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Here are many of the nulls that have, to date, found homes through the Quote of The Week contest.
The "Getting a Null" picture is by GamingHeart. Thanks!
On November 17, 2001, Tilde~ became the owner of the handsome null you see over there on the right. She named it "Bobnull." Congratulations, and remember to feed it often. Otherwise it'll find its own food, and you won't like that...

How'd he get so big?

On February 9, 2002, Kathy Moats became the owner of the lovely null you see over there on the right. She has named it "Bamf". Congratulations, Kathy!

We should be so lucky!

On March 30, 2002, Kathy Moats adopted the null you see over there. He is named "Spex." I don't know why. But what is a world without mystery?

They nullified Chester Cheetah!

On April 30, 2002, Ryuu became the proud owner of "Irving," yet another blue null. She also picked out that name. Honest. Don't blame me.

Well, so many SPRITES are blue, so statistically...

On July 20, 2002, Guess Lilantre earned herself the null hiding in the corner of the picture over there. It is named Hubert. I'm gonna go look for one of my Tom Lehrer tapes now...

On August 10, 2002, Ryuu earned her second null, which she has named Berlin. And, amazingly, this null is not blue! But what's with those names, Ryuu? You saddled your first null with "Irving," and now...


Never mind.

Hi-ho, this is Kermit the Null!

On December 28, 2002, Atlanta won this lovely purple null! Yes, that's right, two null adoptions in a row that are a color other than blue!

Kissy kissy

On June 7th, 2003, GamingHeart won this silvery-black null. It is named The Rogue Null, or just Rogue for short. The lobster (or crayfish) is nameless as far as we know.

This image is by GamingHeart.

Kissy kissy

New! On August 30, 2003. Val adopted Buttons the null, sight unseen. Then on September 6 Atlanta won a nameless but handsome silvery grey null. And, finally, on October 4, *rin adopted a lovely purple null and named it Fluffy Spartacus. Here they all are, shown doing a special trick Hack and Slash spent all afternoon training them for!

Why you should feed nulls regularly.

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