up in a Tin Man suit, and wackiness ensues! Meanwhile, the guys investigate Quake obsession. With short "Halifax Quake Fest 98".

106 - Day of the Decimal by Emidecimal
Revisit Season 3 with us, Emidecimal style! After an accident involving a giant lazer cannon and a Game cube, Megabyte repairs Hexadecimal, and kind of enslaves her and her little friend, Emi. Can Emidecimal acquire enough silver to save them? Meanwhile, things quickly turn ugly when Gypsy takes the day off.

107 -- Infestation by Roeboot
Bob and Matrix must stop an infestation of giant bugs in a distant system.  Unfortunately, Bob's too busy dying and Matrix is too busy feeling bad about it.  The citizens of Mainframe try to help, but can they make enough lucky guesses in time?  Meanwhile, the SOL crew salutes the Cartoon Network.

108 -- Revenge by Julia Cat
A partial season 3 rewrite, although Daemon is introduced with all the life expectancy of a mayfly. Dot and Bob's romance also seems to be a lot more flowery. And despite the title, the revenge against Megabyte isn't even done by any of the Mainframers. Mike, Bob and the bots wonder at the few changes the author actually DID stick in.  Bob bones up on Userworld culture.

109 -- Quantum ReBoot: Installation by Joshua Falken
Sam leaps into Enzo.  Enzo leaps into someone else.  And some files are missing.  That's about as far as we get.  (Can't wait for the sequel Josh!).  With shorts "The Dead Sprite Switch" "Between Worlds" and "Where is Everybody?".  Pearl cheats on her driver's test.

110 -- Mainframe Miyu by Jo Ann Montgomery
Anime meets ReBoot in a crossover with a semi-obscure OAV. A giggling vampire Princess User with her undead servant are apparently able to travel through the Net and go around sending viruses back to "the dark" by smacking them with scribbled on post-it notes. Naturally the crew ridicules it (although truth be told this plot is actually fairly close to the anime series'.) With short "Pokefic on Crack".  Bob has theological problems.

111 -- ReBoot Season 4 Saga by Issa Ibrahim
Two unexpected visitors arrive in Mainframe somehow and don't know how to get back, plus there is trouble brewing for our CGI heros. User appearances, self-insertion, crossover, Megabyte's return and defeat, Daemon's arrival and defeat, a new, bigger, badder virus appears -- this one really touches all the bases.  Meanwhile, Megabyte meets up with an old flame.

Season 2

201 -- A New Life to Live by Julia Cat
In the sequel to "Revenge", all the couples in the ReBoot universe have sucessfully procreated and (as per the laws of ReBoot fanfiction) there's at least one set of twins or two siblings almost indistinguishable form each other around. The story DOES have something that other fics haven't picked up on yet: Dragons!  Servo tampers in God's domain.

202 -- Buffy the Virus Slayer by Amazon and Buffy
The crew of the SOL battles for their very souls as they read the epic User Guardian One crossover with Buffy the Vampire Slayer by the infamous Jo Ann Montgomery. The fic tells the stirring tale of the cast of Buffy coming to Mainframe, sitting around and practicing their smiling. If that weren't enough, a freak ion storm messes with the crew.  Season Finale.

203 -- The Quest by stay_frosty
A strong-minded pistol-toting Guardian named Blade seeks her destiny as a postal worker.  Meanwhile, everything she knows and loves is destroyed by Daemon.  Can Blade cry and mope enough to save the day?  With short "Hipa".  Crow starts a diner.


Jerry the Cow's Birthday Special by Jerry the Cow
Bob, Mike, and the Bots celebrate Jerry the Cow's birthday by MiSTing the main page of the ReHuCoHa.

The Unofficial ReBoot Awards 2000 Preview Special by Various Authors
Bob, Mike, and the Bots host the URA 2000 preview special. They pretend Jerry the Cow won't win.