Where Are They Now?

October 18, 2002

Hi All;
Someone posted recently asking where the old Mainframers have gone. I
can fill you in on some of us...
Ian has started a new Vancouver-based company called The Shop which
already has several development deals onthe books for computer
animated projects in TV and film.
Gavin is off to write his kiss and tell memoir of the heady days at a
rising young computer animation company - "No one is safe!!", he was
heard to laugh maniacally as he left the building.
Chris W - software guru, has turned his hand to gaming over at EA, as
have many, many of the animators and modellers who used to work at
Dan our development brainiac is at Marvel Comics in NYC, his hometown.
I don't think he misses La La Land one tiny bit.
I am working with trains again and loving it. But still manage to keep
an eye on you lot now and then.
Nice to see so many familiar names on the list here. Hope you are all
doing well and loving life!
Cheers m'dears!

Probably needless note: Ian is Ian Pearson, Gavin is Gavin Blair, Chris W is Chris Welman, and Dan is Dan DiDio. Mairi is, of course, Mairi Welman.

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