Cartoon Network Dumps ReBoot... Again.

ReBoot is off of Toonami as of December 7, when two eps will be shown, and then it loses its 5:00 PM slot. Cartoon Network's schedule used to show ReBoot running at 6:00 AM up through the first week of January, which is as far as it went. Well, that's changed. Now we see that ReBoot's last scheduled showing is on December 28. The following Monday it is replaced by Jonny Quest.

So, it looks like Cartoon Network is dumping ReBoot. Again. IMO, it was skunky of them to put it in the 6:00 AM ghetto right before the Xmas season, guaranteeing that there wouldn't be much in the way of toys for the holidays in the US, and now... *sigh*

I really hope that this is just temporary. I'm starting to get whiplash, the way ReBoot keeps bouncing on and off and around Cartoon Network's schedule.  And for the fourth season shows to get one airing and then vanish... that just ain't right.

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