ReBoot: The Ride


Directed by:   Scott Speirs
Produced by: Ian Pearson
Executive Producer (Imax): Hart Getzen
Executive Producer (Mainframe): Christopher Brough
Technical Directors: Ken Ball, Steve Sauers
Supervising Animator: Andrew Grant
Senior Animators: Ken Henderson, Ken Steel
Senior Animator/Modeler: Keith Arima
Animator: George Samilski
Animator/Modelers: Jim Perkins, Deryk Tappin
Music Composer: Bob Buckley

A great big thank you goes out to Sean Black, the kind soul at IMAX® who supplied me with the press kit and miniposters from which all of these lovely images, and much of the information on the first ridefilm, came from! Images are copyright © Mainframe Entertainment, Inc. and Imax Corporation.

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