Toy Update has an article about the upcoming toys. As it turns out, the Deluxe (voice change) Figures and the Series 3 figures have been put on indefinite hold while they see how well the others sell and hw popular the movies are. The 5" series 1 figures and the 9" Collectors Figures have been postponed to the first week of October (when ReBoot comes back on the air in the US!) and the Series 2 figures to somewhere between the middle of November to December.

In case you haven't read it everywhere else on the web, here is what is expected in the three action figure series:

  1. Matrix, Commander Dot, Glitch Bob, AndrAIa, and Megabyte (Matrix and Glitch Bob have already appeared in Wal-Marts across Canada.)
  2. Web Bob, Web Matrix, Ray Tracer, WebRider, and Captain Capacitor. (Ray Tracer and Nameless Webrider have already appeared in Wal-Marts across Canada.)
  3. Websuit Matrix, Samurai Mouse, Young Andraia & Enzo, White Hexadecimal & Scuzzy, and Phong & Mike the TV

The original article is full of pictures of the figures and other toys, including some that I hadn't seen before, such as Young AndrAIa. A special surprise was a figure of Turbo!

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