Glad tidings!

No, not that Space will be showing all the seasons of Farscape up here
in the Great White North, although that is good news for us Canadian

Last night was the sound mix for the first episode of Daemon Rising!
All I can say is the show looks great and sounds great!  It thunders by
at a very rapid rate though - you'll definitely have to watch this one a
few times to catch all the action!

Show 4.01 is in the can!  Whoo-hoo!



            XWS:  Acronym, "Xena Withdrawal Syndrome".

'An addictive condition suffered by Xenites when Xena's adventures
 come to an end. Symptoms include a miserable demeanor, bringing
Xena into every conversation, acute restlessness, computer over-use,
web-site building, extensive searches for any and all kinds of Xena
      merchandise, and preoccupation with Thracian music.'

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