Daemon Rising is in Production!

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Nick Edwards wrote:

> AAAHHH!!! Thats it! I couldn't for the life of me remember the name. Hordes
> of The Things. That's the one. Bloody hilarious, I used to have some of it
> on tape many years back but it got taped over by someone else.

I still have some of the shows on tape, somewhere.  In storage, maybe.
(Sheesh! 8 years in Canada and I still have some stuff in storage!)

> I never
> worried too much as I thought that they'd be sure to repeat it, which I
> think they did. Once. And it has since vanished without trace AFAIK. At
> least we have Old Harry's Game to enjoy at the moment.
> Thanks Gavin. How about sticking a reference in the new ReBoot for us old
> (well, not that old) Radio 4 hacks?  ;-)

Hmm.  Let me think about that one...  ;-)

> We're all looking forward to the
> movies!

You and me both!  But get this (everyone!): I just got back from the recording
session of the first two scripts (ie first half) of Daemon Rising!  Man was it
cool to have the gang back together again and hear the characters talking to
each other!!!  What a rush to hear Matrix say the immortal words "Gun;

Yee-har!  We're back, baby!

<Humungous grin on face>

> (Yep, it's *that* Gavin Blair. And boy am I peed off at the way Channel 5
> has messed around with Xena, don't know if we'll even see the rest of Season
> 4! Can the God of Chicks That Kick Ass zap a few schedulers back over here
> in Blighty?  ;-)

Ah yes - english broadcasters!  Don't get me started!  Look at the way they
messed with 'boot!  A hail of thunderbolts on them!

Given my own obsessions I can certainly sympathise about the Xena thing, but of
course I'm here in Canada and therefore can happily say that I have every
episode of X:WP yet broadcast safely on tape!  But you score over me because
you can get the first three seasons on lovely lovely DVD!

Battle On!



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