Mainframe Website Contest Winners

Dearest Booters;
Thank you again for all your wonderful ideas, submitted in our web
It was really tough choosing winners!
We received many entires from different people with the same ideas, and
in those cases, we decided the "first in the gate" rule had to apply.
So without further ado, here are the winners:

First prize:
Full-colour art folder autographed by Tony Jay, ReBoot/Mainframe Crew
ball cap and pewter ReBoot logo keychain goes to .......TA
DA...Kim/Negaduck for her idea to allow users to play with character
building and costuming and then position them in different backgrounds
to create  postcards that could then be emailed to friends.

Second Prize:
ReBoot/Mainframe Crew ball cap and ReBoot embroidered patch. This one
ended in a tie as two entires with virtually the same idea came in on
the same day. So both Ainsley/level_2_fun and Patrick/patmc win for
their ideas of enabling users to create a ReBoot scrapbook/sticker book
with stuff planted all over the site that can be put in the book.

Third Prize:
A Frisket ball cap goes to.... Cat/XRadicalDreamer for her idea of a
simple memory game for the wee sprites called Match-A-Glitch.

Phong's "Most Honourable" mentions go to:
Eddie/Neo15 - Character email idea
Amelie /data_sprite12 - Music player idea
Alycia/Cyber Cat - Build-A-Binome idea

You three will receive ReBoot pewter keychains as a thanks for your

So, all you prize winners, email me your snail addies so I can send
these prizes off to you. That was fun!
Thanks again to everyone who participated.
(Hey look - it's stopped raining!)


Mairi Welman
Director of Communications
Mainframe Entertainment, Inc.
tel: 604-714-2600                        fax: 604-714-2641

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