Quote of the Week Contest

Winners' Circle, July - December 2002

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July 6, 2002
False Advertising
"We Sail the Ocean Blue" from "HMS Pinafore"
Winner: Guess Lilantre

July 13, 2002
No child labor laws in Mainframe
"In the Navy" by The Village People
Winner: Tilde~

 July 20, 2002
Shiny Happy People
"Hot Patootie (Bless My Soul)" from RHPS
Winner: Guess Lilantre
(4 right!  She won a null!)

  July 27, 2002
With this giant marble I will rule the net!
"Puss'n Boots" by Adam Ant
Winner: Guess Lilantre

August 3, 2002
Have no fear, Captain State-The-Obvious is here!
"Life's Gonna Suck" by Denis Leary
Winner: Guess Lilantre

August 10, 2002
Hex, can I borrow your mad cackle?
"Smile Darn Ya, Smile"
Winner: Ryuu
(4 right! She gets a null!)

August 17, 2002
Tickle tickle
"Evil is Only Skin Deep"
Winner: Yarol

August 24, 2002
I'm looking at the Virus in the mirror, I'm asking her to change her ways
"I Feel Pretty" from "West Side Story"
Winner: Yarol

August 31, 2002
We built this system on rock and roll
"Look What I Did to My Id" from "Shock Treatment."
Winner: Yarol
(4 right! She gets a set of song video CD-ROMs!)

September 7, 2002
Drop and give me 20, maggots!
"Go West" by The Village People
Winner: stemb@maisonotaku.fsnet.co.uk

September 14, 2002
Glitch! Objection!
Winner: Yarol

 September 21, 2002
0 mani padme 1
"Married" from "Cabaret"
Winner: Ryuu

  September 28, 2002
Starry Starry Bob
"2001: A Space Odyssey"
Winner: Tilde~

October 5, 2002
Name that tuna!
"Rose Garden"
Winner: stemb@maisonotaku.fsnet.co.uk

October 12, 2002
Winner: Atlanta

  October 19, 2002
Been waiting a LONG TIME for that slow food
"This is Halloween"
from "The Nightmare Before Christmas"
Winner: Tilde~

  October 26, 2002
Whoa, who-oa...
"Oogie Boogie's Song"
from "The Nightmare Before Christmas"
Winner: Little Nicole

 November 2, 2002
Oh, the symmetry! The symmetry!
"Tomorrow Belongs to Me"
from "Cabaret"
Winner: Ryuu

 November 9, 2002
You know what they say about men with big hands, don't you?
"Popeye The Sailor Man"
Winner: Little Nicole

November 16, 2002
Snap, crackle, and clink
"Piano Man" by Billy Joel
Winner: Kathy Moats

November 23, 2002
I asked his name and he had to think! Could I have found the Missing Link?
"I Like Them Big and Stupid" by Julie Brown
Winner: ArtSoft

November 30, 2002
Zaytan wins!  Fatality!
"Puff, The Magic Dragon," by Peter, Paul & Mary
Winner: Yarol

December 7, 2002
The Troops for Hexadecimal
"Looking for Trade from "Shock Treatment"
Winner: ArtSoft

December 14, 2002
Quit talkin' him to death and kiss him!
"Circle of Life," sung by Elton John
Winner: Pris

December 21, 2002
I still want a toy of this car.
"Once in A Lifetime" by the Talking Heads
Winner: ArtSoft

December 28, 2002
Burn, baby, burn
"One More Minute" by Weird Al Yankovic.
Winners: ArtSoft and Atlanta
(4 right! Null time!)


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