Written by: Ian Pearson
Story by: Gavin Blair
Phil Mitchell
Ian Pearson

  Transcribed by: Kim McFarland


[Pan around G Prime, which is enclosed by the firewall. Squad after squad of ABCs rise from the sector's surface. At the head of the column are Megabyte on his flycycle and Hexadecimal in Megabyte's restraints.]
When you're ready, dear sister.
Ready? Ready for what?! [The arm restraints are released.] You expect me to help you?!
Now, now. We can do this the easy way or...
Lovely bone structure[Megabyte presses a button on his arm control panel. Hexadecimal's collar shines green light. Hexadecimal screams and tries to pull it off with both hands. Her mask flashes on and off, revealing glimpses of a skull underneath. Her head falls forward. The collar stops. Her shrieks change into giggles. She straightens up again, cackling madly.]
I'm glad you find this amusing.
Oh, I was just picturing what I will do to you once I am free of your little toy. [ranting] You have no idea the power you try to control! Chaos will always triumph over order! [sweetly] It is the way of things.
Enough! Breach this firewall with your viral energies or suffer! Your choice.
[Hexadecimal poses defiantly and glares at him. Then she raises her arms. Her hands glow. Flame-colored energy shoots from them.]
[Fade in on the Principle Office war room. People are watching the activities on the map table. Dot comes up behind Specks.]
Motion sensors focused on G prime have just gone off the scale!
We've got movement! Lots of movement. There's a buildup of forces at the firewall. Looks like Megabyte's having a party and everyone's invited.
Prepare autodefense mode nine seven zero four.
[Mouse nods and presses a button.]
I need to know where the breach will be before it happens. You understand?
[Specks nods and begins pressing buttons. Phong, AndrAIa, and Enzo are at the G Prime section of the map table.]
It looks as if you are right, my child. Megabyte is relying on Hexadecimal's power to penetrate the firewall!
[Dot scowls determinedly.]
[From outside G Prime, zoom in on the Firewall. Hexadecimal is pouring her energy into it, grimacing with the strain of her effort.]
[A VidWindow with a Lieutenant Chauncy appears before Megabyte.]
The ABCs go marching two by two, hurrah, hurrahChauncy:
All forces ready! Awaiting your command. Sir!
The way is clear. Take every legion and mount an all-out attack on the Principle Office. There are no shields to stop you. Take no prisoners, show no mercy. The city will be mine. Go.
Sir! Yes, sir!
[The VidWindow closes. Megabyte watches as a double row of ABCs begin flying through the breach Hexadecimal has created. They fly toward the Principle Office. The people inside the Command Room watch the approaching ABCs in a giant VidWindow.]
[sotto voce] Wait for it...
[Two CPUs watch more and more ships come, then turn back to Dot, looking alarmed. Dot stares hard at the VidWindow.]
I double-dog dare you!Phong:
Ahh, Dot. Megabyte is not with them.
You blue tin coward! Come and get us!
Sis! We've gotta activate the defenses! Now!
Yes! I know. Hit 'em hard, Mouse.
You heard the lady. All of our cannons deployed. Safeties off! Let 'em rip!
Going postal[On the surface, a cannon opens out of a mailbox. A section of ground flips, revealing a big gun. Another kind of gun rises out of a vehicle and begins firing. The shots blast the ABCs out of their double-column formation. Virals scream as their vehicles are hit. Inside the Firewall, Megabyte's flycycle rocks from a nearby explosion. He snaps a harsh glare at Hexadecimal, who is laughing.]
Close the rift! Close it!
Your wish is my command! [She giggles, then laughs out loud as she stops sending energy at the firewall.]
[ABCs are still being blasted. Lieutenant Chauncy is trying to control his vehicle. It is sparking alarmingly inside the cockpit.]
Come in, Megabyte. Repeat, come in Megabyte! [Static sound. He looks to the side, and speaks to another binome.] It's no use. We're getting shot out of the sky. Give me an open channel.
[The other viral nods and flips some switches.]
Viral attack force retreat! Head for the rift! Return to base!
[The ABC formation makes a U-turn back toward G Prime. The rift is disappearing. ABCs explode as they hit the barrier.]
The rift, it's closing! No! Can't pull up! Guh! Going to hit! For Megabyte!
[Close up on Chauncy's eye. The red and green turn into an image of the flaming firewall. The image dissolves in static. Then the static clears to reveal the people in the Command Room looking at the scene - crashed ABCs in front of the firewall. Mouse smiles, binomes yell and jump up and down. Enzo punches the air. Only Dot looks unhappy.]
[softly] Well done, people.
[Dot turns and walks into her office. Phong watches her go. Inside her office, Dot cries. After a few nanoseconds the door bleeps and opens, and Phong enters. Dot turns away and shields her face with her hand.]
Moral supportDot:
Oh, Phong. [puts on her glasses and picks up her organizer] I was, uh, just going through these intelligence reports.
[Phong puts his hand on her shoulder. She looks at him.]
[numbly] Phong, we won today. We beat them back. [puts the organizer down and takes off her glasses. We... protected the city. Should be happy but all I feel is empty. Like part of me died along with all those virals. How many more must suffer before Megabyte is stopped?
My child, you mourn the loss of innocents, but hope still lives and burns brightly inside you! [takes off his spectacles] You are the commander of this system, and you must be strong for all our sakes... for Bob's sake.
Dot, now the Viruses are contained we are free to search for a way to rescue Bob. He is a Guardian! He will find a way to survive the Web! But he needs us to show him the way home.
[Dot nods, sniffles, and catches her breath]
Phong, thank you, old friend. [trying to sound cheerful] What'm I doing here? These reports can wait. I should be celebrating with my staff. If you would just excuse me.
[Phong backs out of the way as she gets out of her chair and walks to the door. It opens, as the cheering is once again heard. Among the cries, some are singing "She's a jolly good fellow." Phong puts his glasses back on and smiles.]


[Hexadecimal, backlit in her restraints, is being lowered down past the platform in the Silicon Tor. Herr Doktor is at a control bank and Megabyte is in his throne.]
Herr Doktor, how long do you estimate we can maintain control of my sister?
Herr Doktor:
Ach, well, [laughs] it is so complicated. There are so many variables. Taking account of her power, not to mention her obvious insanity-
Her... insanity?
Herr Doktor:
Ach! Please, do not mention that! It frightens ze vorkforce. Basically, how we have kept her under control for so long is a mystery! She could even be faking. I think she likes being tied up!
Let us not even think about that. Doktor, what is the timeline on our own firewall disrupror?
Herr Doktor:
All goes according to plan - as always, mein grossenbitter.
Excellent. Where are Hack and Slash?
Herr Doktor:
[shaking his headblock] Ah... they have not yet returned, mein Fuhrer.
Execute one simple command, then join the attack force. Is that too much to ask? Remind me the next time we breach the firewall that Hack and Slash are to take point. I'm weary of their incompetence.
[Scene: a very industrial-looking sector. A large, rusty, and dangerous- looking thing-smasher slams down. The upper surface rises upward in a series of jerks, then smashes down again, over and over. Below, a trickle of molten metal flows. Cyrus is hanging by his wrists to a device by the smasher's side. Hack and Slash are at a control podium. Hack and Slash argue as Cyrus, terrorized, watches.]
Look, just press the button-
I don't wanna press the button!
Just press the button-
But every time I press a button something horrible happens.
Uh, Slash...
[picking Slash up and shaking him] THAT'S THE IDEA!
[stammering] Um, e-e-excuse me? Hmm? But I'm really quite comfortable, uh, uh, you could just leave me here.
[Hack and Slash stare at him for a few nanos, then resume their argument.]
Eh-oh-where were we?
We were talking about buttons.
Yeah, right. So, uh, who pressed the last button?
Me. So it's your turn.
Ya sure?
Really sure?
Really really reeeeally sure?
Ahhh, well, uh...
Okay, I'll press the button!
[He wheels to the control podium, pushing Slash back with a hand in front of his eyes. Hack's hand slaps down on the button. The device holding Cyrus starts moving jerkily towards the crusher.]
[stammering] Oh, um, uh, oh, if I could - uh - oh, dear...
I will love him and feed him and call him George.[As it swings over, the crusher slams down. Hack watches. Slash wheels close to the crusher. As the crusher opens Cyrus screams. Just before it slams down Slash's arm snatches him out of it.]
[holding Cyrus upside-down by his feet] I cannot do this. It is bad!
What d'ya think you're doing?
I am saving the little fellow from what to me looks like certain death.
Yeah, that's right, and we're supposed to BE that certain death!
[setting Cyrus on his feet] Go, little fellow. Run. Be free!
[Cyrus runs away as fast as his little legs can carry him.]
Now you've done it. Megabyte's gonna be mad!
Aw, what's new? I miss Bob.
Eh - WHAT?! [grabs Slash's head and looks around nervously] Sh - what - ssh - [whispering] You crazy!?
Bob always stopped us before we could do anything really bad! Now nobody does.
[Slash wheels away slowly, looking dejected.]
Hey! I never thought of it like that before.
Let's get back to the Tor. I do not like it down here.
[They wheel down an alley.]
Are you gonna tell Megabyte what I did?
[Slash startles]
Stairway to... nahh, it's too lame a cliche.  Forget it.[In the Command Room, Enzo and AndrAIa are sitting on the steps. A female Zero is walking up, and Dot is walking down. Dot sits just below them.]
Hi, AndrAIa. Keeping our favorite guy busy?
[brightly] Yes, sir, Commander Matrix! Oh - uh - I mean ma'am.
AndrAIa, it's okay to call Dot "sir." Isn't it, sis - uh, I mean, sir?
[All three laugh. Then a beeping sounds and lights blink. All three go to the map table, which is flashing. One section is swirling purple.]
The new long-range sensors Mouse fitted to the defense grid are registering a, a massive energy buildup over the city.
Can you tell what it is yet?
Nuh... confirmed! It's a game. Scanning for landing coordinates.
[As Dot and Enzo watch a low holo of a game cube appears on the map table.]
This is it, little brother. I mean, Guardian Matrix.
[saluting] On my way, commander Matrix.
[Enzo turns to go. Dot touches his shoulder, kneels, and lays her hands on his shoulders.]
Wait. Enzo-
Yeah, Dot?
Look... you're all I have left. Now you be careful out there. I don't know what I'd do-
[interrupting] Hey, don't get all mushy on me! You're a commander, remember? Anyway, AndrAIa and I can take on any User.
Okay, go! But be-
[interrupting] -careful, I know, I know!
[Enzo and AndrAIa slap hands and run up the steps. Frisket barks and follows them. Mouse lays a hand on Dot's shoulder. Dot turns back to look at her, then steps up.]
They'll be okay, sugah.
[sighs] I just can't get used to this. I'm letting my little brother go into games! It's just too much responsibility for a little Sprite.
That little Sprite is a young Guardian. Bob knew what he was doin', he chose well.
Bob was supposed to be here to train him!
Yeah, and if the portals to the net were open Enzo could be downloaded to the Academy. Look, things didn't turn out that way. We have to make do. We all have our roles to play.
The long-range sensors nailed it. Game landing where predicted.
Is the sector evacuated yet? I don't want amateurs getting in Enzo's way.
Sector is being cleared. No movement from G Prime. Enzo and AndrAIa are on their own.
[Vehicles are carrying binomes out from under the descending cube.]
[voiceover] That's what I'm afraid of.
[The camera follows the evacuation vehicles. CPUs are escorting Enzo, AndrAIa, and Frisket, who are flying toward the Game in Bob's car (!!) The camera viewpoint backs up to show Megabyte watching the scene in a VidWindow.]
You still race into the games, do you, um, Guardian? For what? Putting on a show for the masses, are we? The young pretender? Heh heh. [mockingly] To mend and defend. [laughs] Who will defend you the next time we meet? Have your fun, boy. While you can.
[Binomes are watching Our Heroes flying toward the game. A little boy binome jerks his mother's arm and points.]
Boy Binome:
Look, Mom! It's our Guardian! Go get 'em, Enzo!
[The CPU escort turns aside when they near the cube, which is nearly down. Bob's car continues on.]
System Voice:
Warning, incoming game.
[Cyrus is running through a dimly lit, industrial looking sector. He skids to a stop.]
[panting] Uh, ah, uh, I'm free. Heh, heh, uh-
[Cyrus runs parallel to the firewall. Skuzzy is on the other side.]
Uh, I've got to get away. Yes. Yes, that's it. Get away. [His voice rises hysterically.] Ah! Ahh, trapped! Ah, can't get out! No, no, can't get out! [screaming] I CAN'T GET OUT!
[Skuzzy's whirring can be heard when Cyrus stops. Cyrus looks over.]
Skuzzy? Uh-huh, huh, trying to, uh, find your mistress? You can't get in, can you? A-and I can't get out! Ah, eh-maybe we can help each other? Yes- [Cyrus begins laughing, again slipping into hysteria.]
[Fade in on a coliseum floating in a blue sky. Its top looks like stained glass. Zoom in on Enzo, AndrAIa, and Frisket, who are on an outside edge between two pillars.]
Glitch, game stats. [Glitch beeps.] It's a tournament style fighting game between gods, mortals, and demons.
[Stained glass windows, floating around the central arena, zap into existence. Each has the image of a different fighter in the middle.]
[voiceover] The game is loading the players.
Tiffany lampEnzo:
We've got a problem. The User only has to beat five opponents to win the game!
So? What's the problem?
There are twelve to choose from! What happens if we reboot and don't get picked? We won't be able to defeat the User! We're not in control here!
W-what're you saying, Enzo?
This is bad. This is very bad.
[The camera pulls back away from the floating arena.]


[Fade in on the Command Room. Phong and Dot are at a control console, facing a VidWindow showing the game cube.]
[to Phong] How are the power levels? [to Mouse] Any sign the game's nearly over? [to Phong] Is that reading normal?
My child, the game has barely begun! Even allowing for the time discrepancies between virtual space and game space, there is still a finite time we must wait! Be patient.
[They watch the game cube on the VidWindow for a few nanos.]
[voice rising to a shout] What does someone have to do to get a cup of cocoa around here?!
[Phong waves his arms. Binkie and Sir startle, sloshing their cocoa mugs.]
[The arena. Tinny game music plays as windows are highlighted, one at a time, left to right. One bearing the image of a red, flame-winged demon glows red and floats forward.]
[voiceover] The User's chosen his form.
[The demon comes off the window as a shape of fire and takes on solid form when he touches the ground. It crosses its arms. One ends in a gauntleted hand, the other in a pair of blades.] Game Voice: Zaytan.
[Frisket growls.]
Look, we can't fight him like this. You pick a character and reboot with Frisket. That way, Frisket can take care of the User if you're chosen.
But what about you?
I don't believe in the no-win scenario. I'm gonna try and second-guess the User. That way we have two chances of being picked. Got it?
She who is forewarnedAndrAIa:
No. But you're the Guardian! [to Frisket] Come on, boy!
[AndrAIa and Frisket walk forward.. Enzo watches approvingly. They stop in front of a window depicting an East Indian looking four-armed woman and a tiger.]
This'll do. [She clicks her and Frisket's icons.] Reboot!
[In flares and streaks of light they are drawn into the window. They look out at Enzo. AndrAIa waves two of her arms.]
Good girl. Now it's up to me.
[Enzo watches as windows are highlighted, one at a time. The highlight stops on a window depicting a winged man. Enzo runs toward it, then tries to jump into it as he clicks his icon. It moves away.]
Reboot! [He lands on the ground below the window.] Cursors! Missed!
[The winged man comes off of the window in blue light.] Game Voice: Angel.
[Zaytan steps forward and spreads his arms menacingly. On a status screen, Zaytan stands on the left and Angel on the right, with a sword-and-icon logo in the middle. The word "EMPYREAN" appears. then goes to the bottom of Angel's side. "ROUND 1" appears and goes to the bottom of Zaytan's.]
This should be good.
Send me an angel, right now[Zaytan strikes out at angel, who jumps away. Zaytan's eyes glow brightly as he glares. Angel's eyes glow too, then flicker as if with lightning. Angel shoots white light at Zaytan from his hands. Zaytan blocks it with his own hands. Enzo watches closely. On the status screen, a horned skull appears in the middle and goes to the top of Angel's side, and then "ROUND 2" goes to the bottom of Zaytan's. Zaytan punches Angel, sending him flying backwards. Angle lands on the ground face down. The light on his face darkens and his eyes roll up onto his head. As Zaytan advances he rolls onto his back. Zaytan grabs the top of Angel's head and pulls. As AndrAIa watches with open-mouthed shock, disgusting sound effects indicate that something nasty has just happened to Angel's head. Enzo is still watching closely.]
So, that's your finishing move. I'll be ready for it.
[Zaytan opens and closes his hand. Feathers fall to the ground. Angel's window goes back into place. His image flickers out, replaced by a horned skull. White fog covers the scene.]
[Fade in on Hexadecimal, who is in Megabyte's restraints. She looks around. With two flashes of light, something taps on the other side of a ventilation duct.]
[Casually] Come in.
[The four screws at the corners of the grill come out, then the grill falls forward. Backlit by inexplicable white light, Skuzzy bounces forward into the room and purrs as he looks up at Hexadecimal.]
[pleased] Skuzzy! [angrily] It's about time! Where have you been?!
[Skuzzy leans forward. On the bubble dome on the top of his head an image of the firewall appears.
A firewall? You call that an excuse?!
[Skuzzy give A Look to the camera.]
[Zoom in from the outside, past the near windows, to the arena, which is now a darker, different arena. Zaytan is knocking the tar out of a man wearing black clothes and a red bandana. He knocks the man to the ground. The man's eyes roll up. Enzo, AndrAIa, and Frisket watch. On the status screen, a horned skull goes to the top of the man's side. "ROUND II" goes to Zaytan's side. "SOMSATA" in on the lower part of the man's side. Zaytan poses. The man steps forward, whirling a large knife. Zaytan knocks him back. Enzo watches carefully. Zaytan knocks the man back again. The man gets up, spreads his arms, and runs forward. Zaytan shoots flame at him, knocking him back to the side of the arena. Then Zaytan walks forward, kneels down, and grabs the man's head, which crackles and crunches horribly. Enzo frowns. The last fighter's window returns to its original place, its image replaced by a horned skull. The camera pulls back to reveal that three windows now bear skull images. Then the sword-and-icon appears onscreen, then bursts apart. revealing a grim, Quakelike arena, the circular fighting platform suspended over a fire pit. Zaytan is standing in the center. Enzo is in front of AndrAIa's window.] Game Voice: Final level.
[looking around] Hmph. nice.
[Windows light up in succession as the game's tinny theme is played. It pauses on AndrAIa and Frisket's window. Enzo is in front of the next window.]
[waving and pointing at his window] No! No, here! I'm here! Come and get me!
[The window behind Enzo lights up.]
All right. Let's do it. [clicking his icon] Reboot!
[The green energy comes down on him just as the fighter emerges from the window. Enzo ends up in the fighter's yellow-and-black costume.] Game Voice: Matrix.
That's me in the window, that's me in the spotlight[Enzo tries to speak. His voice is muffled by the mask. He pulls it off.]
You can't speak in these things! On the screen, the word DISNIA appears and goes to Enzo's side, and ROUND 1 goes to Zaytan's. Zaytan steps forward and spreads his arms menacingly. Enzo pulls a martial arts pose. ]
Okay, big boy. Let's party.
[Zaytan swipes at Enzo. Enzo ducks under the blades, then jumps and with a yell kicks Zaytan in the face. AndrAIa is waving her various arms and cheering him on.]
Way to go! Get 'em Enzo!
[One of Zaytan's blows connects. Enzo punches Zaytan in the stomach a number of times in rapid succession, then kicks him in the face, forcing him back. Zaytan shoots flame twice at Enzo. Enzo jumps over it, coming forward as he does. He kicks Zaytan in the face, knocking him on his back. He jumps on top of Zaytan and lands with a burst of green light. Can't tell the players without a program!On the status screen, a horned skull goes to the top of Zaytan's side, and "ROUND 2" to the bottom. Zaytan, now on his feet again, lashes out at Enzo, knocking him to the edge with two blows. Enzo puts his hands to his head and shakes it, as if clearing it. He scowls at Zaytan. Zaytan nods. Enzo makes a running attack at Zaytan, who blocks him. After a few missed blows, Enzo again pushes Zaytan back with a series of blows to the midsection. Zaytan pauses momentarily, as if stunned, then swings his blade arm at Enzo, who goes flying across the arena. On the status screen, a horned skull goes to the top of Enzo's side, and "ROUND 3" to the bottom of Zaytan's.]
One all. This is the decider. Come on, Enzo, keep it together. You could do this. You're a Guardian! A machine! Let's do it!
[Enzo and Zaytan exchange a few melee blows. Enzo edges forward determinedly, then pushes Zaytan back with several feinted kicks. Zaytan knocks him to the ground. Enzo leaps out of the fall and kicks Zaytan in the face. Zaytan hits Enzo several times, dazing him and forcing him back. Then Zaytan swipes upward with his blades. Enzo reels back, mouth open in horror, his hands over his face. A bloody streak now crosses his right eye. AndrAIa is banging on her window, and Frisket is growling and trying to break through the glass. Enzo recovers enough to block Zaytan's next strike with a kick, and breaks off one of the blades. Zaytan looks at the blades. Then he punches Enzo with his hand, knocking him to the ground. Zaytan raises his arms triumphantly. Then he stalks forward. Enzo, on his back, looks up in terror as the shadow falls over him. He clicks his icon into game sprite mode, then looks over at AndrAIa's window. Then Zaytan's hand grasps his head. Behind the window, AndrAIa and Frisket watch.]
The Good Guys always win, right?AndrAIa:
No! [She holds out her icon, and speaks to Frisket in a quavering voice as she reaches for his icon. She clicks her own icon, then his, setting them to game sprite mode.] There, there. Good boy, Frisket. Everything is going to be all right. Good dog.
[In the Command Room, all of the VidWindows show the game cube. Dot and Mouse are watching from the bridge.]
Energy buildup confirmed. It's over. Game about to leave.
I want med teams in there immediately. Full security alert. Get in and get our people out of there ASAP. [to Specks] Keep scanning G Prime. This is when Megabyte could try something.
[Specks nods.]
System Voice:
Game over.
I have no mouse and I must screamDot:
Here it goes. Get ready!
System Voice:
The User wins.
[In the VidWindow, the cube rises slowly. Specks, Mouse, and Phong watch, then one by one look At Dot. She gazes at the VidWindow, then gasps softly.]
Enzo... no... [Tears run down her cheeks. She screams,] NO!
[As Dot screams, the scene fades to the firewall-enclosed sector of G Prime, then to Megabyte, who is laughing triumphantly.]

Directed by Mark Schiemann
Starring the Voices of Kathleen Barr
Gary Chalk
Michael Donovan
Christopher Gray
S. Louise Vallance
Tony Jay
Andrea Libman
Scott McNeil
Shirley Millner
Casting by BLT Productions Ltd.
Voice Director Michael Donovan
Story Editor Dan DiDio
Executive Production Design Consultant Brendan McCarthy
Production Design Mike Jackson
Production Design Consultant Ian Gibson
Design Supervisor Gavin Blair
Associate Producer Barb Dawson
Production Manager B. F. Painter
YTV Executive Laurinda Shaver
Animation Coordinator Jennifer Twiner
Supervising Animator Mark Lemon
Senior Animators Walter Hsieh
Morgan Ratsoy
Computer Animators Tyson Araszewski
Sebastian Brodin
Steve Cooper
Jeremy McCarron
Corey Barnard
Katrina Conwright
Jiri Licenik
Jonathan Moyes
Dave L. Willscroft
Jared Damon
Jason Gross
Daniel Ife
Modeling Director Frank Belina
Modellers Keith Arima
Mabel Chan
Herrick Chiu
Slava Chorny
Mike Faulkner
Mike Ferraro
Alberto Garcia
Mike Towes
Gideon Hay
Murray McCaron
Doug McCay
Jeremy Miller
Leslie Oldham
Rick Scarpitti
Rak Tafarodi
On-Line Editors Dermot Shane
Anne Hoerber
Off-Line Editor Angela Stevenson
Vice-President Technical Operations Kelly Daniels
Chief Engineer Greg Story
Systems Engineers

Terry Bates
Larry Bodnar
Russ Ptolomey
Vice-President of Software Development Chris Welman
Software Development Tim Belsher
Troy Brooks
David Fracchia
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Adam Wood-Gaines
Albert Ho
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Software Technical Support Denise Pierre
Eric Torin
Video Production Supervisor Jim Corbett
Video Production Technician Jean Ireland
Video Disk Operators Sylvain Blais
Amy Wilding
Corporate Controller Giuilana Bertuzzi, CMA
Production Accountant Jim Pratt
Director of Communications Mairi Welman
Executive Assistants Adria Budd
Colleen Heenan
Alliance Executive Beth Stevenson
Production Assistants Chris Cairns
Tyler Haider
Earl Fast
Donna Maxwell
Marco Tremblay
Music composed by Robert Buckley
Sound Effects Supervisor Marcel Duperreault
Sound Effects Editor Jason Fredrickson
Dialogue Editor Kirk Furniss
Dialogue recorded at Pinewood Sound
Buzzy's Recording
Foley, Re-recording & Final Mix at Post Modern Sound
Video Post Production Mainframe Entertainment Inc.
Vice President of Production Glenn Griffiths
Vice President of Operations Phil Mitchell
Director of Operations Gavin Blair

Produced in association with

Recorded in Stereo Surround

© 1997 Reboot III Productions Ltd.
All rights Reserved

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Mainframe Entertainment, Inc.


YTV, A Shaw Communications Company


Produced with the participation of Telefilm Canada, The Canada Television and Cable Production Fund License Fee Program, British Columbia Film and the Independent Production Fund.

And with the assistance of the Shaw Children's Programming Initiative and the Government of Canada-Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit Program.



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