Teasers and Inspirational Art

Here's some more artwork based on the Daemon Blast, West Sector Story, and Silence of The RAM series. It includes both inspirational sketches and art based on upcoming stories. Enjoy!

Daemon Blast

Theme for Daemon Blast 6, "One In a Million" If you recognize this music, it'll tell you more than any little doodles I could do! RM file, 93K.

The Ladies of Daemon Blast (Or, "Can we get a LITTLE more out of character, people?) by Slack. Inspired by a song in the Tendo Christmas Scramble episode of "Ranma 1/2," Dot, Mouse, AndrAIa, and Hex strut their stuff.

"You did WHAT?!?" by Silvestris. What has Hex done that could shock Mouse? Let's just say it happened off camera, between stories.

Revealed At Last! Lar shows us the true identity of Daemon! (Note: if you don't get this joke, consider yourself blessed!)

Daemon took over the Supercomputer. She all but destroyed the net. But when she killed Turbo's bunny Daisy, she went TOO FAR! (Note: this is actually a screengrab from "DOOM".)

West Sector Story

Melissa - The first picture of this sprite of a different colour. By Hash.

Portrait of Melissa by Slack.

kB - An inspirational sketch by Silvestris of a certain Virus.

Father and Daughter - as they appear in "Citizen K." By Lar.

Another "Father and Daughter" picture by Hash. Awww...

Megabyte - a very rough inspirational sketch for "Tyger! Tyger!"

Kilobyte's musical theme. Phong has his bamboo flute, Mouse has her chimes, Hexadecimal has her harp music, Megabyte has "The March of The Viral Binomes"... you get the idea. This 30-second RM is a snippet from "Remous" on the Cirque du Soleil album "O," and fits Kilobyte and the West Sector perfectly.

I've found a voice for Kilobyte. These were recorded from the cartoon "Gargoyles."

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