The Shop Press Release 1:
The Shop has optioned its first television property, BubbleBots.


February 10, 2003 - Vancouver, Canada - THE SHOP Productions, Inc.
announced today that it has signed an exclusive option agreement for the
property BubbleBots, which will be developed as a 26 half-hour computer
animated series along with a merchandising & licensing program for
international distribution.

BubbleBots was created by acclaimed comic book designer Pat Lee and was
further developed by Emmy Award winning children’s writer David Odell
(The Muppet Show, Monsters) and Annette Duffy, Ben Odell and Dave
Alpert. The deal with THE SHOP was arranged with Pat Lee (Dreamwave
Prod.) with Circle of Confusion partner Dave Alpert representing the
writing team.

THE SHOP co-founder Ian Pearson said, “BubbleBots is the best pitch I’ve
ever seen.  The storyline is classic and the characters are compelling.
This coupled with Pat Lee’s artwork, makes this a fantastic property. We
were looking for a TV property we could hit out of the park and we’ve
found it”.

Pat Lee will play a key role in the series as its Art Director and David
Odell will function as the series Script Editor.  THE SHOP will look to
the rest of the development team to provide creative and writing
services.  Creator Pat Lee said "BubbleBots is near and dear to my heart
and I'm ecstatic that it's being produced by THE SHOP. I’m going to work
hard to make sure that the shows’ design is up to the standard set by
David Odell’s writing".  David Odell said "Ian is one of the geniuses of
computer animation.  We've wanted to work with him for years, ever since
we saw his Dire Straits video and his series ReBoot".

The story concerns two young BubbleBots - Ajax and Bjax - whose
brotherly rivalry becomes a battle for the fate of the planet when Ajax
turns to a path of evil.  Bjax sets out with a group of his friends on a
dangerous journey to the farthest reaches of their Planet, encountering
strange creatures, making new friends, and overcoming unimaginable

“The story and characters are excellent and the look of this series will
surprise a lot of people as we are producing it on HDTV” says SHOP
Co-Founder Aaron L. Gilbert.  Gilbert continues, “THE SHOP will produce
all DTV and television properties in high-definition, allowing episodes
to be packaged down the road for home video and interactive mediums or
even outputted economically to film. A lot of creative elements of the
series are already developed and THE SHOP will soon be contacting
broadcasters, interactive publishers, toy companies and alike”.

THE SHOP PRODUCTIONS, INC. is a Vancouver, Canada based, CGI animation
production company founded in 2002 by partners Ian Pearson and Aaron L.
Gilbert. In addition to BubbleBots, THE SHOP is currently in active
development on the CGI feature film co-production “Time Dogs” with Jim
Henson Pictures.

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