Who's That in the Recording Booth?

Kim McFarland wrote:

> Production has started!  Hot patootie, bless my soul!  Any chance of some cast
> info, who's going to be voicing who?  Or would that be kibitzing?  :)

Hmm.  What could I say that helps you out but doesn't give anything away?

Okay, how's this:  So far, any Season III character who appears in Season IV is
being played by the actor who played them in Season III.  (Vague enough?)  ;-)

As for other sources of info, like imdb, Mairi was right - they don't always have
the facts, especially on shows which are in pre-production or production...

> >Ah yes - english broadcasters!  Don't get me started!  Look at the way they
> >messed with 'boot!  A hail of thunderbolts on them!
> I know they showed some of the eps and then chopped it off.  Did they do
> anything to the episodes themselves, chop out or alter anything?

That I don't know for sure... according to my family back in 'the old country' the
answer is no, but we've never done a shot-by-shot comparison or anything.

> (A pox on whoever chopped out the missing "Mousetrap" scene in the Cartoon
> Network broadcasts!)

Now, what's the truth about that one?  What scene was missing?  (My first guess
would be the drinking scene!)

Networks aren't allowed to 're-edit' a show structurally or creatively, but they
do have the right to trim it 'due to time constraints' or 'inappropriate subject

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