Mainframe Website Contest

Hello Fellow Booters;
It's pouring in Vancouver today!

I am secretly pining for tropical sun, powdered sugar sand and a
beverage with a little paper umbrella in it. If I concentrate real hard
I can actually feel the sun on my shoulders and hear the ocean waves
breaking on the sand........
Ahhhhh..........poop. I'm still at my desk!

Oh well, in the spirit of fantasy and appreciation for your dedication
AND to give you all a treat during these dark winter months while you
wait for the new TV movies, (especially you guys in Ontario and the
Maritimes!) I thought I'd post a little challenge that has a prize or
three attached.

****First prize is a full colour folder with our favourite silken-voiced
villain, Megabyte on the cover, full colour mainframe art inside and
(ta-da!) Tony Jay's personal autograph AND a ReBoot ball cap AND pewter
ReBoot logo keychain.

***Second prize is a ReBoot ball cap in navy cotton with orange under
the brim and the ReBoot icon on the front. It says "mainframe crew" on
the back in small embroidery. AND an embroidered ReBoot patch for your

***Third prize is a Black cotton ball cap with embroidered Frisket on
the front.

What is the challenge you ask?
I thought you'd never ask!
It's simple,  but you'll need to put your creative thinking caps on.

I'm looking for fun activity ideas to be part of the ReBoot TV Movie web
site this fall. The ideas should be for fun activities that everyone
from kids to adults, novice web users to old hands can enjoy. We may not
use your idea, but if it gives us a smile we'll reward you. And of
course, you are advised that by entering this contest you are releasing
the rights to your idea to us for possible future use.

No idea is too weird! As long as it is good clean fun, smacks of ReBoot
and doesn't take a Cray to run we'll likely love it.

You have till April Fool's day to submit your ideas.

Ready, set, go!


Mairi Welman                              email:
Director of Communications        tel: 604-714-2600
Mainframe Entertainment, Inc.     fax: 604-714-2641
500 - 2025 W. Broadway   
Vancouver, BC, V6J 1Z6

"The only real posession we ever own is our character."
                                                       Tom Wolfe

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