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I did these! The ReBoot Fansite!

Slack & Hash's Magic 8-Ball

Want to know what the future has in store for you? Ask and ye shall find out. Maybe.
I did these!

Desktop Mascots

Slack has made some desktop mascots.White Hex, Glitch Bob, and Red Hexadecimal are available to decorate your desktops. Get 'em from the new section of The Negapage, Slack's Windows Mascots.

One, two, three, kick!

I did these!Icons & Animated Cursors I did these!

Slack and Hash have created some Windows and Macintosh icons! So far we have some general use images, a set of Hex Masks, Enzo, Matrix, Dot, Phong, Hack & Slash, Mouse, AndrAIa, Megabyte, Daemon, Ray, White Hex, Turbo, Frisket, Mike the TV, Nulls, Daecon, and two Bob libraries (Classic Bob and Glitch Bob) based on my mood icons. Most of these have also been converted to Macintosh format. There's also some animated and static cursors.

I did these!Slack's Shameful Splash

I did these!April Fool Switcheroo

I did these!Slack's Quote of the Week Contest

Want to amaze people with your knowledge of song lyrics and other obscure quotes? Want to win wonderful, amazing prizes? Come on in!

Hexadecimal the Flasher!

Or, more accurately, Flashed Hexadecimal! From the depths of Lar DeSouza's brain (and computer) comes a short flash movie starring Hexadecimal. If you do not understand the punchline... consider yourself fortunate.

I did these! Hexen Mod  Skins... sorta.

Slack has been playing the Korax Mod 2 for Hexen (the game "The Dead Bob Show" was based on). In this mod, some of the items are rendered as 3-D objects instead of flat images... and the skins for these models are editable graphic files... which means that with a simple paint program I was able to add a bit of Bootish flavor to the game. For example, I customized mana crystals.

I did these! Season 4 Sounds

I did these! ReBoot KiSS

The ReBoot KiSS stuff has been moved to its own section.

I did these!MégabogueS

Hear your favorite characters in French.

I did these! ReBoot Mah-Jongg

What happens when Slack finds a Javascript for Mah-Jongg and decides to customize the tiles? Read the instructions or go to straight to the game to find out.
This game requires a browser that can handle both DHTML and Javascript. Your mileage may vary!

I did these! Ray Tracer's Secret?

Does the web surfer have something to hide? An embarassing relative, perhaps? Find out!

I did these! Happy Birthday to Me!

Slack was compiled on April 25, 19something. Someone sent her a present for her birthday. It gave Slack a smile. So Slack is sharing it. Maybe you'll smile too.

I did these! Viral Sex Change

During the restart, one of the viral binomes gets a sex change before our very eyes!

I did these!Slack's Page of Shamelessness

This site has won some awards! Here's where Slack brags about 'em. 

I did these!Want to Link to Us?

Due to popular demand - well, popular for about six people - I've created a little banner that can be used to link to Slack & Hash's Domain. It's animated and everything, isn't that cute? If you want to use it, click on the graphic below, save it, then put it on your site and link it to its new address, .

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