Season 4 - Movies or Full Season?

Part 1

From: mairi welman <>
Subject: Here's the Scoop
Date: 2000-11-30 10:33:36 PST 

Okay, okay, I've probably tortured you guys enough and lord knows I
wouldn't want you to go through the weekend preoccupied with "whither
ReBoot?" and possibly hurt yourselves or innocent bystanders.


Here's the scoop, as given in a magazine interview by Gavin recently
which is due to appear on the street shortly.... I always said you'd be
the first to know if anything changes.....

"Question = What was the impetus behind the TV movies?  Any hints as to
what will happen in them?

"Answer - We love Reboot. It's our baby.  And we always, always, always
wanted to do more episodes.

It's the fans who are largely responsible for ReBoot's return.  Without
them bugging the  broadcasters constantly, Cartoon Network might not have
given it a chance.  Without the great run on the CN, we wouldn't be
talking about more shows. So here's a big thanks to our loyal fans -
they never gave up on the show, and it's paying off!

As for the movies, there were originally going to be two two-hour movies

which would break up into 8 episodes for TV.  The first one, 'Daemon Rising',
picks up where Season III left off and deals with the problems of the infected
Guardians and the Supervirus, Daemon.  It also answers some of the
questions the fans have always asked - What happened to the other city of
Mainframe? What's the deal with Dot and Enzo's father?  What's Bob's
backstory? Things like that.

The second movie covers new ground and deals with the outrageous
cliffhanger which comes at the end of 'Daemon Rising'!  (Aren't we

But what happened is that the order had gone to 13 episodes, so we are
effectively adding a third movie to the lineup, plus an extra 13th show
which will be.... A MUSICAL!

And now - as Mike the TV might say - there's more!  There is now a very
real chance that the order for shows will go to 26, the interest in the show
is so great!"

There you have it. Believe me, we are very excited about this and hope
you are too :o)
Stay Frosty,

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