Slack's Shameful Splash

On April 1, 2002, I posted a completely new front page for Slack & Hash's Domain. It replaced the index with a splash page, and did away with frames altogether. It got mixed reviews... and a lot more positive feedback than I expected!

I actually created this page back in June 2001. I'd just gotten some new web authoring and graphic tools in the office so I could revamp my company's site. However, before I could do that I had to learn how the dang things worked. Which meant just messing around with them. I was trying to do the redesign without really having a good feel for the tools, and came down with "web designer's block." So, I decided to just do a dry run and have fun instead. And in the name of fun I thought of some of my pet peeves in fan websites, and decided to make a spoof of my own page incorporating as many of these peeves and cliches as I could and still be plausible. For the record, these elements include:

Anyway, for all those who thought I'd lost my mind but were too polite to say so, thank you for your restraint. And for those who politely told me what they thought were less than ideal elements, thank for your honesty. And for those who genuinely liked it, or recognized if for the joke that it was... heh heh!

Educational Link: Web Pages That Suck is an excellent web design resource. If you're not sure what sucks and what doesn't, walk through this site. It not only shows what sucks and why, it's funny too.

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