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If I looked human you wouldn't kill me on-camera!

November 13, 2005

This past week's quote was from "Payday" by Boz Scaggs. This week's winner (and only entry, in fact) was Blair Morris. And with that it's time to put the Quote of The Week to rest. Thanks to everyone who has entered. I've really enjoyed doing this contest. I hope that one day there'll be reason to revive it again!

And, because I don't think I've gotten all of the missed prizes distributed, I repeat: because of some computer problems I don't want to get into here my "tickler" file was obliterated, and that's where I held the records of who won prizes, what they asked for, and when I sent them out. And that means it's very likely that I missed some people. So, if I owe you a prize and never came through, please E-mail me!

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