Slack & Hash's Photo Album

I did these! Bob on TV

Screen captures of Michael Benyaer from an episode of Smallville.

I did these! Finally, a S3 Hexadecimal Action Figure!

Nigel Sully created this beautiful cusom Season 3 Hexadecimal figure. Photos by Brian Doyle.

I did these! Bob Shows His Heels

Lar DeSouza customized a Glitch Bob so he would feel right at home from The Rocky Horror .MOVie File.

I did these! The Mouse on TV

Screen captures of Stevie Vallance from an episode of Forever Knight.

Fun with Action Figures

Pose your ReBoot action figures and other toys! See if you can come up with something funny or at least embarassing!

I did these! What Was That?!

Mutant binomes and other strange things.

ReBoot at the Tyrrell Museum

Bad Bob and Hexadecimal take a User-Sponsored trip at The Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology. Wacky educational fun for all ages!

I did these! Out-of-Focus Funnies

Slack got a digital camera. A cheap one. One which doesn't have flash or autofocus. So what does she use it for? A tribute to A Minor Glitch's Bob Squad! Sorta.

A tribute isn't the same thing as a blatant ripoff. Really.

I did these! Viral Action Figures

Either these are ultra-rare Irwin toys that are worth a bazillion dollars each, or they are just Toys R Us surplus which I painted up myself using model paints.

I did these! Null Rider on the Storm

Um... I saw this one day... I wish I hadn't... It gives me bad dreams.

I did these! It's the Wrong Trousers!

Long view and a little closer up of a crossover that should never happen. But if that penguin can get into Mainframe...

I did these! Slack and Hash Themselves I did these!

Yes, Slack and Hash have human forms too. Here are a few pictures of them. Slack's the bespectacled one, Hash's the redhead.

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