End Prog

Written by: Mark Wolfman
Story by:

Gavin Blair  Ian Pearson
Dan DiDio  Len Wein
Phil Mitchell   Mark Wolfman

  Transcribed by: Kim McFarland

It is bad, my children. Very bad.[It is a dark and stormy night. The camera approaches the Principle Office over what is left of the surrounding system. Lightning-like discharges illuminate the scene. Even inside the Principle Office it is dark. A CPU snaps a chemical light stick. Binomes are huddled inside the Great Hall talking among themselves, rocking their children, standing in food lines, weeping, and so on.]
[monotone] We're doomed.
[Fade to a medical area. Doctor binomes treat others up on beds, including a binome whose blocks have been separated and another who appears to be receiving CPR. Fade to a scene of binomes waiting in long lines outside a pair of portable toilets. Some hop in place or bang on the doors desperately. A baby binome in line fills its diaper. Fade to a shantytown-like area with makeshift houses. Three binomes in Chinese costumes ride bicycles between the buildings. Fade to a young girl One peering through a cloth barrier, on the other side of which Our Heroes are around the map table. They include Matrix, Bob, AndrAIa, Specks, Phong, Hack, Slash, Dot, Mouse, and Ray. Phong is facing away from the rest.]
I am sorry, my children, but Mainframe is dying. We have stopped the bleeding, but the patient is too far gone to save.
But there must be something we can do.
[turning toward her] I'm afraid not, my child. We would... merely be wasting our time.
[Dot looks down, discouraged.]
We can't effect repairs without powering up, and if we power up a sector it'll just start going offline again.
[Specks nods. Mouse lowers her head. Then she looks over at the cloth barrier, where the One is looking in. The One realizes that she has been seen and ducks back, then peers through the slit again. Mouse shakes her head.]
[stage whisper] But we can't support the whole city in a ruined Principle Office for more than a few cycles!
So all we've done is delayed the inevitable!
[unhappily] There is one possible solution.
[AndrAIa, Matrix, Dot, Hack, and Slash look up at Bob. Hack and Slash exchange glances.]
[continuing] But... I'm really not too happy about it. Bear in mind, this is a last resort.
[The game alarm sounds. Bob looks up.]
System Voice:
Warning, incoming game.
[Everyone around the map table looks up. A tunnel opens in the sky.]
System Voice:
Warning, incoming game. Warning, incoming game.
[CPUs stare upward, alarmed. Seen in a VidWindow, a game cube descends from the tunnel. Matrix steps in front of the VidWindow.]
[determinedly] Let's do it!
[He turns to leave. Frisket and AndrAIa follow him. Then he stops and looks to the side.]
Bob? Are you comin'?
[Bob's eyes are tightly closed, and he looks pained. He shakes his head slightly, then opens his eyes.]
No. And you mustn't go either.
[Phong looks over, wide-eyed with surprise.]
[in disbelief] W-what?
Goes against everything I am, but - we have to stay outta that game!
A lost game could push Mainframe over the edge! The system will crash! You're a big fella, ain't'cha?
I know. But I think that if the system goes over it could force a restart!
[shaking his head] But, we don't know that! We have to go! I have to go!
[Matrix walks forward. Bob catches him by the shoulders.]
Enzo! I know. Trust me!
[Matrix glares at Bob. Bob looks pleadingly at Matrix.]
Bob! He's got cocker spaniel eyes
[Bob looks to the side. Matrix looks around and up.]
[The game cube lands. Bob closes his eyes and lowers his head.]
[softly] What have we done?
[Dot lowers and shakes her head. Hack and Slash look at each other worriedly.]
[whispering] We... [shakes his head and speaks louder] We must move quickly! [He turns toward a laptop-like workstation on the map table.] We do not have much time. [He begins typing rapidly.]
[looking up] Yes, you're right. We have to make sure all active PIDs are accounted for.
[Dot begins typing at another small station. Everyone but Matrix stands in place. Matrix crosses, then looks back at the table.]
[lets out a breath] The natives are gonna get restless with a game in town. We should try to keep 'em calm. Got it in Mejiers
[Bob looks at AndrAIa. They nod at each other, then walk away. Dot and Phong are both typing rapidly at their stations. Outside, the game cube sits among wreckage. Back inside, Mouse and Ray walk among the refugees. The girl One, holding a green Guardian doll, is drowsing. She drops the doll. Mouse picks it up and holds it out to her. The girl looks around sleepily, then seems alarmed when she sees Mouse crouching by her.]
There ya go, honey.
[The girl snatches the doll from Mouse's hand. Mouse stands. The girl watches as Mouse and Ray walk on.]
Girl Binome:
[softly] Thank you.

[Wipe to Ray and Mouse walking through a dark area.]
Y'know, I could take you away from all this.
I suppose you could, but... I've stuck with these folks for too long to leave 'em now. Huh, I must be gettin' soft. [looks over at Ray] But you don't have to stay here, sugah.
Everybody has to be somewhere. I particularly like it right here.
[He raises an eyebrow at her. Mouse grins back. They walk off into the distance.]

[Fade to a diagram of the Principle Office. It is marked with dozens of green and red dots, with more appearing every nanosecond. Specks shakes his eyeblock, then startles.]
Sir, what sensors I have report an energy buildup. I think the game's about to leave!
[typing frantically] Almost there, my child, almost there...
[Bob walks up behind Phong. Phong raises his arms.]
Aah! It is done. All active PIDs have been scanned.
Well, all we can do now is wait.
[Hexadecimal appears, mask first, behind Phong, beside Bob. Bob looks down and shakes his head.] Is this where I can get a manicure?
Ohh! What're we waiting for?
[Dot, Hack, and Slash yelp with surprise.]
[continuing] Is it a surprise? I like surprises! I brought biscuits. She holds up a tray of gingerbread-man-like cookies. They look like Herr Doktor and Bunnyfoot. Phong looks up from the tray.]
Ohh, dear.

[The game cube is seen from outside.]
System Voice:
Game over.
[The game cube flickers with static.]
[kneeling down] Phong, please?
[Phong shakes his head and pulls at his "beard".]
System Voice:
The User wins.
[Phong and Bob look up. In the background, Ray takes a cookie off of Hexadecimal's tray.]
Very well. But I cannot believe I am doing this!
[The game cube rises back into the sky. Phong's kangaroo drawer opens. He reaches inside and takes out an icon. Hex, holding the tray with one hand, walks up to Phong and Bob. In the background, Mouse stops Ray from eating the biscuit by slapping his hand lightly.]
Registering a Virus. Oh, madness! Absolute, utter madness!
[Phong looks away as he holds the icon up to Hexadecimal. She lets go of the tray, which disappears, and takes the icon.]
Oooh, thank you, Phong! [looking down at herself] Now, where can I... pin it? How'd she get the hair?
[The game cube disappears within the tunnel in the sky. The sky flashes violently with lightning-like energy discharges, illuminating the nullified sector. Binomes look around and rhubarb despairingly within the Principle Office. The little girl binome holds her Guardian doll to herself. It is now wearing a strand of orange staticky hair attached to its head. An alarm sounds.]
System Voice:
Warning, system crash. Warning, system crash.
[The system voice speaks in the background as lightning flashes and buildings collapse. Pipes are severed, sending jets of steam into the air. More buildings fall as the camera closes in on the Principle Office.]
System Voice:
Warning, system crash. Warning, system crash.
[Captain Capacitor and Mr. Christopher are watching. Capacitor looks around, open-mouthed. Then he looks over and sees Mr. Christopher staring at his laptop with a hopeless expression. Mr. Andrews offers Mr. Christopher a mug. Mr. Christopher nods, tosses the laptop over his shoulder, and takes the mug. All three pirates raise their mugs as if in a toast.]
System Voice:
Warning, system crash.
[The binome family looks around. Hack and Slash tremble and hold each other tightly. The islands of Floating Point Park fall. Two the crew of the Saucy Mare drink from mugs at a table covered with doughnuts. They clink their mugs together. Mr. Mitchell pours something from a bottle into a shot glass held by Old Man Pearson. Pearson waves the glass around, clinks it with Mr. Mitchell's coconut cup, and drinks. Then both throw their beverage containers at Cecil. Pearson now holds a mug, and Mr. Mitchell pours more into it. Cecil gestures angrily and moves away. Pearson and Mitchell, laughing, hold up the mug and bottle. Sir and Binkie drink, the former from a coffee mug and the latter from one of the ubiquitous mugs. Mr Mitchell falls over backwards as he drinks from the bottle. Mr. Pearson looks down at him, then laughs.]
[Large chunks of the sector sink into the Energy Sea. Specks, hands behind his back, sidles up to Princess Bula. He looks up at her. She looks down at him, then reaches down and pats him affectionately on the head. Ray looks at Mouse, and shakes his head questioningly. He looks away, then back at her. She grins and winks at him. Then she grabs him around the shoulders, and dips and kisses him.]
System Voice:
Warning, system crash.
[More buildings sink, burning, into the Energy sea. The D from Dot's Diner does too.] It was a dark and stormy night
System Voice:
Warning, system crash. Warning, system crash.
[Bob and Dot walk out of the darkness and look out over the dying system. Matrix, AndrAIa, Frisket, and Phong are also there. Phong steeples his fingers and lowers his head. Frisket, ears drooping, whines sadly. AndrAIa hold on to Matrix and rests her head on his chest. Bob reaches a hand out to Dot. She takes it, and the two face each other silently. Fade to black.]
System Voice:
Warning, system crash.

[Open on a black screen. It bleeps softly as a cursor travels left to right, leaving behind it a string of green letters.]
]SYSTEM CRASH: ]RESTART Y/N?: You only had to type Y, y'know.
[We hear four keyclicks as three letters fill the screen.]
[The computer bleeps as another message appears.]
[We hear four keyclicks as three more letters fill the screen.]
[There is a thump, then the sound of the system powering up. The circuit patterns in the dome above Mainframe flicker into existence out of the darkness. They light the Principle Office and the surrounding cylinder, which is all that is left of the system.]
System Voice:
Warning, incoming data. *ting!*
[A bright golden tunnel appears in the sky. Around it energy bursts explode like fireworks. A widening beam of golden light shines down on the Principle Office. A shape similar to the end of a coaxial cable made of the gold light comes down; when it passes the camera it is identifiable as a duplicate of the Principle Office and surrounding cylinder. It comes down and fuses with the Principle Office. Colored energy ripples over it, transforming it into a new, undamaged structure, starting with the cylinder, working its way across the bridges, and finally up to the dome. Seen from the outside, it is now shiny and new, with a few gleams of light for good measure. Then the wedges of the six sectors, also looking like they are made of golden light, come down from the sky one by one and fit around the Principle Office. A colored ripple of energy comes from the Energy Sea in a shrinking circle and goes under Mainframe, then shoots up through the Principle Office into the sky. The sky turns golden with yet more pyrotechnics. Four unnamed binomes - three adults and a baby - stare at the sky and marvel.]
[laughs] By the code, lad! Are all train passes restored too?
[Capacitor slaps Mr. Christopher hard on the back, dazing him. Mouse and Ray continue kissin'. The fireworks turn the golden buildings, streets, and other areas into more solid ones. Matrix and AndrAIa step forward and gawk at the shifting lights. Bob's apartment is restored, then G Prime. The sky changes from gold to its normal blue with wispy clouds. The binome family looks around, then up. A new pinnacle subsphere emerges from the top of the Principle Office dome. The windows in the Wall Street offices light up, and the one-and-zero "monorail" starts zooming by. More buildings light up. The modern art "molecule sculpture" floats up beside Bob's apartment. The sign on Dot's Diner lights up, letter by letter. The billboard Vidwindows spring into place around it. The camera pulls back from the Principle Office to show the entire system, which is fully recovered.]
[Phong is just outside the Principle Office, looking around in amazement. Frisket, behind him, barks excitedly, then bounds over and licks him.]
[raising his arms demonstratively] Oh, thank the User! We are saved! Ohh!
[In bursts of golden light previously deleted binomes are restored. First the Redshirt who refused to give Megabyte his icon, then Lieutenant Chauncy and a number of other viral binomes, then Oo-er and Numeral Eight, then the two parent binomes who fell when the city collapsed. A young boy binome in a ball cap sees them, smiles, and runs over. The three embrace. The young girl binome looks around expectantly, then her expression changes to one of disappointment. Phong looks up. The sky has turned a rippling blue-green. Green light comes down on a viral One. When the light fades he is an uninfected CPU. He looks down at himself.]
[joyously] I'm free! Free! [He jumps and laughs, then runs.]
[Green light comes down on Lieutenant Chauncy and the three other virals that appeared with him, removing the infection.]
Oh, great Norton's ghost! Pixel attack!
[He looks over at the Tor. Green and yellow light grinds down on it, destroying it. Hexadecimal lands behind Phong. Green sparkles surround her. Phong looks at her, astonished. She appears to enjoy what the lights are doing to her. As they fade she puts her hands on her thighs and closes her eyes.]
[ala Mae West] Oooh, that tickled!
[The girl binome looks around as, behind her, binomes cheer, and several more viral binomes are disinfected. She looks back at the former viral One just behind herself. He is now a CPU, and is looking at himself, pleased. Then he sees the girl.]
CPU 2:
[holding out his arms] Hey, baby!
Girl Binome:
Oh, Dad!
[She rushes to him. They hug. The camera comes down on a view of more binomes cheering. The cook from the Saucy Mare darts into frame and pumps one arm.]
Yoo hoo, way to go!
[Hack and Slash look around and cheer and rhubarb. Then Slash gets faint and reels back. Hack catches him.]
Slash, y'okay? [laughs] Hey!
Oh, Hack.
He said it turned all mauve there.
Oh, Hack. Oh, yeah, it's so beautiful.
All the days I've processed I've never seen the like! [He leans on Mr. Christopher.]
[Binomes cheer. Princess Bula picks Specks up, shakes him not too roughly, and throws him up in the air and catches him twice. And, in the background, Mouse and Ray are still kissin'. They finally break. Both gasp for air. She returns Ray to an upright and locked position. He looks dazed.]
[fanning herself with one hand] Ah, oh, thanks, sugah.
[breathlessly] What a way to go!
[Matrix is holding AndrAIa up by the waist and waving her around. Frisket is jumping up and barking.]
We did it! We did it, AndrAIa! We did it!
[He sets her back down on her feet.]
Oh, Enzo.
[Bob and Dot, in front of the Principle Office, watch the celebration. They look at each other. Then they embrace and kiss. The camera orbits around them. Then they look over, surprised, when they see a flashbulb go off and hear the sound of a picture being taken. Phong looks out from behind a camera and grins and shrugs. Bob and Dot are still embracing.]
Don't ever leave me again.
[nods] I promise. Plot twist
[Both Dot and Bob turn, startled, when they hear Enzo. The camera's viewpoint romps up to Bob. Enzo tackles him to the ground. As Bob shakes his head to clear it, Enzo v1.0 - who is sitting on Bob's chest - begins jabbering.]
Hey, Bob, what happened to your hair? It's so cool!
[Bob stares at Enzo and blinks, then looks up at Dot. Dot is staring too.]
[continuing] And your costume, alphanumeric! Can I have a costume like that?
[Dot, Frisket, Matrix, AndrAIa, Phong, Ray, and Mouse all stare at Enzo and Bob.]
[continuing] Or is that just a Guardian thing?
[Phong turns, amazed, from Enzo to Matrix.]
[continuing] Well, one day I'm gonna be a Guardian too and then you'll see.
[Mouse looks at Matrix and AndrAIa, who look at each other.]
[continuing] So are we going jet-balling again? You promised we would if I did my homework!
[Close-up of Matrix's icon, which is still in game sprite mode.]
[pointing] Hey!
[Everyone startles.]
Who's the big ugly green guy?
[Fade to black as comical music plays.]

[The end credit music begins. We see several screens of credits, then static begins interrupting the music and picture. The static clears on a close-up on Mike the TV's screen. He is in front of Dot's Diner. He speaks as dramatically as usual, and is exponentially more squashy and stretchy than ever before.]
This is Mike the TV, coming to you live from the heart of downtown Mainframe. The city has been restored, and all our heroes can take a well-earned break. Soooo, I guess that leaves me in charge! Ha ha ha ha ha!
[The camera begins to track to the side.]
Hey! [running to get back in frame] Hey hey hey, where you going? Wait, wait, there's more! A special offer! For those viewers out there who missed ReBoot Season Three and have no idea what's going on, we proudly present for your appreciation, this cycle only, the marvelous, magnificent, Mainframe Strolling Players, ha ha!
D'Oyly Card [The camera zooms in on his screen. After a few flickers of static the scene changes into the inside of a large theater, the same one seen in Identity Crisis and AndrAIa. The seats are filled and the orchestra is tuning up. The Gene Simmons binome is in the pit. The camera pans across the audience, showing way too many main and second-string players to list. The lights dim. The conductor looks around with a sour expression, then taps the podium with his baton. The music of Gilbert and Sullivan's "I Am The Very Model of a Modern Major-General" begins. The curtain rises showing binomes in costume on a stage representing the battle in Web World Wars. Flying vehicles swing from wires. Binomes dressed as Bob and Megabyte stand on a platform. A binome dressed as Version 1 Dot comes onstage in front of the platform and sings. Throughout the song the lyrics appear as subtitles, with a little Skuzzy as a "bouncing ball." The subtitles do not always exactly match the singing. Only the differences are noted below. As "Dot" sings, the binomes representing virals and CPUs prance behind her, hamming it up for the audience.] Monobloc Dot
Binome Dot:
A-a-hem! The Web invaded Mainframe, sprite and virus battled side by side Attempting to reclaim the city from the rift which opened wide.
[The Megabyte Binome waves up. A hook on a rope comes down. "Megabyte" fastens a hook to the back of "Bob's" belt.]
Binome Dot:
But Megabyte betrayed Bob and he threw him deep inside the pit. The pit was closed and Bob was hosed and all that he could say was...
[The line pulls Bob up into the air.]
Bob Binome:
No! Wrong color lipstick, sugah
[A backdrop representing Cit_E comes down. In front of it "Megabyte" and "Enzo" pretend to fight. The Mouse Binome is at the front. "Bob" falls from his hook and bounces offstage.]
Mouse Binome:
Without Bob to protect us we thought we would have no barrier From he who would infect us except Enzo, which was scarier.
Dot Binome:
The city shivered, terrified, from fear of the infector's touch.
["Megabyte" swats Enzo right into the camera.]
Enzo Binome:
I guess your fear was verified, I wasn't a protector much.
[He slides down, revealing a stage on which a chorus line of binomes riverdance. Cyrus, his eyelid and icon no longer green, is in the center.] Lord of the Pants
I guess our fear was verified, he wasn't a protector much. I guess our fear was verified, he wasn't a protector much. I guess our fear was verified, he wasn't a protector-ector much!
[The stage now resembles the final level from the combat game in Game Over. While "AndrAIa" watches from the side, "Enzo" battles "Zaytan," who is two Zeroes, one standing atop the other and swaying precariously. "Mouse" is in front. While they sing, "Enzo" and "Zaytan" pretend to battle. "Zaytan" eventually loses his balance and flops down.]
Mouse Binome:
[clears her throat] It wasn't Enzo's fault at first, he only was a little Sprite.
["Phong," A Zero with a puppet head, zooms onto the stage.]
Phong Binome:
At best he was the worst but then he slowly leaned to do it right.
["Dot," now in third-season black costume, comes onstage.] It's The Muppet Show!
Dot Binome:
And just as he was getting skilled a Game came down he couldn't win. I thought for sure they'd both be killed, first Bob, then Enzo. Not again!
I thought for sure they'd both been killed, first Bob, then Enzo. Not again!
[In the audience, Dot looks at Enzo, then at Matrix, who is sitting right beside him. Onstage, "Enzo" holds a hand over his eye and "Little AndrAIa" comforts him. A box painted like a Game Cube - inside which the lower halves of two binomes are visible - comes down on them.]
And just as he was getting skilled, a Game came down he couldn't win. She thought for sure they'd both been killed, first Bob, then Enzo. Not again!
[Phong leans out from behind Matrix and takes a picture. The game cube box rises, leaving Binome Matrix and AndrAIa. "Matrix" has a gold hemisphere on a stick to represent his artificial eye. During his first line "Enzo" falls from above. "Matrix" kicks him off the stage. Then they march in place past a scrolling background representing the space battle game, Cron the Destroyer, the system in "Where No Sprite Has Gone Before," the golfing game, and the words "Don't roll farther than this!"] Wake up, sleepyheads
Matrix Binome:
Brrr! I went from Game to Game, I aged, I grew and lost my innocence. I soon became enraged by each and every bad experience. The Sprite you knew was gone, I had become a grim aggressor man. I knew from that point on that I was truly Bob's successor man.
[Matrix looks down, ashamed. Grinning, AndrAIa nudges him and points at the stage. He looks at it and smiles.]
The Sprite we knew was gone, he had become a grim aggressor man. He knew from that point on that he was truly Bob's successor man.
[The backdrop now shows the data storm in the Web. The camera lowers to show "Web Bob", and behind him four dancing "Webriders."] Dance 10, looks 3
Bob Binome:
[clears his throat] I met up with the Webriders and took the form of Interface.
[The camera darts to the side, where "Matrix" dances in front of binomes costumed as Captain Capacitor and three pirates. The backdrop is The Saucy Mare traveling to The Edge of Beyond.]
Matrix Binome:
I joined my gun with pirate swords and sailed the seas of cyberspace.
["Bob" and "Matrix" come together between the two sets.]
Bob & Matrix Binomes:
And when at last the pair of us were finally reunited guys Our shouts of joy did blare because we really were delighted guys.
["Bob" takes a deep breath. Then both turn back. The two backdrops part. Behind them is "Megabyte" and several dancing "virals" in front of a backdrop of the ruined Megaframe.]
Bob Binome:
We soon made tracks to Mainframe so our friends could reunite with us. We made it back and Megabyte was waiting there to fight with us.
["Bob" is in the center of a darkened stage. Spots come on showing five Hexadecimal binomes, each wearing a different mask.]
Matrix Binome:
When Bob went face to face to face to face with Hexadecimal...
["Matrix" gasps for air. The five "Hexadecimals" dance in synch as "Bob" looks around himself.]
Matrix Binome:
His chances for survival shrank from small to infinitesimal.
["Bob" and the main "Hexadecimal" dance together.]
His chances for survival shrank from small to infinitesimal. His chances for survival shrank from small to infinitesimal. His chances for survival shrank from small to infinitesi-esimal. Comedy, Tragedy, and... Blase?
["Hexadecimal" spins Bob offstage, then appears wearing a neutral mask and holding angry and laughing masks in her hands. As she sings she throws the masks in her hands away. On a platform behind and above her, "Matrix" and "Megabyte" chat, then startle when the light comes on and then pretend to fight.]
Hexadecimal Binome:
Bob helped to de-fragment my head while Matrix fought with Megabyte. I thought he'd wind up dead, but Matrix put up a terrific fight.
["Megabyte" falls off the platform. The camera closes in on "Matrix."]
Matrix Binome:
I'd dreamed of this each lonely night, of doing in that virus trash,
[angrily] But just as I had won the fight, he engineered a system crash!
[Binomes run about as buildings fall. "Bob" hams it up shamelessly.]
You dreamed of this each lonely night, of doing in that virus trash, But just as you had won the fight, he engineered a system crash! I'd be blushing too
[A black One holding a sparkler jumps in front of the camera and looks around. Then "Bob" sings and dances weirdly, chewing the scenery harder and harder, as black binomes holding sparklers bound cross the stage behind him.]
Bob Binome:
[clears his throat] What Megabyte had hoped to do was cause his death to crack us up. I gambled on the User to reboot and thereby back us up. It worked! We all were born anew and rid of things barbaric. And now we're back together, everything's alphanumeric!
Now we're back together, everything is Alphanumeric!
["Phong," "Dot," "Matrix," and "AndrAIa" join him. As they sing all pose shamelessly, except for "Phong," who falls over.]
It worked! We all were born anew and rid of things barbaric. And now we're back together, everything's alphanumeric!
Now we're back together, everything is Alphanumeric! Bucket O' Binomes
[The camera pulls back, showing that they are on a multi-level stage. On the next lower level is "Hexadecimal," "Little AndrAIa," "Enzo," "Mouse," "Hack," "Slash," and "Megabyte." On the bottom level are the four "Webriders," two "Pirates," "Capacitor," Cyrus, and three black binomes. All are dancing and holding sparklers.]
And now we're back together, everything is alphanumeric!
Now we're back together, EVERYTHING IS ALPHANUMERIC!
Why isn't this available as a high-res desktop?! [The audience cheers and applauds. Ray and Mouse stand, then Bob and Dot. Matrix and AndrAIa stand and clap, then Matrix yells and pumps his arm. Phong raises the camera to take pictures. As the ending of the song repeats, we see the pictures: the Mainframe Strolling Players on the pyramid onstage; Bob and Dot kissing; Ray, Bob, and Matrix partying and clearly not ready for a photo; AndrAIa, Mouse, and Dot together and looking squiffy with Phong's face out of focus in the front; Phong setting the camera down in front of Dot's Diner; characters rushing into place for the photo, and a final shot of the characters - Cyrus, Slash, Hexadecimal, Cecil, Ray, Mouse, Phong, Bob, Dot, Enzo, Princess Bula, Matrix, AndrAIa, Frisket, Mr. Andrew, Hack, Specks, and Captain Capacitor. Hack is making bunny-ears behind Capacitor's hat.]
Everything is alphanumeric!
[The ReBoot logo snaps together in front of a rushing purple background.]

Directed by Andrew Duncan
Starring the Voices of Sharon Alexander
Kathleen Barr
Long John Baldry
Gary Chalk
Ian James Corlett
Paul Dobson
Michael Donovan
Donal Gibson
Christopher Gray
Scott McNeil
Shirley Milliner (sic)
Louise Vallance
Casting by BLT Productions Ltd.
Voice Director Michael Donovan
Story Editor Dan DiDio
Executive Production Design Consultant Brendan McCarthy
Production Design Brian Eun
Anthony Guad
Production Design Consultant Ian Gibson
Design Supervisor Gavin Blair
Associate Producer Judy Slattery
Production Manager B. F. Painter
YTV Executive Laurinda Shaver
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Systems Engineers

Terry Bates
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Executive Assistants Adria Budd
Colleen Heenan
Alliance Executive Beth Stevenson
Production Assistants William Lee
Bracken New
Jim Verbicky
Jacquie McCarnan
Christian Varin
"ReBoot Recap Song" adapted by Robert Buckley
Lyrics by Ken Pontac
Vocals by Tanya Hancheroff
Steve Maddock
Gord Maxwell
Jane "Firewall" Mortifee
Erica Northcott
Miles Ramsay
Music composed by Robert Buckley
Sound Effects Supervisor Marcel Duperreault
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Dialogue recorded at Pinewood Sound
Waves Sound Recorders, Inc.
Foley, Re-recording & Final Mix at Post Modern Sound
Video Post Production Mainframe Entertainment Inc.
Vice President of Production Glenn Griffiths
Vice President of Operations Phil Mitchell
Director of Operations Gavin Blair

Produced in association with
YTV Canada Inc.

Recorded in Dolby Surround

© 1997 Reboot III Productions Ltd.
All rights Reserved

A Mainframe/Alliance Production

Produced with the participation of Telefilm Canada, the Canada Television and Cable Production Fund License Fee Program, British Columbia Film and the Independent Production Fund.

And with the assistance of the Shaw Children's Programming Initiative and the Government of Canada-Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit Program.

  The ReBoot episode "End Prog" and all associated images is copyright © Mainframe Entertainment, Inc. Screen grabs snapped by Kim McFarland. This transcript document is copyright © Kim McFarland. Please do not re-archive without permission.


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