End of Week update

September 28, 2001

Hi y'all

So:  The first four shows are now mixed and in the can.  They look
amazing and sound incredible, and are so tightly packed with stuff even
I need to watch them more than once to take it all in!  It was an effort
getting the complex scripts into 21 minutes, (yeah, yeah, partly my
bad), but I think our awesome production teams have pulled it off!

This week has seen us putting together the various versions of the title
sequences for 'movie 1'. (Different broadcasters have different
requirements).  Some are 'Daemon heavy', some are 'Daemon lite', some
are 30 seconds, some 60 seconds, some with voiceover, some without...
it's all rather confusing really!  There's also a Season III recap
sequence for some versions of the first episode.  I think what I'll do
when the shows have aired is have the different sequences put on the
Website so you can all get a chance to see them all.

Yesterday we had the final record session for 'movie 2', but being a
complete stinker I can't tell you who it was with.  ;-)

Next wednesday we mix the 5th episode, the first part of the second
'movie', and I gotta tell ya, IMHO it is one of the best episodes of
Reboot ever... and I cannot wait until you all see it!

So - it's looking good, and it's coming fast!

Have a great weekend and Stay Frosty!



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