ReBoot Toys in the US

November 1, 2001

Me again.

I got clearance about what I can and can't say!

In very simple terms, it goes like this:

1) Cartoon Network gave the Toy Stores the impression that they were
going to air ReBoot daily.

2) The Toy Stores said "Great!  Irwin - send us lots of toys!"

3) Irwin and Mainframe got together and planned some killer toys.

4) For whatever reason, Cartoon Network changed their minds and decided
they weren't going to air ReBoot daily after all.

5) They Toy Stores said "Oh.  We won't be needing all those toys after
all.  (Less airings means less viewers means less toys are bought.)

SOOOOOOO the upshot of all this is... direct your letters to not only
the Toys Stores (particularly Toys R Us and Wal Mart) but ALSO to
Cartoon Network.  Tell them you want ReBoot in heavy rotation.

That's the ONLY real way to get more toys on the shelves!



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