Written by: Dan Didio
Story by: Gavin Blair
Phil Mitchell
Ian Pearson

  Transcribed by: Kim McFarland


Ho ho ho![As jingle bells are heard in the background, the camera iris finds the User, in the guise of Santa Claus, skiing down a steep slope. The iris expands to fill the screen. Many of the trees are Christmas trees.]
Ho ho ho!
[He passes by two snowmen. The camera closes in on the snowmen. One has a pot for a hat, and coal and a carrot for features. The other has a woman's hat and features made out of seashells. Both turn to watch the User and smirk.]
Ho ho ho! Forget Jack Frost.
[The snowmen jump onto large icicles and, using them as snowboards, begin pursuing the User. The male snowman puts his stick arm to his mouth and whistles, then throws a snowball. The User looks back just in time to get pasted in the face.]
Go right and cut him off, AndrAIa!
[The User skis under an ice archway with three stockings hanging from the apex. AndrAIa jumps over it on her icicle. The User skis through, getting a stocking over his head. Enzo follows him. They ski parallel to a deep cliff face. AndrAIa cuts across the User's path, turning him toward the cliff. Enzo skis to a stop at the cliff's edge and turns into an ice ramp. The stocking comes off the User's face just in time for him to see where he's going. He goes over the ramp and into the air, then begins falling. As he falls he takes off his skis, then reaches into his bag and pulls out a gigantic Christmas ornament, which slows his fall.]
Ho ho ho!
Ho ho ho this!
[As AndrAIa watches, Enzo launches a giant icicle using a tree as a catapult. It shoots forward and shatters the ornament. The User and the metal bits of the ornament fall.]
Ho ho hooo-
Hot! [When the User hits bottom, the screen bursts into flame and James Bond-esque music begins playing. Against a background of fire, the characters swim, pose, and do acrobatics and the credits appear.]
Created by:
Gavin Blair
John Grace
Phil Mitchell
Ian Pearson
Fire, see it burning in the skies,
Executive Producers
Christopher Brough
Steven DeNure
A deadly flame that nullifies,
Will the city stand or fall?
Executive Producers
Mark Ralston
Glenn Griffiths
Click click Singer:
Fire! See it burning in his eyes,
It's the flame that never dies,
Burning brighter than them all,
Like a firewall.
Ian Pearson

Written by
Dan Didio
Story by
Gavin Blair
Phil Mitchell
Ian Pearson
I laughed, I cried Singer:
Which fate is his master?
Which path will he choose?
Success or disaster?
To win or to lose?
Guardian! He's a hero to the end,
Music by:
Robert Buckley
Lyrics by Blair, Buckley
& Pearson
His code to mend and defend
When evil stands to conquer all,
His only hope -
The firewall!
The firewall!
Directed by
James Boshier
Michaela Zabranska
The firewall!
The firewall!
Cound fry an egg on him
[The final image, Megabyte surrounded by flames, is replaced by the purple of a game cube.]
System Voice:
Game over.
[The cube rises, leaving Enzo and AndrAIa behind, looking up.]
[laughs] Alphanumeric!
[They high-five.]
[laughs] That game was fun, Enzo.
[laughs] Yeah. What a stupid looking User! He didn't stand a chance. [imitating the User] "Ho ho ho." What sort of a catchphrase is that?
[laughs] Come on. Let's tell Dot 'n Mouse.
[Enzo catches her by the shoulder.]
Wait. [looking around] Where are the recovery teams? We should've been picked up by now.
[Megabyte sticks his head into frame.]
They have been... delayed.
Shazam! [The camera pulls back, revealing that Megabyte, Hack, Slash, and a few dozen ABCs have appeared out of thin ether to menace Enzo and AndrAIa.]
[AndrAIa darts protectively in front of Enzo and aims her wrist crossbow at Megabyte.]
There's no need for that, child. I only wish to talk to the BOY.
Then talk!
I have a message for your sister.
I am a Guardian. I'm not your messenger!
You been eatin' onions.[Megabyte reaches down, seizes Enzo by his neck, and lifts him to eye level as he speaks.]
You are what you have always been, a mere delivery boy. Do not provoke me further, it is by my will alone you survive this encounter! Be well advised to remember that!
[Megabyte throws Enzo to the ground with a sneer. Then he steps forward to stand over Enzo.]
Now listen carefully, BOY.

[View of the Principle Office, behind a faint shield. Several vehicles fly past.]
[Inside the Principle Office command room, AndrAIa is speaking to Dot, Mouse, and Phong.]
And he said we might be safe here behind the Principle Office shield, but the citizens of Mainframe are helpless! He said we were hiding while others suffered, and he would make sure they suffered a lot.
Thanks, AndrAIa.
A Hard Cycle's Night [Dot looks around, then goes to where Enzo is sitting alone and looking miserable.]
What d'you think we should do - Guardian?
[angrily] Don't humor me! I'm not a Guardian. I'm just a little Sprite. A delivery boy! Megabyte's messenger.
Enzo, Megabyte could've deleted us, but he didn't! This is worse! I now understand what [struggles to pronounce the word] pro - per - pro - pro - propaganda is! [steps closer and raises his head with a hand under his chin] You can't give up, you must fight!
But - but - we can't win! Look!
[Enzo gestures at a VidWindow. In it, Megabyte and Hack & Slash watch fleets of ABCs in the air. As the VidWindow disappears, Dot looks down and shakes her head mournfully. Phong starts to wheel forward to Enzo, but is stopped by Mouse. Mouse looks down at him and shakes her head..]
Then Megabyte's won! He's beaten the defender of this system with words. I'm only glad Bob can't see this. [She looks slyly at Enzo out of the corner of her eyes.]
Bob - Bob wouldn't hide in here while Megabyte took over. A Guardian would find a way to stop him. A way to lock him up! Megabreath should be the prisoner, not us!
Well, I do declare. Out of the mouths of babes. [winks at Phong]
Cage the tiger and you may walk the forest freely.
[Pause. Enzo looks thoughtful. Dot looks baffled.]
A firewall! Or, rather, an inverted firewall.
Exactly! It could work.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, time out, people. What're you talking about?
Enzo thought of it. And I must say, it is a brilliant plan, young Guardian.
It is? Uh, I mean, it is. Thanks, Phong. [looks at AndrAIa and shrugs]
[In a dark room, Megabyte and Herr Doktor are looking at a large piece of machinery. On it is mounted a hoop with an energy field forming half a sphere. Hexadecimal is fastened inside the hoop, and moans as if weak from suffering.]
Ah, dear sister. How are we feeling?
Coffee... Hexadecimal:
[piteously] Weak... very weak. Help me... dear brother.
But of course.
[Megabyte glances at Herr Doktor and grins. Herr Doktor puts a pinkie to his mouth and grins back. Megabyte presses a button on his arm panel. Green light shines out of Hexadecimal's collar, and she shrieks in pain.]
[over Hexadecimal's cries] Oh, feeling better, I see.
[shouting] I will tear you apart once I am free of this infernal collar! [warmly] That thought alone keeps me well - [accusingly] DEAR brother!
[Hexadecimal begins laughing hysterically. Megabyte watches with distaste.]
Mmm, yes, we've heard this before. Herr Doktor, it is time.
Herr Doktor:
[saluting] Jawohl, mein Grossenbitter. Hexadecimal is repaired, fully charged, and totally under your control. [genuflects]
We have rebuilt her stronger, better than before. So, finally I have the power to crush all who stand against me! [to Herr Doktor] Prepare transportation for the stasis chamber. It's time to put my new toy to use.
Herr Doktor:
[to Frankinome] Throw ze switch!
[Frankinome throws ze switch]
Herr Doktor:
And ready heppen Hexadecimal for battle!
[The machinery raises an angry-faced Hexadecimal, who has started laughing hysterically again.]
[A pair of elevator doors open on Phong, Dot, and Mouse. They go into a large open area in which binomes in lab coats are rushing about between vehicles. One binome is firing a red laser at three identical nomes, all standing in front of a sandbag wall and wearing black vests. The sandbags are marked, but the binomes are unharmed and the vests unmarked. A lab-coated binome makes a checkmark on a chart. A gray-haired binome in a suit walks up.]
Ah, there you are, Phong.
This is Hugh. Hugh Branch. He is one of our tech boys. He's been working on the firewall problem.
It's really quite simple. Let me explain.
[Hugh beckons them over. They follow him. The camera lingers on a yellow vehicle with a checkerboard pattern. A pair of binome crash test dummies are ejected from it. Hugh lectures Dot, Phong, and Mouse while in the background a couple of binomes test a toilet that explodes on flushing. Nobody notices.]
We've come up with this.
[A VidWindow opens by Hugh. It displays a glowing green pole. As he speaks the diagram gains in complexity, showing G Prime surrounded by senders.]
The latest in vecor technologyHugh:
We call it a sender. It redirects energy from one source to another. So by placing senders around G prime in these precise locations we can-
System Voice:
Warning, incoming game. Warning, incoming game. Warning, incoming game.
[over the System Voice] Enzo!
[over the System Voice] He'll head for the game!
[over the System Voice] Mouse! Dot! Please pay attention!
[Enzo and AndrAIa fly toward the purple game cube that is descending close to the Principle Office.]
System Voice:
Warning, incoming game. Warning, incoming game.


[Setting: a child's room. Toys litter the floor. The camera pans around.]
Glitch, game stats. [Glitch bleeps.] We're in the final level of a race game. Th-the User only has to escape from this room to win.
[The camera closes in on Enzo and AndrAIa. They are tiny in the huge room. Behind them is a gigantic toy snake.]
That doesn't seem too difficult. What is there to stop the User?
Hisssss[The toy snake rears up and hisses. Enzo yells. They dart to either side, and the snake passes harmlessly between them. AndrAIa goes over to Enzo, who is crouching.]
Enzo, are you all right?
[coming out of the crouch] Yeah. Yeah, I'm all right. All I need to do is get my confidence back.
[Enzo smiles. Then he looks over, startled, as he hears Cyrus.]
There he is! Down with Enzo!
[Cyrus is leading a group of binomes, including the Fargo binome, Toque, the binome family, and numerals Five and Nine. Many of them are carrying signs showing Enzo crossed out in red. They rhubarb and move forward. Toque is left behind.] Toque
[Realizing he is alone, Toque is embarrassed.]
Oh, great. This is just what I need.
[AndrAIa steps protectively in front of Enzo.]
Spritebusters Cyrus:
[theatrically] It is as I have said, the Guardian is a mere boy! This small Sprite is no defender of the system! He's still wet behind the gears!
Surgeon Binome:
Down with Enzo!
[The binomes rhubarb. The Baby Binome throws its Guardian bear at Enzo, striking him in the face.]
[Enzo and AndrAIa look down to where the blue doll lies on the floor.]
Everyone's a critic!
[In the R&D department, Dot watches the binome techies doing their stuff. Then she zip boards up to Mouse, who is sitting in Ship.]
Hugh and his boys are nearly finished. How're you doing?
Piecea cake. I've programmed my flight path and rigged an autotrigger. Don't worry, honey, we'll get Enzo and AndrAIa back safe and sound.
You be careful out there, Mouse. If the virals spot you they'll blow ya outta the sky.
But they won't spot me, sugah. Not until it's too late.
[In the game, the binome mob is glaring at Enzo.]
Mother Binome:
A riot is an ugly thing, but - my, that's a big dog!
[She draws the baby back protectively. It does a data dump in its diaper.]
Frisket! [Enzo hugs the dog.] Now that evens things up a little!
[Engine noises start. The characters look as a pink car drives toward them. Its driver is a female doll who looks much like Penelope Pitstop. People scatter out of its path and hide among the debris on the floor. Cyrus looks smug.]
[accusingly] Cyrus! We know you work for Megabyte.
Yeah, that's right! And you're turning everyone in the city against me!
Yes. Eh, ah, I mean no! Eh, ah, ha, it's a living.
Look, if we don't work together the User will win, and we'll all be nullified!
Let's do it, Guardian!
[An icon flares.]
Enzo and AndrAIa:
[AndrAIa gains heavy makeup, bleached blonde hair, a nose piercing, and a motorcycle.]
What is it with you and motorbikes?
You look fantastic, Enzo!
[Enzo is wearing a black tuxedo, his hair is slicked back, and he is posing smugly.]
That's Matrix. Guardian Matrix. Y'know, I feel better.
[Enzo scowls at Cyrus, who tries to hide behind his anti-Enzo sign.]
Why haven't you rebooted?!
Aaah! Ah, I don't know how! I-I've never done it before!
Just double click on your icon and say the magic word!
Oh. 'Kay. Uhh, beetroot! [taps his icon, then cringes] Oh, uh, sorry. [double-clicks] Uh, reboot!
Dastardly and Muttley[He opens his eye wide and looks up, frightened, as the green energy comes down on him. He is now wearing a Dick Dastardly costume. He looks at the big, flame-painted racing car and smiles, smoothing his villainous pencil moustache. Frisket, sitting in the passenger seat, growls at him.]
Oh no!
[The camera pulls back, revealing that Frisket has turned tan colored and gained a pair of goggles. He wheezes laughter ala Muttley.]
[Ship flies out of the Principle Office and into a tunnel. In the cockpit, Mouse punches a few buttons, then relaxes in the chair, her hands behind her head. Two chutes extend from the center of Ship. As she flies out of the tunnel and over Mainframe, small glowing green devices begin sliding down the arms, alternating sides, and dropping toward the system's surface.]
Objects in mirror may be closer than they appear [In the game, The User is being chased by AndrAIa, on her motorbike, Enzo, in an orange convertible, and Cyrus, in his hot rod. A sneaker, moving on its own, stomps in front of the User. Darts fall from above, barely missing the User. A skateboard and a ball start moving around and adding to the confusion. A wooden model of a tyrannosaur skeleton watches the chase from above. The User drives by the camera, and suddenly a bunch of police cars chasing a white Bronco (groan) drive across, blocking Enzo, AndrAIa, and Cyrus. The tyrannosaur lands next to Enzo's car and roars at him. Enzo scoots nervously away, against the car door. Behind the tyrannosaur, AndrAIa smiles wickedly and her pupils contract. She revs the motorcycle and drives up the tyrannosaur's tail and back, using it like a ramp, and sailing over its head. She lands on the other side of the police cars, which are still blocking the way, and continues chasing the User.]
Yeah, AndrAIa! Go get that User!
[The tyrannosaur roars. Enzo looks over. The skeleton is bashing Cyrus's car with its nose, trying to turn it over. It succeeds in knocking it spinning, roars, and approaches it again. It climbs on top of the upside-down car and begins tearing at it. Cyrus cowers underneath.]
[terrified] Please! Help me!
[In the Principle Office, Phong and Dot both turn to look at the VidWindow containing the image of the game cube. Hugh walks into frame.]
Ah, excellent, excellent! We get so few chances to test our inventions under real field conditions!
What do you mean, test?
Oh, didn't I mention it? This is all theory. If our calculations are right, this should work!
[appalled] "If?" "SHOULD?" If this does not work, the Principle Office shield will be disabled and the city defenseless!
Ah... see your point, Phong. Oh well, let's hope it works!
For all our sakes. {Dot looks back at the game cube.]
[Enzo, standing outside of his car, shouts at the tyrannosaur.]
Here! I'm here!
[The tyrannosaur looks at him.]
Free snacks Enzo:
Come and get me!
[The tyrannosaur jumps off the car and stalks toward him. Just as it's about to chomp his head off, A growl is heard and it pulls back. It looks back at Frisket, who is pulling its and growling.]
Good boy, Frisket! Hold 'im!
[Enzo walks over to Cyrus, who is lying on the floor, and picks him up by his big hat and sets him on his feet. In the background, crashes and barking is heard.]
You do this sort of thing by choice?
I can't go against my code!
[Cyrus pauses. An engine is heard. Cyrus looks to the side, then points.]
[terrified] Ah! Look!
J. L. Senior[AndrAIa is still pursuing the User near a table. The User is now in a pink plane. A jointed desk lamp, apparently on loan from Pixar, jumps after them, then captures AndrAIa under its shade.]
Oh no! The User's in a jet! She's trying to escape through that open window!
[The curtains by the window ruffle in the wind, emphasizing its open-ness and escape-path-ness.]
We've gotta stop her! Frisket!
[Frisket chases the tyrannosaur, which is now fleeing in comic terror.]
Aw, Frisket! [To Cyrus] Cyrus, I can't do this alone! I need your help!
Uh, you need my help? You'll trust me after all I've done to you?
Like I said, I guess I can't go against my programming!
[Cyrus, looking down, appears to think about it. Then he looks up at Enzo again.]
Whaddaya you want me to do... Guardian?


[Megabyte and Herr Doktor are looking at the game cube.]
With luck the User will dispose of the Guardian for us. If not, he shall be the first to fall under the new order. Prepare the troops!
Herr Doktor:
Jawohl, mein Fuhrer! Throw ze svitch!
[Frankinome, making nasty unpleasant giggling noises, throws ze svitch. The machinery imprisoning Hexadecimal rises. Hex is wearing her evil, sharp-toothed grin.]
Faster! Get me under the wing!
Wear your safety belt [The camera pulls back to reveal Enzo standing in the front passenger seat of the orange convertible. Cyrus is driving. They are chasing the pink jet, which is still taxiing across the floor. Cyrus shifts gears and speeds up to mach 2. They approach the wing of the plane. Enzo reaches for the wing, but as he touches it the jet's engines ignite and the plane speeds away. Cyrus (apparently) catapults Enzo onto the wing by pressing the red button on the gearshift. Enzo lands on his feet. Cyrus's car screeches to a stop. He looks about, then spies a helicopter. Enzo inches along the wing toward the cockpit. He reaches into his vest and pulls out the Guardian doll.]
Oh no! Where's my gun? [to the doll] You're no help.
[The flaps on the plane's wings move up and down.]
Or are you?
I'm a Barbie Girl, in my Barbie world[The User pulls back on the control stick. The plane lifts off the ground. Enzo yelps as he loses balance, falls, and begins sliding off the wing. He braces his feet against an upturned flap, then sets the doll into the space between the flap and the rest of the wing, prevent the flap from lowering again. The User pulls on the controls, spinning the plane and flying about the room. Enzo goes flying off.]
[Enzo is falling to the floor, seen from above, as Santa was in the opening sequence]
I suppose this is where I say "Ho ho hoooo!"
[An Indian wearing buckskin and war paint is tiptoeing across a desk or shelf or something. He sees Enzo falling and yelling. He is surprised when the Helicopter rises, with Enzo hanging on.]
I thought picking you up would make a change from me putting you down.
[southern accent] Help! Help!
How did Enzo fall through the blades without being chopped to bits?[Enzo and Cyrus look over. The plane spirals across the room, out of control, and crashes against a wall. The Guardian bear flies back through the flames. Then the cube rises above Enzo, AndrAIa, and Cyrus.]
System Voice:
Game over.
[Enzo and Cyrus jump and high-five each other. Then the other binomes and numerals who had been in the game surround them, cheering and rhubarbing. Several times Cyrus's voice can be heard. AndrAIa puts her hand under Enzo's chin in an affectionate gesture. Then she kneels in front of Cyrus.]
You saved our Guardian and helped defeat the User. You're a true hero. Thank you.
[AndrAIa kisses Cyrus's forehead.]
[surprised] A hero? ME?
[The binomes and numerals surround him, cheering and shaking his hand. Then they all stop and back away. Megabyte, Hack, and Slash have appeared. Cyrus begins trembling.]
[furiously] Cyrus! Hack, Slash, take this traitor away! I'll deal with him later.
2 small sprites with big CPUs [The bots wheel forward. Enzo and AndrAIa stand in front of Cyrus, AndrAIa with her crossbow ready. Cyrus hides behind AndrAIa.]
Leave him alone, you overgrown bullies!
[Frisket jumps forward and growls menacingly at the bots, who are appropriately afraid.]
Uh-oh! Good doggie!
Yeah, yeah, st-stay, boy!
Nice puppy!
Call off your dog, boy. Now that I command Hexadecimal's power, none can stand against me!
[Enzo and AndrAIa are shocked and appalled.]
You did that, to your own sister?!
[glancing back] Yes, yes, yes... it's rather good, isn't it?
You're sick, Megabyte! I won't rest until I've stopped you!
I believe that's an idle threat. It ends NOW.
[Megabyte raises an arm. His knuckle claws come out with a loud *shing* Then Enzo and AndrAIa look over. Ship flies low over them, dropping senders behind itself. They land right between Our Heroes and The Bad Guys.]
[Glitch beeps. Enzo raises his arm. Dot's image appears in the wheel.]
Playing with matches Dot:
Senders in place. Firewall ready. Awaiting your command - Guardian.
Glitch! Uh... firewall!
[The shield disappears from the Principle Office. Enzo scratches the back of his head, waiting for something else to happen. Megabyte glares. The senders, after beeping a bit, rise up as red-tipped poles and send blasts of flame heavenward. Seen from above, they ignite in sequence, surrounding G Prime. As the edges of the firewall approach, Enzo yells.]
Back! Everyone get back!
A big wedge of Jell-O[Hack and Slash extend arms and grasp Cyrus's hands. As they pull him into G-prime, he looks back desperately. The firewall closes behind them. Megabyte gapes as the pyrotechnics form a seal around and above G Prime, like a giant Trivial Pursuit wedge. Hexadecimal laughs.]
When did they get that? Oh, isn't this rich? Aren't we a pair. Now it is the jailor who is jailed!
[She laughs. Megabyte, furious, clenches a fist and snarls.]
The firewall!
The firewall!
The firewall!
[As the singer sings, the binomes and numerals surround Enzo, AndrAIa, and Frisket, cheering "Guardian! Guardian!" The Mother Binome presents a green Guardian bear doll to the baby, who snatches it and smiles.]

Directed by James Boshier
Michaela Zabranska
Starring the Voices of Kathleen Barr
Gary Chalk
Michael Donovan
Christopher Gaze
Christopher Gray
Tony Jay
Andrea Libman
Scott McNeil
Shirley Millner
S. Louise Vallance
Casting by BLT Productions Ltd.
Voice Director Michael Donovan
Story Editor Dan DiDio
Executive Production Design Consultant Brendan McCarthy
Production Design Mike Jackson
Production Design Consultant Ian Gibson
Design Supervisor Gavin Blair
Associate Producer Barb Dawson
Production Manager B. F. Painter
YTV Executive Laurinda Shaver
Animation Coordinator Jennifer Twiner
Supervising Animator Russ Ang
Ron Somblion
Computer Animators Corey Barnard
Chris Cairns
Jeff Cappleman
Terri Kim Chuckry
Brett Ineson
Deb Liptak
Barry McDougall
Andrew Ogawa
Dave Willscroft
Michael Easton
Carl Fletcher
Lee Greenwood
Rob Gandell
Mark Schiemann
Stefaan Sorenson
Eric Torin
Trevor Traub
Modeling Director Frank Belina
Modellers Scott Baltjes
Herrick Chiu
Slava Chorny
Mike Faulkner
Alberto Garcia
Gideon Hay
Mike Towes
Murray McCaron
Doug McCay
Jeremy Miller
Leslie Oldham
Rick Scarpitti
Rak Tafarodi
On-Line Editors Dermot Shane
Anne Hoerber
Off-Line Editors James Boshier
Patrick Carroll
Vive-President Technical Operations Kelly Daniels
Chief Engineer Greg Story
Systems Engineers

Terry Bates
Larry Bodnar
Russ Ptolomey
Vice-President of Software Development Chris Welman
Software Development Tim Belsher
Troy Brooks
David Fracchia
Rick Glumac
Adam Wood-Gaines
Albert Ho
Tony Pele
Phil Peterson
David Wong
Software Technical Support Denise Pierre
Eric Torin
Video Production Supervisor Jim Corbett
Video Production Technician Jean Ireland
Video Disk Operators Sylvain Blais
Amy Wilding
Corporate Controller Giuilana Bertuzzi, CMA
Production Accountant Jim Pratt
Director of Communications Mairi Welman
Executive Assistants Adria Budd
Colleen Heenan
Alliance Executive Beth Stevenson
Production Assistants Chris Cairns
Tyler Haider
Earl Fast
Donna Maxwell
Marco Tremblay
Music composed by Robert Buckley
"Firewall" vocal Jane Mortifee
Sound Effects Supervisor Marcel Duperreault
Sound Effects Editor Jason Fredrickson
Dialogue Editor Kirk Furniss
Dialogue recorded at Pinewood Sound
Buzzy's Recording
Foley, Re-recording & Final Mix at Post Modern Sound
Video Post Production Mainframe Entertainment Inc.
Vice President of Production Glenn Griffiths
Vice President of Operations Phil Mitchell
Director of Operations Gavin Blair

Produced in association with

Recorded in Stereo Surround

© 1997 Reboot III Productions Ltd.
All rights Reserved

A Mainframe/Alliance Production

Mainframe Entertainment, Inc.


YTV, A Shaw Communications Company


Produced with the participation of Telefilm Canada, The Canada Television and Cable Production Fund License Fee Program, British Columbia Film and the Independent Production Fund.

And with the assistance of the Shaw Children's Programming Initiative and the Government of Canada-Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit Program.



  The ReBoot episode "Firrewall" and all associated images and sounds is copyright © Mainframe Entertainment, Inc. Screen grabs snapped by Wendy Lee. This transcript document is copyright © Kim McFarland. Please do not re-archive without permission.


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