We recorded episode 4.08 today!  (Apart from two actors who couldn't
make the session who will be recorded friday)* So the last of the
'official' shows is (almost) in the (audio) can!

Also, to snuff out any rumours regarding 'will they / won't they' show
Reboot in the US, I got confirmation today that Cartoon Network will
indeed be showing the new Reboots.  They will be aired as individual
episodes on consecutive friday evenings, apparently.  So relax, US
Booters - you will go to the ball!


* Notice that I'm not even saying who - I've learned my lesson about
accidental spoilage!


            XWS:  Acronym, "Xena Withdrawal Syndrome".

'An addictive condition suffered by Xenites when Xena's adventures
 come to an end. Symptoms include a miserable demeanor, bringing
Xena into every conversation, acute restlessness, computer over-use,
web-site building, extensive searches for any and all kinds of Xena
      merchandise, and preoccupation with Thracian music.'

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