Quote of the Week Contest

Winners' Circle, January - June 2002

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January 5, 2002
Must... put inappropriate pauses... into... sentences!
"Rocket Man" sung by Elton John et al
Winner: Katzedecimal  

 January 12, 2002
Doesn't that hurt?
"Hotel California" by The Eagles
Winner: Kathy Moats

January 19, 2002
Yeah, well, that goes triple for me!
"Sweet Transvestite" from
"The Rocky Horror Picture Show"
Winner: Katzedecimal

January 26, 2002
"One Night in Bangkok," from "Chess."
Winner: Katzedecimal

February 2, 2002
You go first
"Memory" from "Cats"
Winner: SciFiGrl47@aol.com

February 9, 2002
I once had a beautiful sammitch
"Fat" by Weird Al Yankovic
Winner: Kathy Moats
(4 right! She won a null!)

February 16, 2002
There's something in your eye, it's a miracle!
"Don't Answer Me" by the Alan Parsons Project
Winner: Atlanta

February 23, 2002
I suppose you're all wondering why I called you here today
"The Sound of Silence" by Simon and Garfunkel
Winner: Kathy Moats

March 2, 2002
Look ma, no cavities!
"Mack the Knife" from "Threepenny Opera."
Winner: Kathy Moats

 March 9, 2002
You have this long to live, my pretties!
Death in Terry Pratchett's Discworld books
Winner: Chibiwakki@yahoo.ca

  March 16, 2002
"I'm Going to Go Back There Someday"
from "The Muppet Movie"
Winner: Kathy Moats

  March 23, 2002
Turbo wanna cracker!
"O Superman." by Laurie Anderson
Winner: Tilde~

 March 30, 2002
"Singin' in The Rain"
Winner: Kathy Moats
(Who just won another null!)

 April 6, 2002
Two against one
"Cabaret" from "Cabaret"
Winner: Tilde~

 April 13, 2002
"Luka" by Suzanne Vega"
Winner: Yarol

 April 20, 2002
We're brother and sister now? This could be a problem...
"Pogo" by Walt Kelly
Earth Day 1971 comic strip
Winner: MeatLoaf

 April 27, 2002
Two against one
"This Wheel's On Fire"by Bob Dylan
Winner: Ryuu

  May 4, 2002
At last my arm is complete again!
"Mean Green Mother From Outer Space"
From "Little Shop of Horrors"
Winner: Chicken of The Sea

May 11, 2002
Somebody call me a chiropractor!
"Bette Davis Eyes"
Winner: Tilde~

May 18, 2002
Dancing jellyfish
The title song from "Shock Treatment"
Winner: Guess Lilantre

May 25, 2002
CC or not CC
"I Think I'm a Clone Now" by Weird Al Yankovic
Winner: S. Elizabeth Herkamp

June 1, 2002
Mmmm.  Green Jell-O.
"Happy Birthday" by Weird Al Yankovic
Winner: Tilde~
(4 more right! She gets some CD-ROMs!)

June 8, 2002
My mind may be wandering...
"Old Deuteronomy" by T.S. Eliot
Winner: Kerry

June 15, 2002
Is you lookin' at me?
""Carribean Queen by Billy Ocean
Winner: Atlanta

June 22, 2002
Go infect Pepperland!
"Heart of Darkness" by Joseph Conrad
Winners: Chicken of The Sea
and Guess Lilantre

June 29, 2002
You go, girlnome!
"The Rainbow Connection"
Winner: JadedJewel

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