Season 4 - Movies or Full Season?

Part 2

From: mairi welman (
Subject: Re: Mairi, 13 or 26 episodes? [view thread]
Date: 2001-02-12 16:24:03 PST 

Hi Backatcha!
We currently have a contract for 8 episodes and Gavin said a while back that we
are negotiating to take the story to more, possibly 13, possibly 26. However, I
have learned that nothing is certain until the signatures appear on the dotted
line. So, that said, all I can promise at this point is two 2 hour TV movies which
will then be repeated as 8 episodes later in the season. For what its worth, I
think the broadcatsers will be watching the ratings for those TV movies very
carefully before ordering additional episodes. We can only hope that everyone and
their dogs ( and cats) watch those movies when they air!

Nyteen00 wrote:

> Hey Mairi,
>             How you doing?  I've been really been wondering this, you've posted
> on this newsgroup that there is a possibility for 26 new episodes.  Well,
> Cartoon Network officially announced the new Toonami series, Justice League,
> based on the DC Comics characters for fall 2001 and 26 episodes.  I was
> thinking that since Cartoon Network ordered 26 episodes of that, then I figured
> it would do the same for Reboot.  Have they?  Maybe they would air them both on
> weekends because 26 episodes on weekdays is like 6 weeks of new episodes (and
> one day) and then that's it.  Also, when do you think you can post some new
> images from season 4 of Reboot?  Keep up the great work.
> Thanks so much,
> Vincent

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